May 14th, 2005

Let's moon 'em!

Web Games?!

Okay, DP'ers - I am in need of some web-based puzzle games, but the ones on Yahoo! are bitching at me because I run Mozilla (and I am never going to run IE, ever, if I can help it).

Any good websites? I just want to play, damn it!!!!
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zuul & gozar
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is there anywhere to get fried clams in this town... you know like a fried clam basket or sandwich or something... beach style... i don't feel like driving to the coast just b/c i'm jonesin'

Gardening In Portland, the Joys Of.

Green thumb types (heaven knows, I'm not one), what would be your suggestion for a type of plant that would flourish in a very damp area?

I've been having fits of gardening, and behind the house there's a stretch of earth that's shaded and very wet. I don't think the flowers I'm planting elsewhere would flourish there, but I'd like to make use of the space. So any ideas for some sort of plant, edible or just attractive, that would grow best in a dark moist area?

Edit: Oh yeah...Portland Nursery. Just a short bike ride away. Hopped on, took off, promptly (five blocks later) got a flat. Decided, what the hey, and kept going. Figured I wouldn't pick up anything too heavy. Whaddyaknow, free potting soil day! Awesome! Picked up some fern bulbs (30 percent off), alyssum, and a small tray of impatiens.
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So now that my finals are over, and summer school doesn't start until May 31st, I'm thinking of taking a day trip to see a part of Oregon I haven't seen yet.

I've got a tentative route:
  • East on US26 up to Mt. Hood

  • North on SR35 to Hood River

  • West on I84 to Historic Columbia Highway
Or the reverse.

I've actually already seen Historic Columbia Highway, but it was almost 10 years ago and in the Fall, so I'd like to see it again.

Do you have any suggestions of route modifications or places to stop?

I'm not very fit, let alone athletic, so while I don't mind walking a short distance to see things, hikes are probably not going to work for me. I'm perfectly happy with seeing the sights from my car or going indoors.

Also, any suggestions for a good place to stop for lunch?
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80s New Wave & Synthpop w/DJ Catalyst

Some Bands Played: Collapse )

Every Saturday at The Viper Room - 7th/8th and SE Hawthorne
FREE the 14th, Closed the 21st, $4 Cover the 28th and thereafter.
10PM to 3AM or later.
Tonight: $2.75 Jager shots and $1 half-pints of draft beer.

The Flyer: Collapse )

Canned Heat

Okay, so I got this e-mail from some company saying they wanted an interview, but I seem to have made the fatal mistake of deleting it with the other peices of spam I get. It was legit, that's not the question; the only thing I remember reading from the letter was that they were the #8 employer (I THINK that's what they said about themselves, #8 SOMETHING, employer sounded right) in Oregon according to The Oregonian. Anyone know where I can find this list? I didn't see it on OregonLive.
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mellow meadow

Random.. but I'm curious!

On Wednesday around 5pm there was something major going on over on Scholls Ferry Road. God, I'm horrible with streets, but it was right near 174th (??) or something. Sort of near Roy Rogers or Beef Bend or WHATEVER that street's called, heh. Uhh, yeah I get my streets mixed up, hi, I'm a loser. But it was on Scholls in that general area. Anyone know what it was? There were helicopters, news stations, police cars...

Then yesterday at the same place there was a car collision.

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No No

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Any of you DPers make it out to Dante's to see Sleepytime Gorilla Museum last night? I did. They have been through Portland numerous times and every time I have missed them for one reason or another. Last night I resolved to attend. I have not dropped acid in at least a dozen years, but last night I could swear either 1) someone had dosed me or 2) I was having one hell of a flashback. It was just that fun, and weird.
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Jewelry Estimates?

I recently bought a ring on Ebay, and I am really curious to know how much it's worth. Does anyone here know of a place in Portland (or near) where you can bring jewelry in and have someone knowledgable give you a price quote?

Also- where's the cheapest place to have a ring resized?

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Anybody remember Heck?

Does anyone remember a Singin' Cowboy who was on Channel 12 many years ago named Heck Harper?

He had an after school kids cartoon show, and in between cartoons he would bust out the geetar and serenade the live audience.

One of my old friends mentioned how we would watch Heck after school, and I wondered if he was still alive.

Does anyone know?
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Your Business

(no subject)

Open letter to everyone who keeps trying to rent Star Wars episodes 1 and 2:

The movies sucked the first time. They will not suck less now that you want to rent them to "catch up" for the third. Their suckage is the reason that we only carry one copy of them each and you can't rent them because EVERYONE else had the same crappy idea as you. This is not my fault so stop yelling at your friendly video store wage-slave.

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