May 21st, 2005

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It was Saturday morning essay time. Hope you don't mind the crosspost from my journal! 100% Portland-related, baby!

Ahhhh... Saturday. In my entrenched middle age, Saturday means taking Griffin to a Little League game, maybe renting a movie, washing the car... general old-dad messing around. I like Saturday.

But, you know... I used to LOVE Saturday. I used to live for Saturday. Not because of the lack of school; I liked school all right. Not because of the ability to sleep in. Not even because Saturday was allowance day and I could go feed my sugar jones with a furtive run to the Meister's Buy-Rite candy department (another story in and of itself).

Nope. I loved Saturday because it was WRESTLING DAY.

The late 60s and early 70s had a lot of things going for them, including the Amazin' Mets, naked hippie chicks, and the Meister's Buy-Rite candy department. But that paled in comparison to the luminescent glory that was Portland Wrestling. Living in Ashland, we beheld the magnificence via cable TV. Channel 12, I think but that hardly mattered. What mattered were the 90 soul-consuming, mind-inflaming minutes of epic grappling.
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Crepes? CitySearch fails miserably

I need crepes for breakfast!

I know about Le Happy (not open till 6pm) and Le Machin (sub-par food)

type "crepe" or "crepes" into CitySearch and you get the old "Your search returned zero results"  WTF?

So... where are the crepes? I know it's 2pm but I got up late so I'm going to check for your answers :D

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Twilight Rummage Sale Tonight

Eagle's Lodge, SE 50th & Hawthorne, from 5 p.m - 9 p.m. Two rooms of vendors selling everything from books and records, clothing, weird tchochkies...just about anything you can imagine. Plus cheap drinks and music, all for just $1 cover. Come and check it out!
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kroq live webcast

if you aren't leaving home today, try checking this out.

Webcast Times (webcast times subject to change)
1:00 - Webcast Starts
1:15 - Open Air Stereo
1:45 - The Dead 60's
2:15 - The Bravery
2:45 - Alkaline Trio
3:15 - Transplants
3:45 - MxPx
4:15 - Hot Hot Heat
5:00 - My Chemical Romance
5:45 - Jimmy Eat World
6:30 - Interpol
7:15 - Queens of the Stone Age
8:00 - The Killers
8:45 - Audioslave
9:45 - Foo Fighters
10:45 -Motley Crue
11:30 - Bloc Party
Midnight - Mars Volta

i've got a hidden vagenda

i know there are some portlanders fans out there and so i thought i'd spread the word...

Kimya Dawson will be playing Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy) June 9th. time TBA.

a super show with Kimya & friends is in the works for July 29th.
stay tuned....

Opinions on PSU

So tell me all you know about PSU, and don't be shy. Are they a school worth going to? Is there any clout associated with that school? Is a degree from there worth anything?

What are the more reputable schools in the state (ie Reed, Pacific) that actually help on a resume rather than get glossed over by potential employers?

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Strange question, but does anyone know where I could find a small statue of the Space Needle in town? I'm thinking this is unlikely, but who knows.. I wont be able to make it to Seattle before the time that I need it. Thinking under five inches in height. Thanks.

So what do YOU do?

I should be studying, but I rather hear about everyone's job (or jobs), school, trade, hopes and/or dreams.

Occupation: Glorified Legal Assistant at law office --

Hoping to: Get competitive enough to be accepted in some reputable Anthro program

in the past I wanted to be: A nun, a kitty pet store owner, an attorney, a mourner

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can someone please. please. tell me if there's anywhere i can get branded or scarification modifications? i've been calling everywhere... please. please. it's very important to me.
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Looking for local cinematographers

so, here is the deal..

my favorite home away from home, the Chance of Rain cafe, was recently advised by the movie industry that they can no longer show free films for people who come in off the street..

they never charged for admission and never required people to purchase anything when they were there... it was just for fun. apparently, this makes no difference in the legality of it all, and lawsuits/incredibly expensive licensing options were pushed...

prior to the end of movie night, we were considering bringing in local film makers who would show a film of theirs, immediately followed by one that they felt strongly influenced them.

we are currently looking for any cinematographers who would like to publicly show one or two of their works, (minus the "films that influenced me")

considering the temperature of the big studios attitudes, this is actually much better as we would rather support locals than big business corporate fucks who want to stomp the little guy...

feel free to email me and i can get you all the info you would need

i remeber hearing once about a website that focused on portland local film makers.. unfortunately, i dont remember more than that.

---yours truely, a movie lover... ( discordspuppet @ gmail dot com )
So Gay

Work it!

SWM seeks workout buddy at the downtown Bally gym. Male or female, focus on general weightlifting and cardio workout. Attendance 3-5 times/week, mutual encouragement a plus. Any takers?
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(no subject)

we are toying with the idea of getting another kitty to add to our family, and I'm interested in knowing if anyone has a link to any other kitty adoption places other than the Oregon Humane Society. Possibly one where they give the kitties the first set of shots and testings. Any help is appreciated!
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(no subject)

I'm looking to set up an internet connection at my apartment. I have a laptop with WiFi. I have no land line, so no DSL. What are my options (especially inexpensive ones)? Is Comcast the only way?
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Better Max Experience?

Just on the news...

The Guardian Angels will be riding the Max lines as paying citizens but I am sure their presence will be appreciated. The Leader of the Portland chapter is meeting with TriMet this next week.
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I'm selling one of my electric guitars. It's a blue Dean Avalanche One, bought it back in 2001. Still in absolute mint condition, I bought a Strat soon thereafter so I didn't play it that much. Strings are still fine and it sounds great. I'm also throwing in a black soft-shell case for it.

All that for $125. Here's some pictures of it.

Let me know ASAP if you're interested. I live in Eugene, so if you can't come down here and pick it up I can ship it to you for an extra $10-15 or so. You can comment here or email me at