May 26th, 2005

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are any of you going to the sasquatch! festival this weekend?

also. do you think they'll have vegan friendly food there? i hate smuggling sandwiches, but if it must be done, i'd like to know ahead of time. happy thursday.
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Sasquatch Festival

Thank you to the person that just posted about the Sasquatch Festival! We were looking for something to do this weekend and I think I've found it! I REALLY need information about it though, from anyone please :) I looked on the website and found some pretty basic stuff but I'd like to know what to expect. As far as camping goes, it says checkout is the next day at noon. Is that for Friday or Saturday night? Thanks!!

Journal of the Future?


so I'm looking to upgrade/modernize my blog/lj and i'm wanting to go more high tech

what do i do? haha

i signed up with movable type because i was told i could do some fun stuff with it but now i'm stuck. i need someone with more no how to help me out!
общежитие, Корваллис

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On the subject of "The Gathering"
(see some of the comments in the post )

From a number of previous experiences I have noticed that people on such medieval\ren. gatherings are not exactly friendly to you if you come alone.

Now, this is not going to be a rant on SCA "clique-mentality", I don't really have any strong emotions on the subject. Plain fact: to enjoy such meetings, I need to be a part of the group. ( Otherwise what is there to do? They would probably not let me fight in the tourneys; I am too shy to actually sing at the bardic circle - will probably play harp for a while, watch the events, and go home without exchanging more than a couple words with anybody).

So, I would like to form my own group and go together with somebody. Would anyone like to go to the event with me?

I have a tent that would fit another person, a car, a harp and a couple of flutes, and most of the equipment required for rapier fencing (minus an SCA-legal rapier. If you could lend me one, that would be great).
Rainy Day

a little wandering...

Yesterday as I was waiting for my car window to be fixed on NE Broadway, I found a cute little buttonhole of shops that I hadn't visited before. Little boutiques and hidden nooks that everyone should be privy to!

1)Sofa Table Chair - a cute little (upscale) shop full of fun furniture

and tucked in the back (through the sofatablechair shop)

2)Ella Posie -

has THE cutest little handbags (handmade!!!) and other neato buttons, hairclips, perfect hobknobby knicknacks for bridal showers, and new babies. VERY PINK!!! :-)

3) Florist shop - can't remember the name (ok, it was 80 something degrees and my brain was muddled from car thievery and brokenness!!)

I love antique and antique flavored items; picture frames, cabinets, soaps, lotions, hatboxes, artsy fartsy items - this florist shop has it all; in color themes no less!! Very knowledgeable staff and beautiful cut flowers to make the perfect bouquet in the perfect vase.

Happy Shopping!!
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Has anyone ever had a problem with the water that comes out of your shower? I have known a couple people to buy shower filters. I live in near Lloyd Center and ever since we moved here, the water has made my scalp hurt. If you have a shower filter, did it help?
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OK I need your Sassy Help!

I've just moved into a basement apartment and so far I haven't even unpacked (don't ask how long it's been since I moved in) so my ideas so far are to do my living room in a mediteranian ish theme with a more modern twist. I haven't had any money to start collecting real furniture yet but i'm going to be able to soon so I want to have things planned out before I get there.

So far my ideas are to use this funny little nook that i have my entertainment area in now to put a futon (possibly king sized i'll get for free from my mom) on the floor or make a platform bed to put there and do a floor bed with one part of the futon mattress up on the wall for more of a couch feel and because it's a king it'll take up too much space. i want to have curtains (lace or mesh or somethign like that) and lots of pillows. I've gotten catalogs from Chiasso and West Elm and they have a lot of things I can mix and match to get the look I want. ( I prefer design within reach but my budget is more hand me downs)

I also have a can of a beautiful blue pain and some terracotta that i was planning on paining my old room with. i'm just not sure which wall to do the accent wall with!

also in my bedroom i want to maybe make half of my bedroom into a walk in closet kind of.
I saw something on the IKEA website that gave me the idea and since i pretty much only use my room for sleeping and getting dressed i thought it would be a great idea. i will still have plenty of space if i turn half of the room into a walk-in closet/dressing room

because it's a basement apartment i have a lot of space and no headroom (but i'm 5'4" so it's not an issue)

so the basis for this is do you have any great ideas for me?

i'm wide open and open to anything.

and if anyone in the portland area would like to help me create something that would be awsome. i seem to have a bit of a problem getting started. i'm so much better with other people's homes and getting them in the shape they need and mine tends to be neglected but if i'm going to design anything i need to do my place first!

Can someone help me out?

Pardon my stupidity as I'm fairly new to this thing....

I'm moving this weekend from NE Portland to Beaverton, and I am in desperate need of a trailer to make the move much quicker. I don't have much cash to go rent one at U-Haul (stupid pet deposits) and if I just use the back of my truck I will end up broke with as many trips as it would take to move all my stuff!

Would anyone be so kind as to loan me a trailer over the weekend? I don't care if its open or enclosed, so long as I can make fewer trips. I am willing to barter if needed.

I can be reached at before 6pm or by phone at 503.944.9268 at anytime. Thanks!

stop it


Walking down Everett, on my way to Powell's; the sun is out and starting to help dry my sinuses out, and the rain was recent enough that it's not smoggy or muggy yet. For the first time in a month we have two days in a row of sun and more to come. As I pass 14th, one of our city's chronically under-housed gives me a big smile and a bunch of flowers; two types of lilies, a tulip, two gerber daisies (my favorite) and a woody-bulb looking flower that's very unusual but beautiful.

But the most beautiful thing was that even in his place of what some might call a sub-standard life, he wanted to make someone's day better and happier; I'm blessed that it was me.

Howard Jones

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-style!

1. Finding a fellow damnportlanders who was gracious enough to take three Eric Schlosser tickets (which I couldn't use myself) last week--I hope the lecture was amazing!

2. Feeling the strong warm breeze on an 80+ degree day, while walking past a downtown building--there is nothing like the feel of the hair and tie blowing liberating!

3. The impending three-day weekend (with anticipated warm weather)!

4. Having a healthy salad for lunch, using vegetables bought at the Farmers' Market (lettuce, frisee, white asparagus, green asparagus).

5. The ubiquitous recycling mentality and available facilities in Portland, which comes in handy during spring cleaning of the apartment.

6. Saving money on the latest electricity bill by participating in PGE's Time-of-Use plan, and shifting usage to off-peak hours.

7. Tasty happy hour menu items at Henry's Tavern!
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To state the obvious, piss off people who hate people who post stating the obvious, and precipitate a flurry of inconsequential posts stating the obvious. . .

Boy! It's gonna be a scorcher today!

EDIT: !!!11!!!!1!!1!!eleventyone!!11!!!
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Favorite heartbreak music?

So, I've been sorting through my old CDs this morning, and came across three albums that I have listened to in the past to get over a heartbreak, or to bring on the tears and angst.

Eagle Eye Cherry- Desireless, particularly "Save Tonight."
Neil Young-Harvest
Johnny Cash-"Ring of Fire"

So, damnportlanders, what do you listen to to bring on the tears, or get over a heartbreak?

Portland related cuz I live in Portland....and casadetodd and I will be having a garage sale in a few weeks...where we will sell the rejects! Eh, but this might be construed as spam...can't win...

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TriMet wants to raise fares again?!

...but I can't get too upset over it....I'm sitting in the park blocks at PSU in the sun next to a tree and about five feet away from a hot shirtless guy with a nice ass and it's gorgeous out.
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hey everyone,
i'm downtown right now. i know its hot outside, and its 12:30, but i can drink anytime. anyone feel like joining me in a bar to cool off from this (amazing) weather???

ps: if the answers no, no need to reply. really.
So Gay

Education please

I must admit that I'm not very up-to-date with the science of petroleum distillation, but I'm wondering: How is it that Gasoline prices have begun dropping, yet diesel prices are still sky-high? It all comes from the same crude oil, right? So shouldn't the prices theoretically increase or decrease at the same proportions?

Help me out, oh wise ones. (Sources of info are appreciated as well.)

storage units

Wise and informative damnportlanders...

I am in need of a storage unit over the summer and could use some advice. I would like something temperature-controlled, small-medium sized, probably somewhere between Cedar Hills and downtown (I currently live downtown and would either be moving back or to the Cedar Hills area). Does anyone have an experience, recommendations, or random info about possible locations?
Thank you!
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Strange Sandwiches

I gross out my husband on a regular basis by eating my favorite weird sandwich: peanut butter and miracle whip.

What weird sandwiches have you guys enjoyed in the past? Has anyone enjoyed the PBMiracle? Are my mother and I the only ones?

Make me feel less abnormal :)

edit: Thanks for all the stuffs! Now I feel less weird! As a sidenote, the miracle whip has the added benefit of being an emulsifier, significantly reducing the stickiness of the peanut butter...just to help explain why i <3 it so.
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Ahoy, damn Portlanders! I've thrown together a quick letsgoeat_pdx meet-up tonight at 8:30 at Mio Gelato. The address is 25 NW 11th (between Couch and Burnside). Come and join us for some refreshing Italian ice cream! Shout out my name (Isaac) when you get there to find me and whoever else decides to show up. Hope to see you there!

so who else signed up for this?

feel free to add me if you see me on there. esp if you know me!

i'm really excited about this service and the potential of it.

I'm Shelley on there

or my e-mail is

rachele.gonzales at gmail dot com
someday b/w

Sip n Knit


Tonight is Sip n Knit at Knit Purl

1101 SW Alder

from 6-9pm

(21+ gets free champagne)

bring your knitting and come join the fun.
Or just stop by to check out the new store

U-Cut X-mas Tree Farms

Hey, DPers ... anyone out there know a good Christmas tree farm, preferably of the U-cut variety? I would just go to one of those Boy Scout set ups in a Rite-Aid parking lot, but who knows how fresh those trees are, and in this heat I bet they dry out real quick. Thanks in advance.

Little help?

I've gotta entertain a rockabilly dude from San Fran this weekend. What should we do? Anything going on this weekend? Especially things that involve drinking?

I hate entertaining so this has been stressing me out.


Hello everyone. I am from Florida and grew up playing Volleyball and love and miss it very much. Does anyone know of any Volleyball leagues in Portland?

If not, any ideas on how to get some games going?

Thank you much!! :)
Kristen Bell

Tax Return Question

Last year I filed only State tax. I didn't have Federal to file. This year I had both, so I filed both. Each one went to a seperate place. The State tax went to Salem, the Federal to San Fransisco or something.

I've already received my Federal back. Now, since I filed them seperately, am I suppose to get two seperate returns (checks) or is it combined? Because honestly, I'm pretty sure the check should be larger if it's combined.

Anyone who's knowledgeable in taxes should be able to help me.
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Weird Question

My fiance' and I were in Portland a couple weeks ago scouting out a place to live. We rode the MAX a lot, but I couldn't remember if it announced what line it was (red, blue, etc.) when you got on. A good friend of mine is blind and I was telling him about how nifty lightrail was, but then I remembered accidentally getting on the wrong line myself (they really should have line colors be different from metro company colors :P ) and couldn't remember if they announced the line color. Hopefully somebody else pays more attention.:>
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avenue d

did anyone see Avenue D on tuesday? I was supposed to go but changed plans last minute and was just curious if any one here caught their show and if was it?
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Tell me more about this Multnomah County extra tax thing.

Is it a lot? About how much of the salary does it work out to be? Does it vary by tax bracket or what? Is it worth it/does Mult. County offer a significantly higher number of county services?

I've heard such crappy things about living in the burbs, we're actually in Beaverton and it doesn't seem so bad. But I must know more about this itax thing.


Any informative links also apprecaited.

admit it...

have you ever cheated on a partner? i'm having a dilemma...

if i can't get what i want from one person, is it that terrible to get it from someone else? explain the logistics of manogamy and cheating to me and maybe i won't do it...or maybe i have already. whose for it and who isn't?
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Connectivity Problems?

I'm having all sorts of weird connectivity problems tonight. I keep having to reload LiveJournal sites (and some others). It reminds me of when I had a free account.

I tried rebooting in case it was a memory problem on my PC, but it didn't help much.

Is anyone else having problems loading websites tonight?
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On May 12 (10 business days ago) I withdrew $20 from my checking account from an ATM inside a liquor store, across the street from the Goodfoot Lounge.

It STILL hasn't posted to my account. It was a weird ATM where it gave me a receipt (no cash) and I had to take it up to the counter to get the money from the cashier.

It's screwing up my life because I'm trying to leave $20 in the checking account in case it posts, and my husband keeps spending it. And I'm so paranoid that it's gonna post when there's no money in there. The weird thing is that my bank didn't seem to recognize the withdrawl either, like they didn't charge me a non-bank ATM fee or anything.


Did this ever happen to any of you DamnPortlanders at that ATM?
So Gay

(no subject)

Well, y'all missed out on some damn good gelato. And I was SO looking forward to hearing someone shout out my name! I guess we'll try for next time, and a little more notice, right?
pacific deerV

new to pdx/ postrock band?

mm. well. i was only a small post or two, with questions about Portland, months and months back- and i just wanted to reintroduce myself as a fully transitioned citizen of this fine city. i was living in Seattle before, not knowing what i was missing. I moved here on October 31st of last year. I now work in the Pearl and live on 23rd. I know that sounds yuppie of me- and it's so far from what i expected- but I've been enjoying everything about PDX since i've arrived- it's beautiful- minus a little bit of yuppiness, and i could see myself living here for a long long time....
(more of a THANK you than a regular post......:) )

ps- i need a postrock band. bad. anybody interested in playing, let me know. i have everything ready to go. i'm looking for a seriously tasteful 2nd guitarist and/or other instrumentalists, especially string players. i have a large amount of material transcribed, plans for an EP, and definite live shows, etc.
(different subject, but worth a try.)
for samples
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