May 22nd, 2005


For Fucks Sake

Okay, so I stumbled onto this page when looking for information for the Department of Health, and All I have to say is holy shit these people are messed up.

Pay close attention to the Pledge, as well as the 10 things every girl should know about boys and their vile privet parts.

For the sake of all that is dear to me I pray this is just a sad sad joke, but I doubt that it is.

Edit, okay so it was 4 am and I was not thinking clearly, it is a spoof
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Meetup Manifesto

I usually dislike it when people post to respond rather than comment, but in this case, I wanted to make a post because I've seen people comment on this numerous times.

This is in response to the previous post about meetups. I'll lj-cut the less-important parts for the sake of your friends pages, but PLEASE read this whole thing if you go, want to go, or complain about the meetup.

The reason why meetups are the fourth Tuesday of every month is, in part, what kunzite1 said: that's what randomly chose.

Now that we're not using anymore really (because we didn't want to pay for it)-- and actually, even before that --people are asking why we still have it on Tuesdays when that's such a silly day for so many people.

So here's the reason: the few times that anyone tried to move it via damnportlanders, it didn't work and usually resulted in a lot of stupid drama and angst (no, seriously). Collapse )

Another reason why I'm not inclined to go through the hassle of changing it is because it doesn't matter WHAT day of the week and time we do it, a bunch of people aren't going to be able to show up. That's how life is-- no matter what you do, someone whines.

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Also, a plea regarding location: please please please please don't make me try to find a new location =P Collapse )

And last but not least: I have volunteered to be the person who runs the meetups, but I will be out of town until late August or September. I have asked cheekyassmonkey to help me out by posting reminders to DP and calling McMenamins in advance, but I won't be here to really assess and make any major changes. I can try, but it might be best to just wait on it until I get back.

*whew* I hope this answers all your questions. Maybe I should create a meetup FAQ that the userinfo can link to @_@

Anywho, have a nice day ^_^
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Predator Towing Companies "Clamping" Cars in Oregon

The car clamping in the following account took place in the 6th Avenue Deli parking lot on 6th and College, next to the Broadway and Ondine residence hall buildings. This was written by a person who was delivering a futon frame to me yesterday. The PSU student in the story is me and it is absolutely all true. Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to pass on the word if you'd like.


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need car.

can anyone give me some advice about buying a used car? for example, is it better to buy from a private seller or a dealership? or if anyone has a small-ish hatchback for sale with pictures, it's more then likely i could take it off your hands today...

also what are some things to look out for when buying a used car? (unfortunately, i have no car experience so it'd have to be pretty obvious for me to see something wrong with a car)

Recommendations about where you got your used cars and who you do or don't trust would be majorly helpful!

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I'm not even sure if places like this exist...but it's worth a shot.

I'm looking for a 24 hour place to work out without having to sign up for a membership. Maybe just fork over a few bucks per trip. The closer to the Beaverton area the better.

Cats Scratching My Car

I have just moved into the top of this duplex and the downstairs people have 3 or 4 cats that keep on jumping and sleeping on my car. Well yesterday as I started inspecting my car for any cat damage I discovered that the paint is being scratched by the cats. If this goes on for 2 more weeks, when is when the downstairs people are moving out my car is going to have white patches from the cats scratching my black paint. I don't want to take this up with the downstairs people because they are getting kicked out (evicted) of their place and I don't want trouble but is there anything I can spray on my car so the cats will stop scratching or jumping on my car? Or is there anything you guys recommend that I can put on car to protect the paint like wax or something?

My car thanks you
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(no subject)

If someone is going out for a birthday dinner on a Sunday night, around what time would this be? If it is parents in their 40's and their 18-year-old son? What time would they be done?

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i know a dentist referral was brought up in here a few days ago, but this one's different :)

i'm looking for a really good dentist for a friend. not a dentist that just does standard fillings, cleanings, etc. someone that is really good at diagnosis and figuring out really hard to figure out things. someone that will not just shrug their shoulders and say "beats me" when a patient has had intense tooth/gum pain for two years and is unable to chew food properly. my friend has been to a number of doctors and dentists in another town and all of them just said that nothing was wrong, which obviously is *not* true.

so, do you know of a really compassionate, nice dentist who specializes or at least has experience with not so run of the mill dental issues? preferrably someone reasonably priced, but honestly at this point quality is more important. someone who will take the time to really listen (no 15 minute appointments!) and put in the energy to help figure this out? someone who has knowledge in pain management techniques (alternative, conventional, whatever) along with figuring out what's wrong would be even better.

so, any ideas? thanks in advance for any help. i know not a lot of people end up going to the dentists for anything other than just normal stuff, but hopefully someone here has.

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Are you, or can you recommend, a licensed general contractor who is interested in taking on a light bathroom remodel job in NE Portland?

The work:
Replace bathtub
Tile bathtub wall
Tile bathroom floor

I'm planning on selling the house and am looking for a good quality, but not dream remodel, job to be done on a budget. I'll pay for good work, but this definitely is not a high-end job.

Note - Craigslist, of course, has been checked. :)