May 27th, 2005

Rainy Day


For New Hobbies!!!!!

Last night I popped in to the Knit and Sip at Knit Purl after wandering around the (rather smelly) Book Sale in the Square...

and I learned to knit...

on my way to making a thousand foot scarf so I can practice all that hooking and twisting and weirdo stuff you do with needles and yarn :-)

Big THANK YOU to Angleburn for posting!!!
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someday b/w


I had SUCH a good time last night knitting with all of you that came. I'm sooo happy that everyone had a good time.

We made a knitter out of one person and I'm pretty sure everyone went home smiling and feeling like they made at least one new friend.

Hugs and Happiness to all!

(now remember guys the best way to meet women is to do things they like... why not try knitting?)

lost everything

my harddrive crashed 2 days ago.
I lost 4 years worth of short stories, lyrics, journals, screenplays, photos, etc.
I'm well aware of the fact that I should've backed it up.
If anyone has a constructive idea, I'm all ears.
I know there are retrieval services but they're 3-7 grand.
If I can't get it now I'm going to hold onto the harddrive until I can afford to have it retrieved.

I wonder how interested I'll be in 9 gigs worth of bullshit about being young, getting fucked up, and anti consumerism when I'm 68...

Thanks to you guys, Knoppix, this dude Rich that I work with and the fridge I now have all the important stuff off my fucked up hard drive and safely burned onto a disc.

The lesson:
Back your shit up now and then
don't take the first opinion. ESPECIALLY if that opinion is "your fucked, Dude"
ask a geek
and I think that's the real lesson here.
if something goes wrong with a technical piece of equipment, ask a geek.

I Saw U

Pixies 10:30 show 5/26/05.

Dear Boy in the Balcony,

You were wearing a dark blue and white striped polo shirt and glasses and you were dancing you pants off and rocking out like you were having a religious experience. The show was great but you were even more fun to watch! Thanks for making us smile!

Girl in the Crowd

ALLERGIES, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK guys, i suffer from Allergies and i know i am not alone. Here is the deal i have been taking 10mg of Zyrtec a day for a couple of years and that does the trick about 95% of the time. But my Allergies have been off the hook going on 3 days now. I am really suffering. I took another pill about halfway through the day (after 12 hours instead of 24) I have no insurance at this time. I really dont know what to do, should i up my dosage? should i just take 20mg a day? Should i get the friggin nose spray?

Ah, any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

IS there any food i should eat, not eat?

p.s. i never officially found out what i am allergic to, but i am pretty sure it is all the reg stuff, cats and seasonal allergies. I didnt get allergies until i was like 22 (i'm 29, now) and moved accross the country (from FL to OR).

Thanks guys
beach betty

(no subject)

hey kids! my name's Amanda and i've been following this community for a couple days and finally decided to make my first offical post! i don't live in portland, i live in vancouver; however i do work in portland and spend most of my time here since it's much cooler then across the river.
anyways, just saying hi and letting you know that i'm here!
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BloodHag/JX:ATG/The Better To See You With/Behalf-Friday

Hello everybody. Please come to this show.

There's a new all-ages showspace downtown called "Food Hole". They're just getting their kichen up-and-running and their menu set-up now, but there's promises of tasty vegan/vegetarian vittles in the future.

The show at Food Hole that we'd like you all to come to is:

Friday May 27th

BloodHag - Seattle's best band that plays short heavy metal songs about science fiction and fantasy authors. They throw books to the crowd, be ready for some serious reading! Bring yr MultCoLib card!

JonnyX and the Groadies - you know the drill, probably.

Behalf! - Lenny

The Better To See You With - Twins!


Food Hole is right next to Tube and the address is 20 NW 3rd Avenue

American Culture

I read on a mailing list today the perfect definition of modern American culture...and since I loved it, you will too!

"What do you mean you want to teach me to fish?? I don't have time for that! Just give me my fish, NOW!"
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Paid Market Research

Hey guys. My market research company has started up it's own livejournal and hopefully we'll make a post on here once a week tops (don't want to get flamed XP) but the journal hasn't been approved yet, so here's a handy link if any of you are interested in the studies that we're doing.


Enjoy ;D


p.s. if you can't fit into any of these, don't worry, we'll have more soon enough.


yeah, the title is me as i come to a stop in the lane next to you at that red light.

um so apparently i am unable to make myself clear when i say what i mean when i go to auto repair shops. the guys at the place i go to are always super nice and don't charge me for their time when checking things out for me so i sorta hate to go...uh but that means you just quieted the squeaky brakes instead of finding out why the fuck they're squeaking, so could you be a dear and figure that one out for me and fix THAT problem instead??

so with that i ask you, anyone know of a reasonably priced and quality brake shop? besides taking it to a middas shop or a les schwab, that is. and is their turn-around time pretty quick? i don't have any backup transportation other than public (i'm sorry to all those that adore it but being on a crowded hot bus with a bajillion strangers is not my idea of fun, not to mention the situation always inevitably makes me anxious) during the day and i have class on tuesdays and thursdays.

my dad is a retired mechanic and checked it out to find i need to replace some missing hardware (i.e. anti-vibration stuff), but he's all the way down in roseburg and down in the lovely land of bumfuck when you need stock parts if the dealership doesn't have it in stock it takes forever and a day for it to get down there. or, as a sort of last resort, does anyone know of a parts house or a place on the internet where i can buy the stock brake hardware kit for a '97 nissan sentra without paying an arm and a leg??

(no subject)

hey portlanders!!

we deserve a big pat on the back. i read recently (in... was it the oregonian? anyway) that porland is the highest rated city as far as recyling goes. wahoo! thats so awesome. so just keep it up to save the trees... or the whales... or something. anyway, thats great news, makes me proud that i live here and even more glad that i recyle all i can, be it paper, plastic, etc.
Fall Hap

It is too hot to cook...

Does anyone know any _good_ pizza places that deliver in the 122nd & Division area (not Pizza Barron- yuck.) besides Pizza Hut and Dominos? I seem to be in this weird void that neither location of Roundtable will deliver to, and paying an 8.50 delivery fee to Delivered Dish seems a little silly. I realize it is my fault for moving to this random area, but I am only asking you to be my pizza enabler (or buy me a house somewhere with better choices; whatever works). Thank you.
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yetti hat

I'm turning 20-Whatever!

Hi DamnPortlanders!

What are you up to tomorrow night, around 9 PM? Need a way to start off this 3-day weekend with a bang? Are you in need of a good time? Well. I'm having a birthday party tomorrow night. So what's better than inviting complete strangers to my party! So, without further ado,

You're invited!!!

There will be things like Pink Elephant Pinatas, balloons, turntables with real-live good DJ's, crazy people, and probably booze. Hahah oh man what am I saying of course there will be booze.

The party is in NW, within walking distance to the 23rd McMenamins that we have the monthly meetups at. If you want to come, please e-mail me at binaryfinary (at) gmail dot com, or comment with your e-mail address, and I will give you maps and directions, etc.

Worried about what you're going to eat? Bring your own food! Bring all your friends! Bring the cannibal alternative, Hufu! But most importantly, BRING YOUR OWN BEER. We might be throwing a cool party, but we can't afford to destroy all of your livers.

Collapse )

Please, make my birthday not suck!
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Why recycle?

I wanted to post this as a comment in the original thread, where some people questioned the benefits of recycling, but it exceeded the character count, so I'm posting it as a separate thread.

Below are some simple facts and figures on recycling. I'll come to the more complex point in a moment.


Energy Savings with Recycled vs. Virgin

Environmental Impact with Recycled vs. Virgin

Natural Resource Savings with Recycled vs. Virgin

Miscellaneous Information


Picture of oil barrels

Picture of oven

Picture of stumps

Picture of full garbage can

Picture of can

95% energy savings; recycling of one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours (Reynolds Metal Company)

Reduces pollution by 95%, (Reynolds Metal Co.)

4 lbs. of bauxite saved for every pound of aluminum recycled (Reynolds Metal Co.)

Enough aluminum is thrown away to rebuild our commercial air fleet 4 times every year

Picture of bottle

50% energy savings (Center for Ecological Technology); recycling of one glass container saves enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours (EPA)

20% less air pollution; 50% less water pollution (NASA)

1 ton of glass made from 50% recycled materials saves 250 lbs. of mining waste (EPA)

Glass can be reused an infinite number of times; over 41 billion glass containers are made each year (EPA)

Picture of newspaper

60% energy savings (Center for Ecological Technology)

95% less air pollution; each ton saves 60 lbs. of air pollution (Center for Ecological Technology)

Recycling of each ton of paper saves 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water (EPA)

Every year enough paper is thrown away to make a 12' wall from New York to California

Picture of plastic containers

Plastic milk containers are now only half the weight that they were in 1960 (EPA)


If we recycled every plastic bottle we used, we would keep 2 billion tons of plastic out of landfills (Penn State)

We use enough plastic wrap to wrap all of Texas every year (EPA)

Picture of sardine can

74% energy savings; every pound of steel being recycled saves enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for 24 hours (Penn State

Every year we create 11.5 million tons of ferrous wastes (Steel Recycling Institute)

One ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 lbs. of ore, 1000 lbs. coal, and 40 lbs. limestone (Center for Ecological Technology)

Enough iron & steel is discarded in the US to continually supply the nation's automakers (Steel Recycling Institute)


The economic argument which some people raise in objection to recycling is that sometimes recycled raw material is more expensive for manufacturers than virgin material, prior to subsidies, or that the cost of transportation of recycled materials outweighs the benefits.

The problem with this reasoning is that it does not consider the economic impact of pollution and environmental damage that arises from extracting virgin material, nor does it consider the long-term impact of placing non-biodegradable waste in landfills or incinerating it, nor is it a sustainable strategy for the future. When you include these indirect effects, recycling becomes economic as well as ethical. That is why the government subsidizes and encourages it.

Also, the way to make recycling more efficient is to recycle more, not less. Because of economy of scale, increasing the volume of recycled material increases the cost-effectiveness of the recycling process.


Drumset (full drum kits) Drumcircle gathering will be at
Laurelhurst Park (major intersection is SE 39th and
Stark) at 12:30 PM this Sunday afternoon May 29th. In
the tradition of the inclusive and spontaneous drumcircle,
all skill levels welcome. Bring your drum set and get the word
out to any drummers with full sets to come! The General Public is also
welcome to come watch and listen.


What is going on in portland tonight? It is way to hot to move and all of my friends are either busy or lame and I need something to do.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can buy paper tea bags locally? I am looking for the kind that you can fill with loose tea. They are about 6 to 8 inches long (so you can put them either in a tall mug or a teapot without having to fish them out.) Unfortunately Cost Plus has stopped carrying them.

I know where to get them online, but I don't really feel like paying shipping.

(no subject)

Lately all my friends have been on my ass about my out-dated (In their opinions) musical tastes. Therefore, with the help of you damn portlanders, I am out to cure this. Could any of you recommend some "Modern" bands that you think I might be into?

Here are my current favorites.
The Police, Men At Work, The Cars, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Thomas Dolby.

(Top 5 albums would be
1. The Final Cut - Pink Floyd
2. Hunky Dory - David Bowie
3. Business As Usual - Men At Work
4. Division Bell - Pink Floyd
5. Astronauts And Heretics - Thomas Dolby)

Some more up to date bands I enjoy.
Oasis, Marcy Playground, Figurine, Colin Hay, Macy Gray.

Thank you for your great ideas and helping me get into this century!
whatcha gonna do? <lj-user="wildmina">

(no subject)

What's up helpful Portlanders?

I started a page at Myspace, and I've found it somewhat difficult to navigate. I'm not very computer literate. I was wondering if anyone familiar with the site could point me in the direction of the link I need to customize my profile and main page. I can't find it anywhere, the only thing close is to customize my profile. I'm talking about putting up a background, and making a whole theme. I don't need help with the HTML, I'll figure that out myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated, add me if you like.

Check me out!

(no subject)

Dear Sun,

I love and all, but this is Portland! I hear there's an opening down in Florida for someone of your brilliance. Or maybe you'd enjoy a vacation in New Orleans?

Thank you,
The pasty-white web-toed of pdx.

Random acts of kindness....

I performed my random act of kindness today... It gives me joy to help others when I know most wouldn't. I went to the store today to get groceries and my cart's wheel fell off. While trying to put the wheel back on, a homeless Native American guy approached me to see what I was doing. After talking to me he asked if I could buy him some chicken from Safeway since he was banned from going in there. I said sure, and he held out his hand with a quarter. I told him I couldn't by chicken with a quarter and he pulled two sweaty dollar bills and some change out of his pocket (yeah gross I know, but I'm washable), He had like $3.50. That wasn't gonna get him much! He kept asking me if I was gonna take his money, and not come back and I kept trying to tell him I didn't need his $3.00 I was trying to help him! Anyways, I went in there and got him and 8 piece of chicken that costs $6.99, I paid for the other half (he kept saying how hungry he was). I was happy to come back out and prove I wasn't gonna steal his money, and that I had helped by him a lot more then just the one chicken breast he would have been able to get otherwise. He was very happy to see me come back out, and was even more happier to see the bag of chicken. I'm glad I was able to help him... It made me feel good.

Anyone else enjoy doing things as little as this, yet it makes them feel so good?
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