May 15th, 2005

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so stanich's was the clear winner in the best burger in town question.
ive eaten at most of the places that were suggested but got in a debate with some buddies as to which stanich's is better.

eastside or westside?

your USDA approved input is appreciated.
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Sunday morning coming down

Up early, my body hurts and won't let me sleep. No that I'm awake, my soul hurts and wants to go back to sleep to escape. I have the dogs, some tea and my laptop to keep me distratced while the body and the soul trade punches to see who moves on to the next round. Anybody else around?
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for quite some time i have been looking for some good vintage glasses frames in portland but i just am not finding anything. can anyone tell me a good place in portland for vintage frames from the 50s to the 70s?
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I just picked up some spinach/artichoke dip from Applebee's only to satiate an intense craving but have quickly realized I have had a far away land.

So, dp'ers...the best spinach/artichoke dip out there is at _______?
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Quick question- Anyone out there used ABF-upack service before? Or know anyone that has?

Were they reliable? Anything broken or stolen? Did it take forever for them to get there?

I am moving up to Portland in 2 weeks and am very wary of a Uhaul. This is because of two reasons 1) last time I helped a friend move, we had a blow out, the radiator blew, and the transmission seized (all in about 900 miles) and 2) I will be towing my car behind it, which terrifies me and also is going to make the amount of gas I go through astronomical.

So, yah, anyone have any info about them?

Thanks in advance!
[me] edinburgh sunrise

i fucking hate people... and myself.

To the patrons of the Garden Home Shari's, particularly those who were there between three and four am last night:

A big, hearty FUCK YOU to the bitch who stole the money out of my purse. Yes, I know it was my stupid mistake to forget it in the bathroom, but it was early/late and I was exhausted. Thanks for leaving me my cards and my cell phone. However, I hope you overdose on the heroin that you're going to buy with my sixty-five dollars. That's a month's worth of tips that I've been saving there. Thanks for making my senior prom night that much better.

Die, bitch, kthnxbye.
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Web ritual.

Probably asked before, but I'm new here...

What is your web ritual? What sites do you visit in what order when you get on the web? I'm very interested in adding new sites to my list.

Here are mine:

gmail (only for new videos) (updated weekly, I believe)

So, let's hear 'em. What am I missing?

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Hey Portland People,

Some job-hunting is going to be happening tomorrow morning. Can you tell me

-Temp agencies that work with call centers/customer service positions? Do they take walk-ins or do I need to make an appointment?

-Any call centers that are always hiring? Is there an HR department I can go to?

Any other leads on call center positions...

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The Cleveland HS Dragon Boat fundraiser is tomarrow night (May 16th.)

Come eat pasta and have a fabulous time 5pm-8pm
Emanon Cafe at 1000 NW 17th Ave

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I know this is a longshot, but I'm having a really hard time locating a Chinese restaurant that delivers this late (10pm - it'll probably be 11 by the time I order, if I order), in NE Portland around the 60th and Sandy Blvd. area. There are tons of Asian places around here, but they all close early as far as I can tell. Know of anything, maybe close to 82nd and Sandy? Please help me, I am so very tired of Pizza Hut!

k thx i luv damnportlanders u guys rawk <3<3<3
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