May 17th, 2005

If anyones car, house, apt got jacked....

There is a guy in a Yahoo Chatroom trying to sell 100 cd's without cases for 1 buck each. His profile is chillwithme69. If he is legit well, okay but his profile he put as occupation as Hustler. So...I think anyone who buys these is getting hustled. Watta you know he's from Gresham....great.
His email to me of the list of Cd's for sale: Behind the cut.
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mohawk skull

star wars geeks unite!

anybody playing hooky on thursday to go see the new installment? depending on my schedule, I may try to go during the day. but with my luck, I will be called out to the hospital. hmmm...decisions I risk it?
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Bartending Schools

My sister-in-law is moving to Portland and has expressed interest in attending a "bartending academy". Perhaps I am far too cynical but I am very wary about it.

Does anyone have any imput or experience with any of these kinds of schools? Are they legit? Worth the money?
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MHCC PE Class / Blue Heaven Riding Academy

Has anyone taken, know anyone who has taken, or is planning on taking, the Horsemanship PE class at Mount Hood Community College? I want to take it this summer, but it's got an extra $165 course fee, plus I'd have to apply for admission to the school and pay $67.50 I think for one credit there, so I wanted to get some feedback on it before I pay all that. Anyone? Anyone?

Also, I remember awhile ago someone posted about volunteering at Blue Heaven Riding Academy- does anyone remember that? I'd love to volunteer there over the summer, I did apply on their website but that was awhile ago.
snicketty heroine

Stolen black Jeep needs the kindness of strangers

Car thieves suck. Especially when they steal from people who are just starting over and really need a way to get to work. If you see a slightly battered black jeep on not-huge lifts with a Utah license plate and the back window held in by duct tape, please call the police at 503-823-3333 and let them know that you've spotted a stolen vehicle (and tell them where). Or post here.

We've all been in bad spots, and the person the jeep was stolen from could really, really use a break, and her insurance may not cover the theft (paid up, but due to divorce stuff, it's complicated). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ETA: The Jeep has been recovered, thanks to a sharp-eyed local who noticed it parked next to a meth house. Yay!
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Just a reminder. Chuck book reading - tonight @ 7:30 @ 1011 SW 12th

So who else is planning on going? It'll prolly be a good idea to show up a little early. I'll probably be hangin' around Ground Kontrol a couple hours beforehand, so if you're around, don't be afraid to bug the guy who's hogging the Tron machine.
Kristen Bell

Blocking Numbers on Cell Phones?

Is there a way to block someone from calling and text messaging your cell phone? More importantly, calling. But SMS to if possible. Theres someone that keeps calling and texting our phones who we don't want communication with and it's getting very annoying. Mine's prepaid so every text message wastes my money and he has limited messages/minutes on his phone so alla round it's just annoying and aggravating. And he won't listen when I tell him not to contact us. HELP!

My boyfriends cell phone is through T-Mobile and mine is through Altel if it makes a difference.

Any help is appreciated. The customer service reps have got nothing for me. Stupid customer server.

Curve Magazine's 15th Anniversary Party!

Hey there! Please pass this along to everyone you know that might be interested. :) This is a BIG DEAL and a great show!

Full line-up here:

Portland has been named the West Coast's Hottest City by Curve Magazine, and in celebration of this, Curve has opted to ring in their 15th
Anniversary here with us!!

TechnoDyke.Com was asked to plan the Indie Allstars Event, to be held this Sunday, the 22nd at Holocene! And you're not going to believe the lineup!

For you acoustic-lovers, come see the daytime set (doors at 3pm) featuring:

MC Marie Fleischmann
Tamara J Brown
Beren deMotier (Spoken Word)
Sarah Dougher
Theresa Molter (Spoken Word)
Galloway & Luckett -
Turiya Autry (Spoken Word)
Myshkin's Ruby Warblers

For punk, drag and burlesque lovers, come for the daytime set and then stay for the evening showcase (starts at 8pm - come early!) featuring:

MC Marie Fleischmann
Johnny Mozzarella & Ricky Z. Starr (Drag)
Inga Muscio, author of CUNT!
Excuse Me Sir
Glam Star Burlesque
Queen Bees Burlesque
RoDeezy (Spoken Word)
Pom Pom Meltdown

Holocene is at 1001 SE Morrison
3pm - Midnight (or later)
$5 at the door
Benefits the Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls

Full Lineup at:

For more Curve Parties this week, see:

Wednesday, May 18 at Acme (SE 8th & Main): Get Crafy With CURVE: Come join DJ Andromeda, swill beer and stitch CURVE covers into your
needlepoint, do your own funky projects or just hang out and flirt with crafty girls. Co-sponsored by Culture Junkie. Goody bags and Giveaways! No cover charge. Starts at 8 p.m.

Friday May 20, Hollywood Theater (4122 NE Sandy).: CURVE Cinema Close Up: Meet women filmmakers from around the country, get the inside scoop on queer cinema, and get a sneak peek at their amazing films. Films showing include Hummingbird (Holly Moshers award- winning documentary about a lesbian couple working with street kids in Brazil); Deborah Chasnoffs new doc One Wedding and a Revolution and a rare showing of her 1984 classic Choosing Children; Sasha Rices genderqueer comedy Mango Kiss; Passion Fruit Videos new lesbian TV show Chronicles of Halcyon; Deborah Kampmeiers indie hit Virgin. More filmmakers to be announced. In conjunction with Sensory Perceptions. Party starts at 7 p.m.

Saturday, May 21 at Vitis Enoteca (535 NW 16th): Lets Dance: It's our birthday! Come shake your groove thing in celebration of CURVE magazine's 15th Anniversary and's 3rd Anniversary. 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. $5 cover, good grub, free raffle, prizes, goody bags and more! Sponsored by AfterEllen and Dittie.

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The Unofficial DamnPortlanders Residence Survey!
(insert theme music here)

1. Where do you live?
2. What neighborhood?
3. How much do you pay for rent?
4. Do you like your landlords?
5. Is public transportation convenient?
6. Do you like the place?
7. Would you recommend a friend to live there?

Edit: Bonus points for someone suggesting a place for two dorks to live, that's preferably under $750/mo, that has comcast and doesn't totally suck complete ass. I'm so tired of living in a dump.
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80s Night

This is a new and, therefore, fairly chill night with CHEAP drinks and good 80s music to dance to or just drink to with your friends.

Every Tuesday, 10PM to 2:30AM
The Red Cap Garage - 10th/11th and SW Stark

No Cover
$2 well drinks & $1.25 pints of Miller Light draft.

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My huuby has an interview tomorrow morning in Oregon City. We're in Beaverton.

How bad is traffic gonna be? Is most of it gonna be going the other way?

217 South to 5 south to 205 North to 213 South... phew, thats a mouthful. Will and hour and 15 minutes be enough time? It's 27 miles away.

Thanks for your input :)

EDIT to say: He has to be there at 9:00 AM!
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humor, not required, but necessary

Two farmers meet up at a farming convention in Las Vegas, one from Texas the other from Oregon. The farmer from Texas, where EVERYTHING is bigger-better-stronger-faster, asks the farmer from Oregon:
"Tell me there, son, just how big is that place or your'n up in Or-e-gone?"

The farmer from Oregon, knowing full well what he's getting into, says:
"It's not really very large. We try to capitalize on efficiency. About 500 acres is all we need."

Texas gets a big grin on his face, and looks down at his Tony Llamas. Oregon takes this all in, then says:
"Okay, I'll take the bait. Just big is your place down in Texas?"

Texas sucks in a big breath, puffing his chest out. He hitches up his Levi's boot-jeans around a 7 inch, oval, silver and gold belt buckle and says:

"Well, I'll tell you, son, it's like this. If I get up at least 3 hours before daybreak, jump in my John Deere tractor and drive, hard, all day long, not stoppin' for lunch, by full-on dark, I'm just about half way across my place."

Texas is now looking down at his $2,000 boots again, and Oregon leans in and replies:
"Yes, I know just what you mean."

Texas, looks a little stunned says:
"You do?"

Oregon just smiles and replies:
"Yep. I had a John Deere tractor that gave me that kind of trouble once, too."
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For those with some time available tomorrow -- PSU Conference

I know the conference is open to the public and some of the panels will be worth attending (especially my panel presentation) =).


From my email

Undergraduate and McNair Research Conference
Wednesday, May 18 from 830-430pm
Smith Memorial Student Union

Keynote Speaker:
Jeff Taylor (Media Studies, Univeristy of Lapland, Finland)

Registration, Luncheon, Coffee and Pastries are FREE to all!

All undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty are
encouraged to attend the Undergraduate and McNair Research Conference.
Jeff Taylor (Media Studies, University of Lapland, Finland) will be the
Conference Keynote Speaker, addressing the topic of Indigenous
Cyberactivism. Registration begins at 8:00 am in Smith Memorial Student
Union, Room 327-329.

Jolina Kwong, Program Coordinator
McNair Scholars Program
Portland State University
Post Office Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751
(503) 725-9740 phone
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(no subject)

I ran into a young man who was asking for change at the grocery store. I was walking out of the store, and he was sitting on a bench with his head in his hands and I didn't understand what he said, so I said, "What?" He said, "Do you have some change?" He said it in this very monotone, defeated sounding voice, that kind of startled me. I just said, "Sorry" and walked out of the store to my car. When I got out to my car, something moved me to go give him some money. I went back in with a few dollars and sat down on the bench with him. I gave him the money and said I wished I had more on me. He thanked me and just continued sitting there with his head in his hands. I noticed he had a crude tattoo on his arm -ICP. "You like ICP, huH? Alot of the kids I work with like that band too. I don't know even what they sing, but they must be cool, huh?" He looked up at me and just said, "Yeah, they are alright, I guess." I asked him how old he was and he said he was 18, but he obviously was much younger, MAYBE 15, if he was lucky. "What's up? How come you need money?" He told me he thought everything in his life was going great, but then he got kicked out of his house, and he just wanted to get away from Portland. I asked him if he had a place to stay tonight, and he said no. "No friends you could call?" No.. he didn't need friends, he told me. At this point, I really didn't know what to do or say. Not like I was going to invite him to my house or anything, especially not with a three year old boy to protect. I asked him, "What are you going to do now?" He said he would go over to Jack in the Box and eat something because that is about the only place he could go with just a few bucks. He thanked me and walked away. I followed him out the door and got into my car. I watched him walk over to the J in the box and go inside. I really wanted to help him more but I just didn't know how, or what to do, and I felt really stupid. I should know what to do and where to send a kid like this, what with 5 years of experience working with troubled kids in residential treatment.

So, I pulled over into the parking lot and got out my phone. Not knowing what else to do I called the Portland Police Non-emergency number. The lady was a real bitch at first, giving me this attitude like I was wasting her time, because teenagers are allowed to be out at this time of night(10pm), and there was nothing that could be done until after he was breaking curfew. Finally, I got her to give me the number to a crisis line. I called it several times, but it was busy. Feeling really helpless, I started my car and drove home. I wish I could have helped him more.... but .. I don't know what else I could have done for him, and he insisted he was 18......

I just hope he stays safe tonight... sigh..

SO, what would you have done?

fermented jello and music

dear PDX,

tomorrow, i will fly 3,000 miles to walk once more on your Portland soil, armed with a backpack and a guitar. this philly suburb has grown stale and slightly repulsive, kind of like the bowl of green jello that's been fermenting in the back of your fridge since easter (of 2001)... it wasn't always green. furthermore, i like books and coffee and cities more liberal than mine.

that said, here's a question for all the music scene/ musician-types in PDX: where are some of your favorite weekend open-mics? say, saturdays? it would be cool to get off hawthorne street and play, anywhere. maybe even some jam sessions (with those who know what the pentatonic scale and barre chord are). friday night, i'll be driving to eugene for the women's folk festival at the U. of O... anyone else gonna be there?

all right. i should work, or sleep. the latter sounds appetizing.
thanks for reading.

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