May 25th, 2005

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OIT Portland senior project expo

Oregon Institute of Technology is having a senior project expo on Friday, June 3 from 4:30-6:30pm, where seniors in various technology programs will be showcasing their senior projects. The event is at the Capital Center at 185th & Walker in Beaverton. For anyone who might be interested in coming, you can look at a flyer here.
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anyone see the moon tonight, at about 11:30? I was driving back from the MAC and it was rising through the trees and I almost stopped the car to stare. maybe it's just because i've been out of the area for so long... anywho, just thought I'd share.
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Something is rather fishy.

Yesterday, I posted about the parking situation ( and from there it has only gotten worse.

8:30am this morning, I walk outside and get into my car to leave for school. The fuckbag of a human that happens to live next to me walks into his yard, stares at me ... gets in his car and leaves at the same time I do. I think really nothing of it.


I have two dogs. One pitbull and one old english bulldog. Both the most loving, well mannered, chill dogs. Well, whenever somebody pulls up my bulldog will jump up in the window and watch. So, I noticed something was wrong soon as I got home from school at Noon. She wasn't in the window, which straight away set something off inside of me. I walked in my house, called both dogs names and nothing. Scared shitless at this point because they both respond to their names, and with a quickness. I ran all over my house, screaming their names, ran out back, checked both of the gates. Both of which were closed. No holes dug under them, no nothing. Thing is, I left our back door open much like I always do ... just so they can go in and out. (Bulldog is a puppy and we're still house training.) So. As I'm running around outside screaming their names I pick the phone up to call ... somebody, anybody really. Message states that it's 10:20 and the dogs are out, and are chillin' in the backyard of the people that live across from us. They said, the dogs were welcome to stay there until somebody got home and they've be watching for us.

I hear a scratch at the front door, both dogs. Thank God. Now ... the problem is. HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET OUT?! I seriously SERIOUSLY believe it was the douche. The doors were all closed and I'm sure of it. They can't jump 7 foot tall fences, and even if they could ... they wouldn't. So ... what the fuck.

More of a rant than anything, but I'm seriously about to go postal. This guy has some serious karma coming.

Oh look! Animal control is at my door.
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privacy issues and technology

hmm this might be an odd query but it's driving me bugnuts! about 2 or 3 weeks ago i remember hearing a soundbyte for one of the local news stations' top morning stories. it was about an issue of privacy. something about how there was a source on the net where people could type in your name and find virtually everything about your past and current information. they also mentioned how they were going to show their viewers how they could essentially option out of the source (sorta like how you can take your number out of the phone book if you choose). well uh i'm definitely not a morning person and there was no way in hell that i was going to get up at 8am to find out the details since i was assuming that it would be relatively easy to find on the station's website. i keep associating the story with kgw but everytime i go to their site and try and find something related the search comes up null and there's nothing under technology. does anyone out there remember hearing the soundbytes and what station they were for? or better yet did anyone happen to see the segment on the issue and know where i could find this informative website or any place that may direct me closer to it? i keep remembering about it at the most random times and it just won't go away. plus, i'm just wondering what exactly strangers could find out about me...there's not much i'd care that they know but my curiosity runs rampant! to those who can help me in any way i thank you, and so does my sanity. :-)

Ticket stubs!

I went though a junk drawer and an old wallet recently and discovered that I apparantly keep most of my ticket stubs.

Collapse )

I saw Cowboy Bebop at Cinema 21, thus the generic ticket (that I apparantly obeyed).

Do you save your stubs?

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PSU's annual art festival is here! From the 23rd to 27th there will be awesome art happenings around PSU, including an art auction!

Its a silent auction on Thursday, May 26 from 5:30-8pm in PSU's Smith Center room 236 (that’s at 1825 SW Broadway in downtown)

75% goes to the artist and 25% to the art student scholarship fund.

Come and check it out, even if you dont plan on buying things. there are a lot of things in there that have really reasonable starting bids.

Questions? send me an e mail and I'll try and anwser it.


So should i pay $36 (for a year membership) to this sight because someone is looking for me?  I mean there are some people i would LOVE to hear from and stuff, should i do it?  Do you think it is a scam?  Do you think i will pay to find out that no one is really looking for me?


please tell me what you think!! :)


A couple of months ago I bleached my hair out and used semi-perm color to dye it purple. Now I want to get my dark brown roots bleached so I can continue using the purple, but the person who cuts my hair said she doesn't really have experience touching up roots. I would have thought that was a regular part of beauty school training. I'm feeling a bit uneasy about letting her loose on my hair. Any recommendations?

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i just checked my bank account online.

it shows that the city gave me back $16. they gave my 2 parking tickets within an hour for the same thing. from the same cop. i was so pissed! when i asked about it at the cashier's, they told me that it was really hard to contest those, so i didn't.

but they gave me my monies back anyway! yay!
Rainy Day

the saga of my twisted existence continues...

As is now customary in DP...

Warm thanks to the (probably tweakered out) male who broke my passenger car window in the church/school parking lot.

I hope you enjoy the bandaids and toothpaste that were in the tiny green fabric bag on the passenger side floor. Please feel free to use the razor on your wrists. I'm curious why you didn't take the dollar in quarters in the cup holder.

We did get your license plate number by the way.

Have a great day!
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Let's moon 'em!

Quick! Help the Romance! [Quick Edit!]

It's our anniversary and we want to go to the coast this weekend.

Neither one of us drives, so we'll need a bus or train to get there.

We'd also like a B&B to stay in for Friday night (or Sat morning) to Monday.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

I'm hoping Greyhound still goes to the coast, although I vaguely think I remember them saying they were going to stop that service. Poop.

Help, DP'ers!!!!
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Green shirt

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Warm thanks to the those at the LJ Meetup last night that left without paying their bill.

As the last ones to leave, jonboi_net and I got stuck paying for $20 of food and drinks which weren't ours.

I guess thats what we get for being the newbies.

Have a great day!
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"The Rocky Horror Show"

Hi All!
I just wanted to post some publicity for the show that I am in. I am in "The Rocky Horror Show" at Triangle! Productions. The building is called Theatre Theatre, and it is located on 35th and SE Belmont, across the street from the Avalon.

The show opens on June 10th, and runs for the 4 consecutive weekends, minus July 1 and 2. July 15 and 16, we will be performing at Wieden Kennedy in the Pearl District. All shows are at 8:00pm. The show stars Wade McCollum, star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Triangle! and Batboy at Portland Center Stage. Other performers include Don Horn, Jennifer Powell, Kevin-Michael Moore, Heather Nelson Robertson, Steve Brian, Jason Gilliland (me) Julianna Jaffe, and a few others! It is going to be INCREDIBLE! This is NOT the movie with the actors in front... it is the actual raunchy musical that the film was based on, backed my a kick ass band! If interested in more info, comment back, or go to

My friend is looking for a nanny/babysitter

She's new to lj so i am helping her post this around...She lives in Beaverton and is looking for somebody who can come out to watch her son while her and her bf are at work... She can't afford most daycare centers and would be willing to work with somebody who doesn't have much experiance. If you are interested or have any ideas of affordable childcare look her up at username: rockon421 or leave a comment here... thanks!!!

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job hunting!

alright so I am home from college for the summer and of course desperately looking for a job.

I am 19 with most experience being with children (years of summer and day camps, volunteer work and employed). I was an extra in a few movies... basically I have had various random jobs.

I am basically just looking for a retail or recreational job that pays minimum wage (or higher of course)

yes I am hitting up Craigslist but I am not really finding anything... I don't have a food handler's card and would personally like to stray from food.

my last resort is Lloyd Center and to apply before all the high schoolers get out of school.

any leads?
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Pixies Mania

Hey y'all. We have an extra ticket to The Pixies' late show on Thursday (tomorrow!). It was purchased for 50 (after fees) and we'd like to recoup the cost. If anyone wants it give me an email and we'll hammer out the details. siracha at gmail dot commie.
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Ok, I am launching a new web comic soon about a penguin who does tech support. My problem is, I cannot think of a damn name for the thing. My two top choices, and are already taken. Anyone have any ideas?? I'll name the penguin after you!


i have lost my voice from a recent virus but im getting better. the thing is that tomorrow i am vocally performing with my choir. can anyone tell me anything i can do or take to try to revive my voice for tomorrow night? as far as things go right now, im doing salt-water gargles and drinking a lot of water, and of course only talking when i need to.

anything you know and can share is appriciated!!!
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I was sitting on my couch when all the sudden I hear a noise outside. So I look out and the glass table in my backyard shattered to pieces. I'm guessing because of the heat? So I went outside in shock to check it out and the pieces of glass on the ground were jumping and making popping noises.

it was tripppppy.

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Hi there :-)

I'm about to commence flathunting in Portland from afar, and was curious to know if there were any places in particular that i should avoid at all costs because they are so awful and icky?!

And paradoxically, does anybody have any fond memories of places they've lived in Portland that they might be willing to suggest? I can cope with living in shoeboxes & things like that, because i don't have a tonne of material possessions & whatnot :-)

It's just a little daunting searching for a tiny place in such a big city, & any suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks so much to you all!

K x

KOIN + e coli

Earlier today, KOIN ran a teaser about boiling water due to e coli, but I missed the news and can't find anything on their site about it. Why are they doing this to me? Did you guys catch the segment? Or was it all a figment of my paranoid imagination?
dun dun... dun dun....

Calling all crafty peeps, etc.

I am in need of borrowing/buying an embroidery hoop (8" - 12" diam) for this type of project...


who has one that I could use for a day or two?
I can promise to be very clean and careful with it.

who knows where to buy one and how much they cost?

thanks a lot!! :D

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fuck y'all

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What do you guys think of this?
Do you think it's a bunch of crap and fuel cell technology will never be practical? Is this just political maneuvering by The Prez? I haven't done any research on hydrogen fuel cells, just wondering what your opinions are.

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As posted in my last update ( found here : ) Animal control came and I pretty much told them before they're touching my dogs I will have the police and a lawyer at my side because it's just silly stuff. They asked what had happened, and I told them straight out that I think my douche bag neighbor let them out, and I was pretty sure that his intention was to let them out and call Animal Control in the first place. So, after that they backed off and all is well ... for now.
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Flee the Hive

Hey Guys.

I'm looking for some opinionated folks for a website I made. And I know you guys have opinions.

It's a site for folks looking to leave the 9 to 5, the 40 hour work week, to regain the riches of time spent as one chooses vs. trading life time for paper money. Yes, you need a job to pay the bills, but you don't need to be financially wealthy to be happy. You can make do very well with less, and still have a fun, fullfilling life, even more so since you aren't slaving away your waking hours to support your "things." You don't need a gazillion CDs and outfits for every season and two cars and a McMansion. Wouldn't freedom be better than a fancy car that sits still 90% of the time? A return to a more simple style of living, of voluntary simplicity has been growing and attracting more and more folks all the time as the work hours and pressure to keep up with the Joneses increases. Many folks are looking for a way out, and finding life is a lot more pleasant on the other side, even if they have to give up buying all their books, eating out at fancy restaurants every week, or even just borrowing music and movies instead of buying them.
It's not easy, but community connections and advice from those who are working towards self sufficiency can definitely help, even if all you want to do is just relax your footprint on the planet a little.


Anyway, if this sort of thing interests you, my site is just beginning and needs members desperately to get conversation flowing!

It's free and I'm seeking articles from home-biz owners, stay at home parents, or folks that just have ducked out of the consumer society, or dream of doing so and need/want help or at least the feeling that they aren't alone in their endeavor. You'd get a writing cred for your resume at the least. =)

If not, that's ok too!

Have a great night!

Memorial Day Camping anyone???

Hi there, my boyfriend and I are looking for some people to go camping this weekend. I know, it's last minute but it was a last minute decision. I'm 25, he's 28, we're from Tualatin. I'm very outgoing, fun, and we would like to meet a nice group of people :) We have a tent, and all the camping gear we would need. Someone let me know, it's getting close! :) THANKS!
If anyone knows of a good place to go camping, next to a lake prefferably, that isn't all filled up already, let me know~