May 18th, 2005

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help, please

OK, so I fried my hard drive. Ironically, I was attempting to install Norton PartitionMagic when it happened. The ultimately useless but very eager and helpful Norton rep told me to call the grouchy MS rep, who told me to reinstall. Now all of my data, of course, is gone. Photos, music, all of my written materials, not there.

Can anyone recommend a reputable data recovery service in Portland?

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travel question

So, I posted a while ago about this lovely cross-country road trip that I'm leaving on this weekend. On this lovely cross-country road trip, I am bringing my cat. My question for all of you is: What should I be preparing for so far as the cat goes? I've never driven a great distance with the cat; usually we fly. Do any of you have any suggestions, good websites for reference, etc.?

Thanks in advance!

Yahoo troubles?

Is anyone else having trouble with accessing their Yahoo email accounts? Since yesterday I've tried to log into my accounts and the page keeps coming up as "this page cannot be displayed."

Anyone else having this trouble?
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To make a long story short... after a long and painful process with Qwest, I find out that the new line I opened in my name isn't eligible for their DSL service. So... is there any other way to get DSL? I know about Earthlink DSL, and will be checking into that... anybody have any other recommendations or ideas?

I'd prefer DSL since I already have the phone line.



I have two (2) tickets to the 3:50pm showing of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith at the Century 16 Cedar Hills Crossing theater in Beaverton. It'll cost you what I paid for them, $14.50, and sorry the tickets cannot be sold separetly. For the love of all that is holy, don't let these go to waste!

The only thing is I have to meet you somewhere to give you the tickets. This detail can be worked out if you are interested in purchase.

Tickets taken. Thanks to all who emailed/commented!

(no subject)

Anyone know of a place that does microchipping WITHOUT charging an extra fee for an exam. Our dog went to the vet recently (like last week) but our vet doesn't do microchips.


(no subject)

Anyone know of a place that does microchipping WITHOUT charging an extra fee for an exam. Our dog went to the vet recently (like last week) but our vet doesn't do microchips.

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(no subject)

i recently broke up with my boyfriend, on thursday to be exact. and i now have no place to live, and i need to get my things into a storage unit within the week. i am pretty broke. i need to get money, a few hundred dollars at least, in the next week.

i am asking you guys. do any of you know how i could make some fast cash? doesnt have to be pretty, can be shady, can be awful, can be fucked up, can be perfectly nice. i just need ideas. please. i cant find a regular job in time to do this. i am also taking donations or loans but i expect that i wont get any.

hey portlanders, i need your help. i need ideas. im willing to do what is needed. i still need to go to school though, so i have a few hours when i couldnt do things. school is the only thing that hasnt fallen apart in the last week.
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my boy and i are getting married in 10 days and need to get haircuts.
i'm looking for cheap (under $20) but well-done (a mess up would SUCK for the wedding) and stylish. in portland.
what're your experiences? bishops?
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I'm intereseted in possibly converting to Judaism. Does anyone know of some good person to person resources here in Portland? And possibly some books. It's somethign I've been thinking about off and on for quite a while and now feels more like the right time to do it. or at least get started with seeing if it's a right choice for me.

thank you!

Natural Food Stores?



I was wondering if anyone knew of a natural food store that is within a couple (short) blocks of the MAX line, preferably between downtown and Hillsboro? I know of Trader Joe's in Beaverton, but I'm looking for a store with a meat department/butcher and a pharmacy type section. I know they are around, but none I've found seem to be close to the MAX. Any help is appreciated.:)

UPDATE: Thanks guys! You've been a big help!
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Crystal Shard

Wanted: A *good* accountant / tax attorney

Long story short:

I was an hourly employee for a consulting company. I didn't get health benefits but they took out SS, federal tax, and medicare. At the end of the year I got a W2.

They recently got bought out and the employee classifications got shifted around. In my new contract, I'm no longer an employee, but an "independent operator of [my] own business". This means not only will I have to independently pay the taxes they're no longer taking out (I'm getting a 1099 MISC next January), but I will also get hit with a 15% "self employment" tax as an employee of my fledgling new business I'm apparently running.

The punchline:

As the newly appointed operator of said "business", I want to know my rights. I am looking for a good accountant or tax attorney in Portland who will be able to tell me what I can do in order to protect myself.

Any suggestions?

What do you look like?

So, over the last few months of reading through the posts of this community I have slowly built up a mental image of what some of you people look like.

In an effort to know the truth I ask you, the good people of DamnPortlanders to reply to this posting with a picture of yourself.

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I dig Daria's long stories on 105 fm. She's hilarious. Of course, they segue into ads for local businesses, but still. Last night I caught the one about the hot tub, and a couple of months ago she did one about the movie French Kiss. She said she wishes she were the kind of person who could distinguish between wines, but to her they all taste "fruity, with a hint of grape." Ha! As someone with no appreciation whatsoever for wine, I'll remember that for a long time.

Edit: Oh, I just realized I misquoted her. What she said was "Winey, with a hint of grape." Oops! Sorry, Daria.

(no subject)

Quick! I've got two garbage bags full of bread, where can I take them?
Every place I call doesn't need them. Does someoen off of DammPortlanders need some? I'd like if you could take it all. I can maybe drive it someplace.

*EDIT* Bread tonight was taken, but I still need suggestions on places that might be interested in getting bread like this every night.....

I will have a garbage bag (or two, or three) almost everyday of freshly baked bread. It is very assorted, containing variances of sandwich bread, whole wheats, rolls, baguettes, and specialty breads (chees onion, etc). We have it baked fresh daily, so we must get rid of it daily as well.

I would like to find someplace that could use this on a regular basis. It seems that the larger places can't use such a varied abount, or need it to be more regular. We will have this bread at 8pm everyday.

Idealy I would like it to go to someplace that usually gets forgotten when people donate things. A smaller place that can deal with the variences, and use it before it gets too stale (maybe three to four days). If we could have someone pick it up everyday as well that would also be awesome. Maybe a convent? A rehab center? A battered woman's shelter?

Who do you think needs it? Give me phone numbers!
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The Riddler

Riddles No More

Frank Gorshin...aka The Riddler from the Batman tv series way back when...died today.

He was one of my favorite characters.
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New type of blog

Ok, I need help. A few weeks ago I read somewhere (WW? Mercury? Portland Tribune?) about a internet blog service that sent your cell phone text messages to let you know when you friends were in the physical area that you are in. However, I can't remember anything about it. Does anybody else remember seeing/hearing about this?