May 23rd, 2005

extract....of emu?

so i took out my bridge peircing, and i have some....hytroscopic? something like that, scarring. and so now i need emu oil. i went to fred meyer, i went to new seasons and i went to trader joes and none of them had it. any of you kids know where there might be emu oil in the portland area?

thanks :D :D

Renter's Insurance

I need renter's insurance. But I think I will actually need to sit down with an agent and go over my SO and my situation. Where do you get your insurance from? Is there an agent you can shake hands with? Or did you just fill out the questions online and hope that all your precious items are covered?
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Where can I find...

...a Kodak SD 64MB memory card?

This is the smallest (and cheapest) card available, but a lot of places don't carry it, but only carry 128MB or higher cards. I can order it online from a few places, but I want to get it today and besides, shipping adds to the price (Kodak sells it for $21.99). Anyone know of some place that definitely sells them this small (I've checked the online stores of CompUSA, Office Depot, and OfficeMAX, but they don't list it)?
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someday b/w

Please be aware when driving

I never really understood people who posted little rants about accidents or people getting cut off by a car while driving here on this list but now it's my turn to make a small rant about people driving in portland.

Today while leaving my house for work I saw a car out of the corner of my eye and then heard a bump, since my neighbourhood rarely has things in the road for people to run over and make such a noise I turned around and noticed my neighbors cat Willie in the road. The car didn't stop and needless to say I was pretty late for work making sure his owner's were called at work to take him to the hospital. I'm not sure if he's going to make it I had to leave before they got there luckily there was another witness and my landlady was home to take over my watch.

Please Please if you are driving down a residential street please notice what's going on around you. Just because there are no stop signs on the road doesn't mean you can speed down it. I've seen countless people speed down my quiet little road that two cars going opposite directions can barely fit safely. My neighbors cat, (and mine by default since he came to visit us regularly) doesn't deserve to die because someone hasn't had their coffee or they were late for work and though it was a good idea to speed down the road.

I do feel gald that about every third car stopped to ask if they could help and there was a lot of concern for Willie. That made an impression on me and helped me not be so mad at the one person who did this hirrific thing.

Concert coming up...

Carbon Leaf is playing at the Doug Fir on Wednesday June 8th. Show starts at 8 pm. Check the web site for a taste of their latest album (download mp3s to get a better idea of their overall feel since the jukebox doesn't really portray everything they're capable of). So yeah come see! I just picked up a ticket yesterday and it was #73 out of 299 so there's plenty of tickets available. Those of you GBS fans who saw them last May might recognize Carbon Leaf as they were the opening band. Hope to see ya there!
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Wedding Stuff

Hey damnportlanders!
I'm getting married next summer so I'm beginning to look into planning. If you have ever had any experience with any type of wedding vendors in the area, or if you have any helpful tips for a bride to be, please help me out.
I need advice on where to buy a gown, florists, photographers, music/dj, officiant (non-religious), and cake and also the places I should avoid. Budget is not an issue. I just want the best.
I want to have my ceremony and reception at McMenamin's Cornelious Pass Roadhouse. Have you ever been to a wedding there? What was it like?

And also, do you know of any bridal expos coming up?

I want to do a Honeymoon registry instead of a gift registry. Do you think this is tacky or a great idea?

Thanks guys! You are always so helpful.

(no subject)

what local tv news station do you watch/trust the most? I think kgw, i don't know why though, then comes koin, then kptv (ever since they became a fox affiliate they've seem to become more sentational) then at the bottom of the list is katu......... even though i hardly watch local news these days.... what about you??

random stuff, three things

1. anyone know what all the sirens, lights, cops and fire engines were all about saturday night near MLK and broadway? they zoomed south. there were about three or four smokies and two full engines!

2. anyone have a pair of old cufflinks, round with black sunbursts, they'd wanna sell me? i would post a picture of the buttons on the suit i hope to match, but the suit and the camera are at home and i'll forget to post by the time i get home tonight. (writers group and pah-lenty of beer does that to me.)

3. anyone make it to the roseland last night to see peter murphy? any thoughts on the show? i feel the old guy still has a great set of lungs, thought it was great that he still trots out stuff from deep, but the sound mix was a little off - he got drowned out by the bass and guitar. the drums were all there, though. the opener, sarah fimm, didn't send me to the moon, but she sure was cute. she had a good voice, too, and harmonized decently with mr. murphy. ah.

thanks, DPers.

Good produce?

Heya Damnportlanders,

After yet another incredibly disappointing experience in my local Freddy's produce section, I'm at a loss. Where is the best place around here to regularly get non-moldy raspberries and blueberries, and fresh/crisp salad greens? New Seasons is an option, but anyone know of anything else?

I live in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area, so places on the west side work best.

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Beer, Hat, Me, Lake

NW Cable News

I'm just wondering if anyone was watching this last night about 10-10:30 lastnight. There apparently was a piece about homelessness in Portland or something like that. Well anyway they used a photograph of my girlfriend and I with out ever asking to use it. Hell we had no idea it was ever even taken 'til my old man called me up last night sayin how my drunk ass was on TV.

Anyway, any ideas on what we might be able do about this?
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for a minute i lost myself, i lost myself...

ohhhhhhhhhh god, my roommate just happened to shit all over my parade this afternoon. now i'm in the worst mood ever and it's way too nice to be sad today. i'm going to be in the psu park blocks today before class at 530. anyone want to help mend a broken heart? sigh....
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I read this today....and.....its good stuff.....

Accountability: The Cornerstone of Family Relationships by Duane Smotherman

Many of us realize that there are some core values that must live within the family system in order for it to thrive as opposed to merely survive.

Trust, honesty, partnership, purpose, vision, and commitment are all essential to healthy family
relationships.  However, the missing link lies in the experience of accountability, taking ownership for our results through the power of choice.  Without this critical element, everything else becomes secondary or pales in comparison.


Somewhere back in our early school days, we were first introduced to the theories surrounding CAUSE and EFFECT.  In conjunction, we also became aware of the distinction between ACTION and REACTION. Surely, we are convinced that these principles have direct applicability to the core of human relationships.  In the realm of the family, cause and effect take on very significant proportions in terms of creating lasting results.  It is clear that we are either making things happen or things are happening to us.

How can we even begin to demonstrate any degree of control in our lives without truly embracing accountability?  Our choices are at the core experience of every relationship. Those choices dictate certain outcomes in our lives and reflect the stand we take toward every situation.

Accountability allows us to look at the impact of decisions we make based on limiting and/or empowering beliefs we are packing around. The challenge of accountability is that it allows us to examine the extent to which we allow ourselves to feel powerless in life by thinking something or someone else "did it to me."

There are significant numbers of family members who seem to have an affinity for setting themselves up to be the "victim" of someone or something else. They are miserable because they are either unconscious of the choices they are making or simply unwilling to take ownership of their choices.  Self-righteousness, blame, and collusion take priority. There exists a cycle of insanity here as reasons, stories, and excuses (protection) take the place of clarity and creativity (possibility).

If we are to be truly honest and aligned within the family, we must realize that getting to the source of any issue requires an acknowledgement of how our choices and actions shape our experience and perception of everything.  Blame is irrelevant.  Instead, the point is to realize I was a participant in the event and had an influence
based on my choices.

Most of us fear to be accountable because we misconstrue its real meaning.  We mistakenly equate accountability with blame, fault, or being wrong.  NO!!

Personal power stems not from fault, but from learning.  True credibility with both parents and children lies in the willingness to live an accountable lifestyle.  Accountability allows each of us to look at all of life's experiences and learn.

Living life from an accountable perspective literally transforms the context and quality of our relationships.  It is a framework which creates more energy, power, and purpose.

In order to truly live accountability, we must LET GO of our need to be right and our need to look good and massage our precious ego-image.  We must examine our family relationships
and notice those instances where we are accountable vs. wallowing in our 'fur-lined' rut of victimhood.


What are the results?

What are the perceptions?  

What is the legacy we wish to leave in the eyes of others?  


We make the choice!


Life tends to work when we take credit for ALL WE CREATE.



I recently had some work done on my bathroom ( new shower tile, new sink and counter top)... and it's falling apart. The sink is leaking under the counter, water comes out the side of the faucet, the grout between the tiles is cracking.... and this was only done about two months ago.

So- a few questions- the guy who did it is an independent contractor.... is there anything I can do to warn people that he does terrible work?

also- i had planned on having him also put down new flooring in my kitchen, and now (obviously) i need to find somebody else. Does anybody have any recommendations? I live in Beaverton, if that matters.
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green fairy


i am looking for that PSA from the 80's about cheese.
you know the hanker for a hunk of cheese
i need to use it in a presentation.
if anyone has the knowledge of where to find it i would be greatly indebted.
i've tried all the general avenues and am stumped
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someday b/w

Writing resources

I have a friend who is planning on moving up here from San Diego and I figured I'd help her out by asking around what places in Oregon have need of writers and also what magazines do you know are based here.

also any journals/weekly's and whatnot that you can think of beyond:

Portland Tribune
Willamette Week

(which is all I can think of off the top of my head)

Your Business

(no subject)


So, I'm done with school and moving out of the house I share with 3 other people. They haven't had much luck in finding a roommate, so I thought I'd post a notice here.

It's the Master Bedroom in a 2 story, 4 bedroom house.

On SE 44th Ave between Holgate and Woodstock. Cute, friendly neighborhood.

Super close to shopping, grocery in cluding Safeway and Trader Joes (one roommate walks and buses EVERYWHERE)

Rent goes for $400/month + utilities (cable internet, gas, electric, water)

House has indoor/outdoor cats.

Large enclosed back patio, cared for lawns in front and back. BBQ's (veg and non-veg friendly) are plentiful in summer

Other residents: 22/f, 27/m, 28/m

homophobia-free zone.

Interested? email Noah

I love living with these people, they became friends within a week of me moving in. I give them AND the room my highest compliments.

Pure Romance, Passion Parties, Adult Sex Toys

HEY! I would like to become a Passion Parties or Pure Romance consultant. Is anyone here one, or does anyone know of one? I think I need to buy some kind of kit? I'd like to throw a party possibly this weekend. Please someone let me know :) :)
ALSO! If you are a female and want to come to the party, please post a comment and let me know as well! My best friend and I will be giving it, we want to sell adult toys! :)

Good Produce!

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on where to find decent produce in this town. I'll absolutely be checking out farmers markets this weekend. Until then, I hit Haggen's on the way home from the gym tonight for some perfect avacados and other various produce wonderous-ness

Happy me with veggie
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Call for SKIN!

So, last week we all shared what we look like ... and since then there have probably been at least three people asking where they should get tattooed, so let's combine themes here.

Show me your tattoo! Tell me what it is, what it means, why you got it, whatever. Entertain me tonight! (I'm hunting for a picture of my own tattoo to share!)

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Mad Hatter

Tech support

Recently I called my Credit Card company for some customer support, and found the call was routed to Bombay India.
When the Tech started asking me questions that I did not feel comfortable answering to someone offshore with my credit card info, I just refused to do business with them, telling them so, and hung up.

I called them again tonight, and to my delight, found they had relocated their call center back in the U.S. and felt much more comfortable doing business, not to mention helping to support a U.S. Citizen with a job.

I'm sure a good many of you have experienced the frustrations of dealing with India Techs, which might make you appreciate this Cartoon so much more! ~~~> HERE
gorey hermi
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I've got a gallon of turpentine in my linen closet that I'm never going to use. I don't think I can take it back to the store because I don't have the receipt and it's been a few months since I bought it. What should I do with it?

I thought this was funny

considering all the hullabaloo last week about this. I just got this spammed to my okcupid account.

Joy Division

If anybody has cable and gets BBC Canada, "24 Hour Party People" is on, and I'm watching it. I'm probably the last person in the universe to see it.

It's completely changed my views on Joy Division/New Order. All my life, from my crib hopping along to "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "She's lost control"...The film seems so one sided, makes them all seem like a bunch of selfish jaded extremists.And yeah, I love David Bowie but why does every grown adult in that film have a framed picture of him in their sitting room like he's a member of their family? ("Look Nigel,there's Mum, Dad, Gran...and ZIGGY!") Steve Coogan as always, rocks, but erm, not too sure if there's anything to this film besides the shaky hand held camera, blow jobs, bloody vomit and archive Iggy Pop/Siouxie Sioux/Stranglers etc. footage...Am I right?
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(no subject)

Anybody know about the art director job at the Mercury? Is it filled? What are they looking for? Any tips on how to improve my odds?
Advice? Leads? Info?
I just sent in a resume, cover letter and portfolio. I also did a cover mock-up.
This is the second job I've ever applied for.

Sleepy pills

Any of you guys take sleep aids? Preferably herbal ones that are easy to come by at places like Trader Joe's or the grocery store even? I'm starting work at Starbucks, and the 430am opening shift is NOT a happy thing, and I have trouble enough as it is getting to bed before 2, even if I've been up for days. Thank you darlings.