May 16th, 2005

new, stephen h

looking for a blazer

hey damn portlanders

i'm looking to find a place that carries nice-looking casual/everyday blazers. i've been to men's wearhouse, and their stuff is just too dressy, and gap has some blazers, but theirs mostly suck. anyone know of a place that might have a better selection?

oh, and don't say thrift stores. i'm looking for new. thanks!

-s h

edit: found something just right today at urban outfitters. thanks for all the suggestions.
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Wednesday - May 18th:

The Debut event of CONTRAST
at Noir

203 SE Grand, Pdx
9pm to whenever
no cover, 21+

with DJs:
Medusa who will be spinning rhythmic noise and glitchy idm type stuff

Web who will be spinning big dirty electro and dark futuristic drum and bass

I know wednesdays *suck* for a club night but this event is sort of a working audition, so please come down for one wednesday, if even for a little while, so that we never have to do another wednesday again.

So if you aren't standing in line for the midnight show of Star Wars or if you want to go out and dance on a wednesday to something other than the retro bump n grind that is Embers, consider us. It will be music for both the mind and booty, with the cheese factor kept to a minimum.

small biz owners

If you own or are part of a small business (2-50 employees), have an hour free thurs or friday (varying times) and would like 100$ cash money (if you qualify), email

And, of course, if you know any such folks, have them email me, thanks.

MC Chris in Eugene

I was wondering if any of your great portlanders out there would have two tickets they wont be using for the Star Wars III premiere with MC Chris down in Eugene. I have my tickets to the concert but I'd really like to make the movie with MC too, so if anyone can help me out I would be forever grateful. I would be willing to pay what you paid for each of the tickets(should have been around $10 each) plus a few extra dollars for the trouble. If anyone can help me out the best way to reach me is to email me at or comment here and I'll check it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.
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& Daggers!
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Trimet whored OUT.

Sitting at work, looking through the window onto W Burnside I saw the 20 drive by, completely plastered in Buster's Barbeque ads. This? I am used to seeing.

It was the oversized bullhorns racked on the top that really caught my attention.


I'm going to Powell's next week and I always like to be prepared with a list before I venture into a bookstore. I love that the Powell's website lets you search for a book and they tell you what aisle it's in.

Can you recommend to me some books to read?
I like erotica (Anne Rice's Exit to Eden, Belinda, Sleeping Beauty series; Story of O)
Memoirs about depression, eating disorders, abuse, or anything else fucked up
Realistic Fiction
Oprah's list

I do not like science fiction, mysteries, non fiction (unless it's a memoir or cool biography), young adult, and cheesy romance novels.

But I'm pretty much open to any suggestions. If you fell in love with a book or author, please tell me about it.

Extra points if the book takes place in Portland or Massachusetts.
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Bike Repair/Maintenance

Does anyone have any experiences with bike repair at the Community Cycling Center on Alberta? I'm considering taking my bike there or the Hollywood Bike Gallery (who told me last week that turnover on tune-ups is about a day or two right now) for an overhaul. an overhaul at CCC is significantly cheaper than at the Bike Gallery. . .

The reason I ask is because I've had some bad experiences in past with CityBikes coop (repeatedly telling me my bike would be ready the next day, then when I show up it's not; long periods of time, up to a week or 2 waiting for them to be done). I had pretty good experiences with repair at the Belmont Bike co-op but I live in NE now.
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(no subject)

Hey there, not sure if this is out of place in this community or not, but me and my wife are coming down to portland this weekend from seattle and was hoping to get a recomendation on a decent hotel downtown? Maybe some cool stuff to do for the weekend? Any tips would be greatly appreciated, feel free to delete this if it doesn't fit in this community!


My mother-in-law came through for us since this was not our fault and sent us the money. Not through the mail though!!!!! :)

I'm posting this for the damnportlanders because we have such a mail theft problem in this city.

Last weekend NE Ainsworth locked mailboxes were raided by some pirates of the ugliest order. According to the post office, there were hundreds of them hit.

I had put my rent in the locked outgoing mail boxes in the form of 2 money orders. $500 and $220.

Soon my landlord emailed me to find out when I planned on paying the rent. I said that I already sent it but I knew something was wrong. So I talked with my neighbor who said that thier mail had been returned to them from a nearby yard after bandits had tossed the mail that did not have money in it.

I called the post office. They told me that in a few weeks the postal inspector may call me back.

I called the police. I still have not talked to a live person there yet (more than a week later) I think that the Portland PD is only good for shooting people, and photoradar.

So I called the money order company. You know, the guys who charge for the service of securing cash transactions. They said that one $220 money order had been cashed. They will only charge me $30 to spend 45 days finding out who had cashed it where. They also said I could request repayment on the $500 one they had not cashed. That would also cost $30.

I was elated that at least I had retained most of my money and I sent in the form needed to get my money back.

Today I got a call. They had recived my request, but the money order had since been cashed. I was informed that I should send a request to find out who and where it had been cashed..... An additional charge.

Ok, raise your hands if you thought the point of a money order was to secure the mailing of cash.

On a side note, if anyone has had rental help from ANYWHERE in portland, please tell me where. My family and I will not be able to pay our rent and will be kicked to the street if I can not find help somewhere.

Medical Insurance

i know i've asked this before, but i'm looking for more options...

is there a good HMO out there with a small copay that someone reccommends?
is there anyone, ANYONE, that is happy with their insurance company?

BCBS can bite me...........


Hey i am at PSU right now and i really want some pie. I tried the Cheerful Tourtose, but NO, i also tried Chit Chat Cafe, but NO, anyone got any idea where i can get some friggin pie right now?

hey dpers :D

alright, so there's a few studies at the market research place i work at, so if you guys are interested, give a call at 503-281-1270 ASAP cause they're soon!!

-Oregon Lottery players between 21-54

-(preferably female)Service industry workers that don't smoke that work in an establishment where smoking is allowed (like a bar)

And I think we need....

-30+ clean shaven male for a shaving study

these are between 50-85$ a call up guys :D we're open until 9


Computer illiterate here...

All righty, for the longest time I've been trying to figure out how to get my pictures I saved from the camera to the computer onto a CD. I've looked everywhere for being able to send the pictures to a CD so I can get them developed, and I can't do it. I have a PC, Compaq Presario (if that helps any), Microsoft Windows XP, annnd yea. Any ideas of where I could go or what I could do so I can just save them to a CD? Thanks a lot. :D

Ian Curtis (Joy Division) Tribute

Wednesday the 18th of May is the 25th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. Please wear funeral attire (or at least black) and join us as we dance to celebrate his brief life, and his unique talent which has influenced so many artists since.

Joy Division songs will be played every half hour, and there will be a few live accoustic performances of Joy Division songs (artists pending).

Ian Curtis (July 15, 1956 - May 18, 1980) suffered from the effects of epilepsy, and personal problems such as an impending divorce from his wife, Deborah Curtis, which may have ultimately contributed to his suicide at the age of 23. Curtis hanged himself in his kitchen, while listening to Iggy Pop's "The Idiot", mere days before Joy Division was to embark on its first American tour. He was cremated and his ashes buried in Macclesfield, with the inscription on his memorial stone reading, "Love Will Tear Us Apart." The epitaph was chosen by his widow Deborah Curtis. - Adapted from

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dance classes?

Does anyone know of a good dance studio where I and two friends of mine would be able to take hip-hop classes over the summer? We're hoping for something reasonably priced, and something in the greater Portland area. Drop-in classes would be ideal.

Thanks! I am so ready to get in shape for summer.
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Record Players, 45's, and 33-1/3 and other Geekiness Questions.

Recently on ebay I won a 1979 Fisher Price Phonograph Player. It was received promptly, and everything but I went out to goodwill to buy an album (Donny Osmond...yes I know it's geeky) to see if it really worked...upon getting home I discovered it didn't. Is there a store in town that can diagnose and or fix record players? Also is there a store that just sells old albums and 45's. I know I am weird but I am on a kick where I want to replace all the toys from my childhood.

Much love and geekiness,


(no subject)

anyone know of any intentionally misleading websites? something along the lines of or other websites that look legit until you look a little more closely?
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Car Help Needed

I need some car help/advice and figured someone in this great community might be able to assist me. A few nights ago I discovered that my in dash lights and the light on my "shifter" (I know that is not the right name for it) are not working. I spoke with a friend from California and they told me it is probably just a burnt out fuse that could be easily fixed without going to the mechanic. Problem is I am retarded when it comes to cars and need some help. I am a broke college student but might be able to work out a trade/barter or buy you a beer or coffee or something. Please contact me at 503 869 8819 if you are interested.

Thanks in advance,

(no subject)

I dont like how after a few days posts are gone. ugh. sorry about this guys.

Could those two girls who responded when I asked the psychic questions comment or get ahold of me por favor? I'm pretty interested in seeing what you guys could tell me =)

P.S.-I'm not seeing that gallon of Stanfords BBQ sauce at my doorstep yet! what gives!

A little help?

So I've got a few questions and I know you guys can help out. First of all, I'm planning on moving back to Portland in the next few weeks. I've been planning it for some time but my time frame got moved up and as a part of the deal I made to be able to have a place to stay, I need to plan out a few things before I get there. So this is where you guys come in.

To start, I have no job lined up. I know the usual places to look and I'm sure I can find something soon that will get some money rolling in, however, I am hoping to find something that is remotely related to ASP or SQL or something web design related. This is what I do and eventually I'll find something in that field, but I am hoping to find something in that field soon.. Besides the usual tech websites, does anyone have any lines on a job of this type or maybe an executive recruiter that I can contact about this type of job? Also, if anyone has a line on the type of job that is a "sure bet immediately employed" type of deal to get the money rolling in while I look for something related to what I actually do, that would be tres cool.

Secondly, I have some health issues. I used to live in Portland and was able to get state supported health care, but I understand that those were the old days and things have changed. Basically, I need to find access to mental health care where I can get access to meds (preferably cheap or maybe a state supported deal) and possibly some therapy. I am also looking for DBT classes to attend (if you know what DBT is, you will know where to find them). If you have any questions as to what I'm talking about, you only need to read my profile to know what I'm talking about.

I'm very excited to move and very excited to come home. Please help a girl out. Any advice or whatever will be appreciated. Let me come home!
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awesome and happening right now!

Image hosted by

Ground Kontrol

To celebrate the release of Revenge Of The Sith, 25-year-old Brandon Erickson of Portland, Oregon will begin a single game of Atari's Star Wars at Ground Kontrol classic arcade at Noon, May 16th and play it continuously until the movie's premiere at Midnight, May 18th in an attempt to break a record which has stood since shortly after Return Of The Jedi first screened in 1983.

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