May 19th, 2005

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Buses detoured downtown

Due to a shooting downtown, all buses traveling on Burnside and those traveling on 5th Ave on the Portland Mall are on detour. Riders should expect 15-20 minute delays until streets reopen. Buses traveling east and west on Burnside are detoured onto 2nd between Davis and Broadway.Buses traveling on 5thAvenue are detoured onto 3rd Avenue.

Updated 7:40 a.m. May 19, 2005

I wondered why my usually on-the-second bus was late this morning. o_O Anyone know anything else about it?

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I'm majorly hating tri-met right now! First their trains have been 10-20 minutes late the last few days (I know this because I am on a very set schedule). Anyway... This morning the train is late, and when a train finally arrives it is packed with people. So I try to get in the front doors with my bike, and a tri-met employee (not the train driver) that was getting on at the same doors told me to go to the other train. I was like WTF!?
I don't know what the hell his problem was. There was plenty of room for me to stand with my bike (the two hooks were taken). Anyway, I yelled asshole and walked down to the next doors which were packed with 2 bikes and lots of people, so I had to run to the next doors. Again there was another guy standing with his bike. I said screw it and walked in. I am so furious about this. I pay for my ticket just like everyone else what right does he have to tell me I can't get in.
Anything up there?

Looking for an art studio/appt ?

I'm looking for just a small studio. I've tried but there just doesnt seem to be much of what I'm looking for... I could be searching for the wrong keywords or something. Here is what I want:
- art safe (ie not super nice, not really attached to the carpet if any)
- cat freindly
- smoker freindly
- bathroom and shower in the appt
- dont mind if I live there
- cheep (preferably less then $400 a mo)
- with in biking distance of the perl (3 miles or so)

Any one have any ideas where I should start looking???

You bastards.

I have gotten 260 emails since 5:21pm last night and it is all because of you.


(Disclaimer: that was a happy damning, so don't feel put off by it.)
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I have a 48" long, 8" deep wall ledge that I'm trying to sell off to someone. It's unfinished hardwood, with a traditional sculpted edge. I originally paid $30 bucks for it, but no longer have use for it, so I offer it to those interested. I figured I'd try here before going to craigslist. It is missing one screw (which broke off in the wall while I was trying to install it) but it's easily replaceable. Let me know if anyone's interested. Thanks!

A question for Portland brides...

...or anyone else who has ever cared for a wedding dress.

I have recently received my wedding dress. It was mailed to me in a teeny-tiny package which crumpled the heck out of it.

I'm looking for a bridal shop or cleaner who specializes in wedding dresses to steam it out and possibly do some alterations. West side preferred, but I'll travel a ways for quality.

Any recommendations?

liek omg!

Looking for something to do? Want to support the arts in schools?

Century High School's drama department is putting on its spring show, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 this weekend and next weekend. I would like to invite any and all DamnPortlanders interested in seeing a great drama production to come out.

The dates and times are May 19th, 20th, 21st and 26th, 27th, 28th. All performances begin at 7:30 and it is $6 for students and $7 for adults.

It's not actually a musical, but it is a comedy! It's about a very succesful creative team on Broadway who's last show was shut down when 3 Chorus girls were killed by the Stage Door Slasher. Now it's 2 years later and they're meeting up to have a backer's audition to start their new show at the swanky, secluded mansion of Elsa Vongrossenueten. But when people start dying they fear the Stage Door Slasher might have returned. Also, there is just a little bit of male cross-dressing. Little bit. But that is all I will tell you! If you want to know the rest, you must come see the show!

Century High School is located at 2000 SE Century Blvd in Hillsboro. You can also call for information at 503-848-6500.
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So I'm doing a school project and I need to know as much information about racism in the 1960s in Portland as possible. I'm doing a video. A documentary if you will. Does anyone know any places that I could find some history on this stuff? Restaurants, shops, parks, or anything else that used to be segregated? Waiters, waitresses, or anyone I could interview?

Thanks as usual ♥
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Road Trip Question

Hi there!
I will soon be taking a road trip to Florida. Is there anything I absolutely need to see along the way? I would really like to see the world's biggest something, ball of twine, toenail clipping, anything. This will be my very first cross country trip, so I need help. Thanks!
circle of life

What the Hell?

You have to be kidding me? Some dumbass takes his family to a protest and gets pepper sprayed, and we REWARD his stupidity?

What the hell is this world coming to?

Your tax dollars are going to stupid people. How does that make you feel?


1) I'm not saying that the police were without fault, either.

2) Your points about the police being overly violent work against you and further reinforce my point. At the time, I remember the big protests we'd had and they'd almost always ended up violent. Regardless of who started it, that seems to me to be one more reason to leave junior at home.
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It's Brain Picking Time!

So I recently join the communities urban_decay and rural_ruin, and I'm itchin' to go find some old burnt out or dilapidated buildings. Help me damnportlanders! Tell me of all the exciting, creepy, scary, fenced off, rundown, overgrown, or haunted places in the area. They could be in Portland or in the outlying rural areas. Have any of you ever explored the old Dammasch Psychiatric Hospital in Wilsonville? My thirst for things old and rusty must be quenched!
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Recent Poll

Hello DamnPortlanders,

I received almost 150 votes on the recent name poll for my new niece. I have also received almost 30 emails asking if they had decided on a name.

Colette is her name. And I can't wait to get back to Toledo to meet her!

Thanks for taking the time to vote and for your nice emails of congratulations to my family.


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good afternoon

i'm looking for some suggestions/opinions on good, pretty cool venues or cafes or other establishments that offer open mic night. oh, and the artist is under 21. thanks in advance!

Fast Food Nation: Eric Schlosser TONITE!!!

I KNOW its last minute but i need 2 people to go to see Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) with me tonite at the Schinitz. 730. 1037 sw broadway.

Eric Schlosser, investigative reporter and author of the best selling Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All American Meal , will deliver the 16th Saward Lecture, "Fast Food Nation: Marketing to Children and America's Obesity Epidemic," on Thursday, May 19, 2005, 7:30 - 9:00 pm in the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland OR.*


update. all gone. sorry folks. have a great nite
Nick Rhodes, vanity

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-style!

1. Discovering yet another yummy brunch place (Bridges Cafe on NE MLK)

2. Upcoming Powell's Books sale at the Pioneer Square.

3. Delectable Swiss Chard recipes from last Saturday's Farmers Market (at PSU).

4. The "getting-to-know-you" picture thread on damnportlanders from yesterday!

5. The existence of FreeGeek--which means I can make progress on my spring cleaning this weekend by donating archaic Macs for recycling (instead of throwing them away).
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Unfinished furniture stores?

I am seeking recommendations for stores that sell unfinished wood furniture. I've been to Natural Furniture (800 NE Broadway) and liked what they had, but can't afford their prices right now.

Would anyone happen to have knowledge of other options, preferably located in the greater metro area?

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Ok I'm doing a research paper and because I'm a last minute gal, I need some opinions out there.. so under the cut will be some questions, feel free to ignore or reply to them. Please don't reply with any other means than to answer the questions. Thank you!

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a picture calls

I am a wimp.

Um. I have stared at the "Portland Monthly" cover so many times...but this one takes the cake.
The wanton guy looking into space while a giant hot dog floats in front of him makes me want to put athought bubble next to him that says..."this hotdog reminds me of my ex boyfreind" but I am sure that I would get fired. hehe.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any interest in buying a $10 Gift Certificate for The Keg? I believe it is good at any location, it doesn't have any restrictions other than Not Redeemable For Cash. I got it before I gave up beef and there aren't any locations near me, so it's just been sitting here collecting dust.

Fraggle Rock

Hi what was your favorite tv show when you were little? Do you guys remember Fraggle Rock? I LOVED that show! Wimbley, Mokey, Red, haha. Sprocket was the dog, right? What were the big giant things called? Gorgs or something? LOL Random, I know. :)
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Best Oregon drive?

I just returned from a couple of days of work in The Dalles. Overall, not a terribly stimulating place. But, that drive ROCKS. 90 minutes of pure Gorge grooviness.
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It dawned on me that I've taken some insanely nice drives in this state in the 30+ years I've been licensed to drive here (holy shit, have I been driving that long???). The Gorge drive is beautiful. So is going over Santiam Pass and finding yourself in pine-scented central Oregon. And, there are countless lovely coastal roads.

I think my favorite, though, is the road that winds along the Umpqua River heading east from Roseburg.
Unbeatable, and lots of nice camping along the way.

What's your favorite Oregon drive?

Random Question....

My DVD player seems to be broken, you can hear the sound through the television but no picture shows up. I tried all the cables and replugging everything in....

Any ideas? You guys are so helpful... if nobody knows i'll just buy a new one... just had to try.