May 29th, 2005

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My room-mates and I just got a kitten! She's the cutest thing ever.

The most important thing right now though, is finding a vet, a Good vet for her. Someone who isn't outragously expensive and has a well known, good reputation, and is in Beaverton.

I'll post a pic or two of her in a day or so. One of my roomies has taken the cammera to take more pics! hehe


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My DSL is back!

I'm not sure when the problem was fixed, but it occurred to me this morning to try unplugging the modem and plugging it back in. When we did that, we got our connection back. I haven't loaded enough web pages to be sure that it's not spotty like it was a Thursday and Friday, but it seems okay. I wish I'd thought of rebooting the modem yesterday.
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bird backwards
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things to eat, sleep and do...?

at the chance people will flame me for asking, I need some suggestions.

A friend is visiting me in eugene and wants to come up to portland for a night or two and I could use some suggestions as to the Collapse )

any help is appreciated from the locals to a sorta local :)


Its like riding a bike.....

I'm looking to buy a commuter bike. Nothing fancy, but something that will get me around town. What are your recommendations? What do you ride, or wish you could ride? I'm not wanting to spend anymore than $300 / $350ish.

Thanks ever so much for your help


Worse Comes To Worst

Screw the best, where can I get the WORST burger, the WORST fries, the WORST milkshake, and the WORST anything else in Portland? Hey, I just want to know where NOT to go.
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Happy Sunday

what are you doing today? we're off to Saturday Market in about an hour. we'll be four girls and a tiny doggie in my arms. i'll have a girly grey hooded zip up on, short black hair, cute glasses. look for us cause we're hot!
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I'm a broke ho, I need the money BAD!@#

PS2 Game bundle CHANGED.
A couple titles are SOLD. And now I'm throwing in an Action Replay MAX EVO edition and a couple other PS1 titles(which includes a 16MB pendrive).

Ok so here's the lowdown...
[PaRappa The Rapper (PS1) - Free if you buy anything from this list]
[Torneko (PS1) - $5]
[Tekken 5 - $20]
[Action Replay MAX EVO Edition - $10]
AIM me at johnnytwentysix
If I'm not online, try angrymoody
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puter help

Happy SUnday FOlks!

Anyone care to diagnose a puter problem for me?

I noticed there was a MS security update to be downloaded and before I turned off the box, it started downloading. No biggee, right?

Well, this morning when my gf turned the computer on, it said it was shutdown improperly and we needed to pick a "mode" to continue startup. Well, the only way we can do anything is in "Safe Mode with Networking." We are running Windows XP. I now cannot do anything with our photos or music (suddenly, there is a lack of drivers). Also, we have Comcast DSL.

This is terribly aggravating as our screens and icons have HUGE text.

Any suggestions or help would be oh so appreciated :)

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anyone know how to deal with a urinary tract/bladder infection?


p.s. i have a doctors appointment on tuesday, i just want it to not hurt anymore!!!


Thanks guys! You all helped me out a ton :D :D
you big baby
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pre-moving sale sale

i'm getting ready to move and need to start getting rid of the mountains of crap i've accrued in the past 3 years. This is a list of everything I have for sale yarn, craft items, jewelry, books, and other random household stuff.

there are photos of everything and i am willing to make a deal with you, though everything is already pretty inexpensive.

xposted all over the place...sorry...i'm desperate to lighten the load.
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hey y'all,

gf and I are having our rental house sold out from underneath us. We thought it might be cool and cost effective to camp, either in someone's yard (we would so need showers) or at a nearby campground with showers. I do need to be within 30 minutes of SW WA MED CTR Vancouver, WA for work.

Any ideas and suggestions?

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Help a hopeless romantically awkward guy...

What's a good place to take a gal out in downtown PDX? Especially when one's on a tight budget?

Don't need anything fancy or sophisticated, hell even a dive bar during happy hour will do. As long as the eats are decent. I just want some opinions.

EDIT: I failed to mention that I'm taking her out TOMORROW, which is a holiday. So I hope it doesn't put a big damper on things.

EDITEDIT: And I'm willing to go anywhere in the metro area if need be also.
stop it

So my friend is FINALLY tying the knot.

Finally, as in, they've been together for what, ten years? Sheesh. So we want to have a bachlorette party. This would take place sometime between now and Labor Day.

Here's the deal. They're in Eugene/Cottage Grove and are considering having the party in PDX, but the only places I ever go out to are McTaverns for the most part. We're dealing with a group of about 6-8, none of whom know Portland AT ALL, and the one who does (me) doesn't drive at all, and therefore is useless giving directions unless it involves Tri-Met. They would most likely be crashing at my place in NW for the night.

So what we need are --

* Good places for a bachlorette party (eye candy - preferably male, good drinks, decent prices, nothing too scary neighbourhood wise)
* Within walking/cabbing distance of NW
* Someplace that's not hidden or in the middle of a bunch of one-way streets so I don't get us lost, because I have been known to send people east on NW Glisan or straight down Fifth (hey, it works for me! but I'm not a car :D)

Booze is a must and a Big City Club feel would prob'ly be preferable, as there is no shortage of Honky Tonks in Eugene, and why drive to PDX if you can just go to Rock'n'Rodeo? :P They are also a bit wossy about PDX in general; IE - "You live off BURNSIDE? OMG WHERE'S YOUR MACE?", so nothing too divey?

I'm thinking Henry's might work? Or the Gypsy on NW 21st and Irving, but I really have no clue. Help?

Noisy neighbors- please help

My neighbors will NOT. SHUT. UP. They play loud music and scream and carouse at all hours of the day and night. I've filed a complaint with the noise office and called the Portland Police non-emergency line, only to get a very rude response from the dispatcher. Is there anything else I can do?

The Running Man

After considerable soul-searching, I've been forced to reluctantly conclude that 1.1 miles is not 0.8 miles. The former is the distance the Rand McNally EasyFinder Map says is between the intersection of NE 15th Ave and NE Schuyler St and the intersection of NE 15th Ave and NE Fremont St. The latter distance was coughed up by MapQuest. Yahoo! Maps and Google Maps both say it's 0.9 miles and my car's trip meter (which Google failed to find a link for) weighed in at about 0.85 miles. Given the legal implications of car's odometers telling fibs, I felt that our shadowy masters in Detroit could be given the benefit of the doubt just this once.

Why the hell should I care? Well, I'm glad you asked. You see, I recently was foolish enough to admit in my journal that I wanted to run the Portland Marathon. Much to my dismay, this involves training and shit. Training and shit, in turn, involves knowing how far I've run and knowing how far I've run involves making stupid LiveJournal posts asking strangers how they solve this dilemma.

So, how do you solve this dilemma? How do you know how far you've run and where are good spots for running? I live just north of Lloyd Center and anything close to there would be lovely.

so this is random...

Who would like to go hiking with me tommorow morning?


- Nothing hard. I mean I wear my tennis shoes, and carry only one water bottle with me. Nothing more than 2 miles at a time. and no place further away from Portland than Multnomah Falls.

- I am having trouble finding people who want to go out with me! Especially earlyish. I was thinking about trying to leave Portland around 8 or 9 am tommorow morning. I want to be back before it gets too hot (like 3pm?) and I'm sure certian places will get crowded tommorow afternoon with the holiday.

- I was thinking about going to possibly one waterfall in the gorge (Bridel Veil? Ponytail Falls?), a couple parks in Gresham/ Troutdale, or Oxbow Park. Or maybe all of them, if there is time. I have directions that take me to these places. If you are interested in going with me and getting out of the city(!), I will explain why I have some odd destinations.

So who wants to come? I'll drive, we could pick up sandwiches someplace, and then get some fresh air outside of the city! What could be better?
She Learned the Hard Way

Psst...hey DPs:

I have an overwhelming urge to hit the road. Every once in a while, I feel like driving aimlessly, with no particular destination in mind. All I want to do is blast some music, roll my windows down, and not think about anything other than the road.

The thing is...I don't know Portland very well, or the surrounding areas, and I don't want to get so lost that I end up having to sleep in my car.

Anyway...any suggestions for a nice night drive? I don't really feel like going out to Rocky Butte again, and I like driving to/through Washington Park, but that isn't far enough away. I need me a good 1-3 hours in the car.

Muchos gracias, all you brilliant Portland folk.

"Roll the windows down. This cool night air is curious."
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Oh sagacious DPers,

I have heard many of you refer to a journey from your former abodes in the South to your current fair city in the Northwest. In roughly two weeks' time, I too shall undergo such a transformative move. It is thus that I am lead to ask you, how the hell did you manage to do it?!??!

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Anyone else spot the giant purple rollerblades on the east side of the Willamette around three in the afternoon yesterday? They were quite visible from the waterfront.

Another reason why I heart Portland.
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open mouth


Ok I am posting on behalf of my friend Lena who is in this community but the poor girls laptop has PERISHED. the thing just turned off. she has a huge project due tuesday, most of it was done and on that computer, and no money to repair hers or buy a new one. she just called me crying. does anyone know anything about data recovery or laptops in general?? we would be eternally grateful for any assistance!
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