May 24th, 2005


Is it just me or does all sprite remix taste the same, I think they just change the name and color. What Jerks!

Also, What are your favorite drinks of the non-alcoholic type?

computer/internet question laptop can't connect to the wireless in my house this morning. i just (as in two days ago) got comcast and a new linksys modem/router. it was working fine until yesterday when it just went in and out a lot. now today, my laptop doesn't recognize that the network is there, or it's stuck on "acquiring network address" forever. my laptop has never had a problem getting onto a wireless network (it's just a month or two old, too). so, is this a problem with comcast? with the modem? with my laptop? it's really important because i have to have it hooked up by 11 for work and i can't figure out what the hell is wrong. oh, and i've already done the turning everything off and then back on about 50 times, so that doesn't seem to help. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

oh yeah, and on the very rare occasion that it does say it's connected, no web pages can come up so it doesn't really seem connected to me. this is making me wish i just stuck with dsl cause i never had these problems before i switched to comcast.
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Willie Update!

So I have good news! Better news than I thought!

Willie (my neighbors cat that was hit yesterday) is ok! He's at the vet's and he's having a surgery but he's going to be ok. His hip is having issues but after the surgery he should be ok.

I went and talked to the owner's and gave them all my information on the accident it self.

I told her about all the well wishes and love you sent and she thinks that he knew so many people were pulling for him. So thank you so much for all your love and compassion.

guitar for sale - usa fender strat+

sorry for the cros-post
i bought it brand new in approx 1995. it might be a strat "ultra"... i really don't remember the diference between the plus and ultra. anyway, the neck is perfectly straight. there are no major blemishes of any sort. just a few really small dings here and there - none go all the way through the paint.

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just got a message.....

VNV Nation meet & greet
with Imperative Reaction

Tuesday May 24th.

VNV Nation & Imperative Reaction will both be at Ozone UK at 5:30pm. they
will be here for one hour to talk to fans and sign your cds, swag, body
parts, & what ever else you need to fulfill your signing needs. We
will also
have lots of good ol VNV Nation cds/dvds in stock as well. So if you
want to
avoid the BS of waiting after the show to meet them, just come on down
today! at 5:30pm

Also for any of you last min slackers VNV Nation tickets will still be
sale up untill 6:30pm. They are still $21.00 and CASH ONLY!

unfortunately i won't be making it...
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it's so freakin sunny!

It's all sunny! Doesn't it make you want to go outside and frolic? Yes, frolic. Barefoot in a dandelion field or snail-free grass. Or some piece of land that doesn't involve nutria and blackberry bushes. Play with dogs, dance with girls and give hugs and smooches.


Who wants to be smooched?


It's sunny!

. . .

I'm an AZ transplant that used to go trail running at noon, so I guess I'm used to sun. What I want to know is if this always happens to people like me when the sun pokes out after a string of dark days?

Anyone? Cos this is really bloody weird.

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Eclectic household seeks roommate!

Huge home in NE Portland, small bedroom available upstairs, slightly larger bedroom off dining room also an option. No drugs (booze ok), no drama, no one allergic to cats. $151/mo rent plus share of cable/internet, electric, phone, water. Big front and back yard. Share with 4 late 20s/early 30s adults. More info about us at gravemanor. Leave a comment if interested, with an email addy and I will email you.
Thank you!
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okay, folks, i need opinions!

...and i figured what better place to get them then here, right? *grins* husband just got handed his paperwork to sign up for medical/dental/vision insurance through his workplace...only to find out it's kaiser. i've heard oodles of bad things about them, and none good so far.

so, my question is: what insurance companies out there are you wonderful people happy/content with? we'll be looking to insure my husband, myself, and two kids.

what kind of deductibles are charged, if any? co-pay or co-insurance? lifetime maximums? out-of-pocket maximums? blah blah blah. websites would be great, too.

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(no subject)

OOPS! I made a boo boo.

So I posted this yesterday, but I gave the wrong contact email. apologies to those of you that responded.

here's the original post with the email fixed:


So, I'm done with school and moving out of the house I share with 3 other people. They haven't had much luck in finding a roommate, so I thought I'd post a notice here.

It's the Master Bedroom in a 2 story, 4 bedroom house.

On SE 44th Ave between Holgate and Woodstock. Cute, friendly neighborhood.

Super close to shopping, grocery in cluding Safeway and Trader Joes (one roommate walks and buses EVERYWHERE)

Rent goes for $400/month + utilities (cable internet, gas, electric, water)

House has indoor/outdoor cats.

Large enclosed back patio, cared for lawns in front and back. BBQ's (veg and non-veg friendly) are plentiful in summer

Other residents: 22/f, 27/m, 28/m

homophobia-free zone.

Interested? email Noah

I love living with these people, they became friends within a week of me moving in. I give them AND the room my highest compliments.

zine question.

i am starting to write a zine. well i think i am.

but i have to wonder what people would read.

what are topics you would never read in a zine?

i think i am going to write it either way, but i was just wondering if anyone would read it.
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Guilty as charged

So I have my first opportunity tomorrow to perform my civic duty and serve on a jury in our fine county of Multnomah. Any suggestions for what I should expect? Anything I should bring with me?

And out of curiousity, how many here have served jury duty and have you ended up on any interesting cases?


Hey Ladies!
The Women's Resource Center has this great program where you can  donate clothes and pick some up for yourself--all for free!
There is no limit on how much you can take or donate, but they definitely need more particpants to get this clothing swap going.  I went in today and there sure were some slim pickin's. I'm totally bring a bunch of clothes in tomorrow, and I encourgae all the other thrist-shop fashionistas out there to go  and donate, (as well as take home) some sweet threads.

The Women's Resource Center is located in the lower-level of the Montgomery Building on the PSU Campus. Hours are from 9-5

You can call them at 503.725.5680 for more information.


This program has great potential!

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(no subject)

Here's my question.

The guy that lives next to me is a total nutjob. See, we (house of 5) have 4 cars. 2 in the drive way and 2 in the street. He has 2 cars. 1 in the drive way ... and one on the street. So he's started the parking war that we haven't taken part in. One of our cars is parked at the very edge of our drive way, which is in front of his house. But, he could also park 2 more cars in front of where we parked. So ... totally he comes out of his house yelling at me as I'm parking my car and tells me to move in front of my own house. Probably is, we ARE in front of our house ... plus the people on the other side park on the street too. It's never been a problem, until now.

So, after I walked away without saying anything, he moved his truck over to IN FRONT of our house which is really fine. But the problem is ... he's hanging over the driveway. Isn't that illegal?
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(no subject)

I just moved back to Portland after 7 years away at school. What are some good places to go for nights/happy hour? Is there a Wednesday place to go, etc.?

I know I have seen similar questions on here before... but I can't seem to find them.

Oct 2010

(no subject)

I was heading in to class at PSU tonight. I left Hillsboro at 5:30 (the Jackson School exit). By 6:40 I was at 185th. Less than 10 miles in over an hour. :( I took the exit and headed home.
Does anyone know why 26 Eastbound was so bad today? (This is far worse than it normally is).

Edit: I just found it:

ACCIDENT: US 26 Eastbound MURRAY. All Lanes Closed 05:11 PM

UPDATE-ACCIDENT: US 26 Eastbound Just East Of MURRAY. LFT LANE NOW OPEN. 1 Right Lane Closed 05:46 PM

FINAL UPDATE: PG-ACCIDENT: US 26 Eastbound Just East Of MURRAY. CLEAR TO Right Shoulder 06:15 PM

THAT would explain it.

Where are the Graphic Design jobs?

Hey damnportlanders! Can you help me out?

Does anyone know of any Graphic Design jobs opening up? Do you work in a firm or design agency that is looking for a paid intern, freelancer, or even designer to hire? I have been looking for a design job for quite some time but just cant seem to figure out where all the good places to look are...

If you see anything or know of any good places to look let me know!


Showed up at like seven fitty eight, but there was no signs of a meetup. I asked el waitresseseseses if there was any word of a "meetup" or "livejournal group" and they didn't have the slightest clue as to what I was talking about. Didn't feel like sitting at a table 'till someone recognized me so I just went and got some pizza from the Schmizza. Was there reservations? I was looking for a huge table but saw no large groups or nothin'. And yes I WAS at the right one.

Oh well, maybe next month :P
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Help! Hand Held Tape Recorder Needed

I am in need of a hand held tape recorder to do an interview for school. A friend of mine was going to let me use theirs but it is broken. I already have the mini tapes that go in it (and would be willing to give you the extra ones I don't use) The interview is tomorrow at noon so I'm hoping to pick it up by then. Please please contact me if you can help.

503 839 8819 (call anytime)

Hold em games?

Hey y'all. I was wondering if any of you guys play Texas Hold'em and play somewhat regularly. I was looking to get into a game. Nothing too high stakes though, I just want to get in a game. Thanks!

Okay, let's try this....

I know this is a long shot, but I've seen people try this on DP before, so.

About 8-9 years ago I took a Creative Writing class at PCC Sylvania (WR 121, I believe). There was a girl in that class named Lisa S. who wrote a story called "Um" that is one of the few short stories I've ever liked. I lost my copy and my attempts to get a copy from a classmate (named Casey) didn't come through.

Does anyone know this chick (she's a short brunette)? Or maybe has read the story? Google hasn't helped.

(no subject)

Hey, just joined this community. Cool to see portlander's in one community :) So, how old is everyone and do you go to school or work?
I'm 23, I'll be going to PSU next Fall. I took this term off, and next term as well (no way am I going to summer classes!lol).