May 20th, 2005

Rooms for Rent!!! xposted

Please forward!!!

Roomy Home in NE Killingsworth neighborhood. 10 blocks from New Seasons. Convenient tri-met access.

One room available NOW!!! $325

Another room available on 6/1. $330 (this room has its own entrance.

First/Last & $250 Security Deposit. Landlord will work with you on payment plan.

Hardwood floors, gas fireplace, washer/dryer. Large kitchen, fenced backyard.

Conscious and intentional living types wanted to share our home on NE Killingsworth & 42nd. We are 2 males (1 trans guy) 2 females (Mom & 4yr old goddess) & 1 puss puss. Interested in Cooking Yummy Organic dinners (Vegetarians preferred), intentional living, spirituality, gardening, playin in the woods, QUEER friendly.

We'd like roomates interested in maintaining community standards by sharing in weekly meetings and family dinners, Upkeep and maintenance of the home.

Give us a call, if you'd like to visit.


Namaste, Blessed Be, Light and Love to all
-Pfenix, Miss Trinity, JaySUN and Ryan

dropping a link

i get alot of underground documentarys.... and i do my best to watch them if they are at least 50% valid....

I think of my fellow portlanders to be some of most open minded and analytical thinkers in our country....

i just wanted to pass this on to you guys because i would really value your thoughts on this....

(its fairly long so if you dont have time to look at this dont bother)
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Supergirl's Friday Three

Favorite things about PDX

1 - Papa's Pizza. Pretty good pizza and lots of fun stuff for the kiddos to play on. They've even got an attendant that is great with the kids (my toddler was blowing her kisses by the time we left). :-)

2 - The Lake Grove Thriftway's candle sale. Five for ten bucks! (I disovered this Tuesday and apparently it's on until they're gone) All sorts of aromatherapy and stuff...

3 - McMenamins Market Street Pub. (and if you're trying to park, do not wait on the girl in the street - talking to her friend. She'll tell ya straight up that she is not moving her car). :-)
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cry me a river

Dante's can officially blow me. They kicked off Okkervil River Band last night after like 5 songs so the completely random headliners could go on even though everyone appeared to be there to see Okkervil. appreciate the run on sentence ladies and gentlemen!

in summary- BOO ON DANTES
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ok, this is mostly for the ladies.

i sort of started my period on wednesday, the day i usually start due to the pill.

well, it stoped. there isn't any blood flowing anymore.

what i want to know is if this could be a sign that i'm pregers.
if any of you fine women would like to share, PLEASE DO.

Actual Portland related question this time :)

So, me and my friend Holly, are going to go out tonight. The problem is that we can't think of a cool place to go. We're looking for like a cool bar/ restaraunt in Portland somewhere, preferably downtown. We usually go to Henry's, which we love, but want to try somewhere new tonight to get dinner. I'm not a big fan of sushi and we're not really in the mood for asian food tonight either. I don't think this place neccessarily will have the best food, but have any of you been to the Shanghai Bar? How is it? I want to go on a tour of the underground tunnels SO badly. Also, what about Bar 15? Does it suck? Help me out people. :) It doesn't have to have the BEST food if it has a really cool atmosphere. Okay, thanks a lot! :)

(no subject)


Me and a friend are looking for a shop in the portland area that sells tarot cards, 'special' candles and books... and.. other like.. stuff like that.

I have no idea if it exists, or where it would exist if it does indeed exist. Maybe its one of those rumours.. but, I dunno.

does someone know?


I'd be ever so grateful.

P.S. Yeah, I know there are shops that sell tarot and supplies, but I'm looking for a shop that sells ONLY this kinda stuff..
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Buying a house?

Anyone out there have experience buying a house?

My question is, are banks more likely to approve loans to married or unmarried couples? We're in our 20s and have stable jobs, but I'm a student and he's an independent web contractor.

Thanks! TQ

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I went through the archives, but couldn't find an answer to this. Anybody know any coffee-shop type places in town that serve a pot of tea? I have some papers to write and home is too distracting. Bonus points if they have parking, or will let me spend some time there studying.

Album cover


What are you doing tonight? Nothing? Good!

Tonight at the Solid State in Portland, OR.

DRAKE EQUATION (from Tallahassee)
Portland's own EVER WE FALL

FRIDAY, MAY 20- Doors @ 7PM, ALL AGES, only $8!

Check out Drake Equation:

Full album streaming on the website.

Solid State
898 SE Ash St
Portland, OR 97214

Listen to Drake Equation's full album, streaming at

Event in Portland

I have a new drawing in my lj, for a benefit for the women of Rwanda.
Here is the rough sketch for the watercolor painting:
I was asked to do it as a gift for Keir Pierson, the screenwriter for the
film “Hotel Rwanda”, and it will be presented to him at the event.
Next week. No pressure!

Original post:

If any of you compassionate and creative folks out there are interested in
finding out more about the event or how to help out (even donations of $5-$10 are being accepted)...check out this link:
Vicky Trabosh is going to Rwanda in June as part of World Vision’s program
to help women start businesses. As you are aware, Rwanda suffered a massive
genocide in 1994 – 800,000 people were killed in 100 days. The country is
still reeling from this catastrophe and strangely it is the women who seem
to be leading the charge towards rebuilding. I think that the men are still
in shock having been unable to save their friends or families from the
murderous rampage. They are “frozen” if you can understand that. So, World
Vision’s program helps women and Vicki is specifically going to speak to
these budding entrepreneurs about HOPE and provide them seed money from this
fund raiser that we are planning here in Portland. .

Vicky, an executive coach from Portland, plans to raise $100 dollars/ea
from 250 Portland women. That money will go directly to Rwandan women. $100
per women/business. I know that doesn’t sound like enough to start a
business, but in Africa it is a fortune.

yetti hat


So what was up at Walker in Beaverton today? I was trying to get to a doctors appointment, and from the intersection of Walker near 158th, it was completely blocked off by police goin' all nuts or something. Someone murder someone? Penetentiary break out? You crazy nutters.
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stop it

Random question.

For those of you who have moved or are thinking about moving to a new city since you joined LJ. How much of a factor was the city's LJ comm in your choice? I mean, seriously. When I moved up here, I friended DP and the Seattle comm about six months before I moved, and a good part of the reason I picked Portland - beside being cheaper and having family here - was that DP seemed more fun and had less things I didn't like than the Seattle comm did. My owm perception, blah blah, but we're just cooler. :D Also, in my mind, it gave a pretty good cross-section of the type of people I'd be interested in meeting, and a chance to get to know the town a bit before I moved. As it happened, the first event I went to after I moved here was one of the meet-ups at Rocco's, and in the pictures I've got this 'WTF was I THINKING??' look on my face. XD

So do I just spend too much time on LJ or did anyone else join comms and picked their city by factoring in the LJ comm?
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mucking about with sounds

does anyone know how to record sounds from your computer? i mean, say you have something playing in winamp and something else playing in wmp at the same time, and you want to record them both to create a sort of [really really amateur] mashup. what program gadget thinger do you use?

...did that make any sense at all.
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Anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in Vancouver that are open until at least 10pm on a weekday, accommodating to groups of around 10 people (maybe more), and is veg*n friendly?? I know it's a lot to ask for, but I thought I'd ask. I've lived here for the majority of my life, but I'm not veg*n, so I can't think of any spots.

Thanks in advance!

Downtown traffic update

There's a wreck on the Morisson Bridge going into downtown (which I'm watching from my office. It's rubbernecking w/o the car!).

All the west-bound lanes are stopped (including the offramp from the freeway) and the east-bound lanes are slow. You should avoid it, if possible.

This traffic update brought to you by boy_asunder.
Oct 2010

Looking for a creek/stream

I need to find a stream of similar composition to Balch Creek in Forest Park.

I need to get some water samples from the stream for a research paper. I have to compare the info found from my Balch Creek case study.

It would be ideal if the stream were in the Hillsboro area or somewhere between Hillsboro and Portland. I was thinking of Rock Creek, but I am not sure where the actual CREEK is, or how to access it. Anyone have a clue?

Or another suggestion?

Could anyone steer me in the right direction? It would be great if there were a trail or something (like at Balch Creek) so that I could easily access the water.

Many thanks for the help.

How "Portland" are you?

Poll #497874 Recycle me

Just curious... do you recycle?

Yes! Everything i possibly can, including coffe grinds and my dog's shed hair
Sure, i do the basics... glass, tin cans, cardboard, paper, etc.
Sometimes a few little things, like pop cans and newspapers
Naw, it's way too much work
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Serenity Now: Serenity in the media [x-posted to damnportlanders]

In the Oregonian today there is a comic strip called 'Serenity Now!' It's a peek at the first screening of Joss Whedon's 'Serenity' (the movie spun off from the cancelled Firefly show) on May 5th in Portland. I was there, and my friend Rick is featured in the comic.

Perhaps you were there. Perhaps you were the guy with the Jayne hat, singing "The Hero of Canton". If you don't have an Oregonian paper on hand, check it out here:

Serenity Now!

As a hardcore Browncoat, this is the shiniest thing I've seen in a good long while. And in case you're curious, there's another screening in 20 cities on May 26th. Tickets sold out within hours.

If you're a Firefly fan in the Portland area, come join the PDX Browncoat shindigs.

Relevant Links:
Firefly the series on
Watch the Serenity Trailer
Can't Stop the Signal
PDX Browncoats yahoo group

Stranded Maxes

I just picked up a friend from the 82nd max stop.... i car flew onto the tracks at around 42nd.... all maxes are shut down.... i know this wont help anyone stranded but if you are excepting someone to be home and they are late and they use the max..... that is the reason why!
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(no subject)

does anyone know where I could find a extremly cheap fluffer for a short skirt?

OK, I think I need to be more to the point.

by fluffer, I mean a thing you put under your skirt to make it fluff out. think alice from alice in wonderland, she wears a fluffer.and assuming it's for an alice costume, thats why I need it.

not porn fluffer.
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Old vs. New Star Wars Fans

I'd like to know how many of you out there are old fans of the series meaning that you saw the original three in theatres or early on in their video releases? I can definitely see a division between those who saw the old ones in their prime and those who only saw them years later. Also, I can see how the new trilogy has divided fans both old and new. #3 is a disappointment yet definitely an approvement and in many ways redeems the prequels to a large extent only in that it places everything in context with 4-6. I just wonder if Star Wars means the same to those in the current generation (Y or whatever) as it does to those in Gen X? For me, I'm just glad it's all over. I only count the movie series but alas I know that the more obsessed will continue to follow the series and its characters no matter what medium they are in be it prose or television (as we'll soon see). May the force be with you.

Following in the Footsteps of SuperGirl

I present.. Simpledoubt's Top 3 Portland Moments (from just today)

1. The over abundance of couples over 65 walking the streets of Downtown Portland holding hands

2. Being able to tell a tourist from a native just by the size of the Bumbershoot they carry (bonus points to those who know Bumbershoot)

3. Finding the best french fries and sweet potato cheesecake at Food-4-the-Soul on Park and Washington next to Chinzo's downtown. Tell Aaron that Tori sent you, best food you'll ever have.