May 28th, 2005

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Memorial Day ZooBomb Kickball!

This Monday (Memorial Day), ZooBomb kickball will be held at Alberta Park (20th and NE Killingsworth) at around 4pm. There's no real set time, so just show up! You don't need to be a regular Zoobomber or anything like that to play. Just be willing to have fun. And for those who don't know, regular ZooBomb kickball is 6pm every Monday at 20th and Belmont (Col. Sumner's Park). Tell your friends! Keep up-to-date at


on the off chance that any of you damn portlanders appreciate good jazz & are awake at this hour, KBOO (90.7 fm) is in the middle of a six hour Miles Davis Birthday Special (runs 'til 6am).

go miles, go!


You know this is the best damn community ever!! I really need to give a HUGE P-TOWN THANK YOU to all of you who gave me super helpful information about allergies! I am new to this community and am so super glad to be a member, thanks a lot guys, so much!!!

So i decided to go with the adding in Sudafed along with my Zyrtec (for right now, as that is a lot of meds). oh AND that TOTALLY WORKED!! It never would have occured to me, so i am super relieved not to be suffering like i was. When i have a bit more time, like after this weekend, then i will look into the Nettles and the tea and stuff. I also consume a shit ton of milk in my diet, im going to try to stay away from that, for now.


you all are the best! Now i can enjoy this weather instead of hiding from it, YAY!!!

Have a great weekend damnportlanders!!! :)

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Where in this city can I buy a cheap inflatable matress/air bed type deal thing?

I need to get one tomorrow! The cheaper the better, but hopefully still somewhat comfortable. 2 people will be sleeping on it, so it would be cool if it didn't sink in so much that we're sleeping on the ground. Cause that's what I'm trying to avoid :)

Computer question.

So yeah, not exactly portland and all that, but whatever, I need help.
What does it mean when you are sitting there, reading something and suddenly your monitor decides to make all the text fuzzy?
Is there anything I can do to help my poor monitor or is it just dead now?
Any help is appreciated, I be a broke ass bitch and can't really afford a new monitor right now.

doctor referrals

Hey there. So this isn't the standard post asking for doctor referrals. I'm a 3rd year (soon to be 4th)medical student and am looking for doctors (MD, ND, DO, PhD, DC) that might be interested in letting me preceptor with them. I'm a good student with a passion for medicine, especially focusing on underserved populations. Ideally, this would be over the summer, but anytime now through next year would be great. If you happen to know any doctors that would be interested in having a student preceptor with them, please let me know, especially if they specialize in any of the following:

public health, adolescent health, HIV/AIDS, mental health, surgery, GLBTQ health

Honestly, though, I know I have a lot to learn and that all aspects of medicine intersect and I could learn a whole lot from any clinician, so it's not at all required that they specialize in one of the fields I mentioned.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or leads. I really appreciate it.

Know Any Good Words? Know A Lot Of Them?

If any of you Portlanders have a typewriter, and if you've decided not to partake in any of the other fabulous events Saturday evening, howzabout a little cacophony? I'm trying to get as many aspiring keyjockeys as possible to fill my house with a barrage of typing, and it should be a swell time.
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Hotel Lucia

Does anyone know what famous person/people just left the Hotel Lucia about half an hour ago? One of the bodyguards grabbed me as i was trying to walk down the sidewalk and I want to write an angry letter to the sports team/record company/etc.

In Need of a Washing Machine ASAP

I need a washer. Like, now. It doesn't have to be a great washer. Just something that works for now. And as cheap as possible. I've looked at CL, just thought I'd take a gander here and see if anyone has one they want to unload because it's just sitting there collecting dust. I can pick it up.
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Qwest DSL Problems

The other day, I posted that I was having access problems and a couple of people responded saying they were too. It got especially bad last night, so I called Qwest and they were able to figure out that the problem was on their end (as opposed to it being the computer or the modem). They said it would be fixed in 24-48 hours. Since that call, we have had no Internet access at all. (I'm writing this from a remote location.)

I'm just sharing this in case anyone else is having problems. It's possible that whatever the problem is that is affecting us is also affecting others. If you are a Qwest DSL customer and you are having access problems, call Qwest customer service (1-888-777-9569).

Incidentally, I just want to add that my experience with Qwest customer service was very good. I had to call twice (not their fault) and both times the line was answered promptly and the CSR was helpful and not condescending.
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Hello all. I just arrived in Portland Thursday night. So far I have an address but no job, and the only person I know in town is my brother. I thought joining here might speed up the making friends routine a bit.

I'm an artist focusing mainly on computer graphics at the moment, although I have and continue to sculpt, paint, draw, fold origami, etc etc....

This is an introduction and not a singles ad so I'll stop with the expository stuff there. If you want to know more stop by my journal, do a little reading, maybe comment here or there.
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(no subject)

okay so what the deal, lately i have been seeing DP grafitti all over town.. hmm.. could DP stand for DAMN PORTLANDERS??

or is there some new gang in town that i don't know about? :D

(no subject)

so my friend is looking for a tattoo parlor open late in the portland area... like to midnight if possible.

any sugestions?

and before it's mentions, sea tramp on grand is not an option. they really over charged her for her last tattoo.
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Is the Loveland/Meow Meow Closing???

Is this true? The Loveland closing? I hope not. I've been to the place when it wasn't wahatever its called now. The locale has beena troubled one since it seems to have gone through a lot of hands and name changes. As long as I can go there to to see Eisley on June 13th, I'll be happy. it's a good place and wish it wasn't having so many problems. All ages places are few and far between and it would great to have a decent size one that attracted not only local bands but the national ones as well. Where else can I oggle underage chicks (18-20 of course)??? ;) Seriously though, there needs to be decent places for everyone to see good bands since it seems that now a days the cool up and coming bands play exclusively to 21+ clubs and not really ones that cater to both minors and "adults".
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Any of you use MSN IM 7.0? I was just prompted last night to download it.

Have you found/tried the Nudge function?

This is just to let you know I'm renaming to Nudge, to "bitch slap".