May 13th, 2005

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I'm a born again runner looking for nice long running trails that are safe for running alone. Preferably in the SE area. I live right by Laurelhurst Park, but running around the park gets a little mundane. I also like the Glendoveer Golf Course trail (2 miles around and woodchips). I've used Mt. Tabor (too steep!) and the esplanade. Any other nice long car-free trails that are good for running? Just need a change in scenery.
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Adopt My Cats!

I'm desperate to find my two tabbies a home! They're a boy (Curious) and a girl (Seven), both fixed adults, affectionate, warm & wonderful! I'm leaving Portland for the summer and need to find a home for them until I return. I will provide the kitty stuff and send money to cover the cost of food & litter & emergency care. I can not afford to send them back with me or cover the cost of staying in a kennel and am heartbroken at the thought of leaving them at a shelter. If you or someone you know could take them for the summer please contact me at I'm leaving town on Sunday and am running out of time. They're good with other cats, kids and dogs, very sweet and nonconfrontational. Please help them.

Car for Sale

1993 Red Del Sol Si In good condition. **Special Ordered Automatic** $3,800 OBO
I have alot more pictures, just email me for them :)

Hard top Convertable
Electric Windows
Cruise Control
25MPG City 30-32 MPG Highway
170K (original miles)
Non Smoking car
*Clean Title*
Has alarm, needs to be hooked up

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MSI in SEATTLE Tonight...

Hey everyone. Mindless Self Indulgence played here in Portland on wednesday night and it was a pretty kick ass show. They're playing in Seattle tonight at the Showbox. I believe the show is sold out now. I was supposed to go up with my friends, however, I have obligations on Saturday morning here in portland that are keeping me here tonight. Would anyone like a ticket to see MSI in Seattle? I think i paid $30 total for the cost of the ticket and to have it mailed to me. I'd gladly part with it for $20.

leave a comment or email me at:

well hello there 1984, orwell would be so pleased to see you've arrived

don't know if anything about this has been posted here... if so... sorry!

The National ID is HERE.

An Attack on Liberty, 100-0
by Harold E. Smith III

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Tuesday marked an important day in the long history of the United States of America. The Senate unanimously approved the Iraq Supplemental Spending Bill as expected, passing along with it a very important rider: The REAL ID Act.

What is the REAL ID Act? Simply put it is an erosion of freedom, balance of powers, and states rights under the guise of safety.

The erosion of freedom is simple, your government will be able to track you with uninhibited ease compared to the past. Language within the bill gives the Department of Homeland Security unequivocal control over the implementation of the new national ID. One of the "security features" will be an identification method, it could be similar to the magnetic strip already contained on the back of your driver’s license. Don’t count on this being the technology that will be used.
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Our only hope is for the governors to refuse to honor this law, which National Governors Association is planning to oppose. Write your governor; tell him to fight this to the bloody end. Fight the blackmail; fight the erosion of your constitutional rights to be free within your country. There is still hope, do everything you can and get everyone you can to contact your elected officials.

May 12, 2005
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GameX 8 in Eugene


Does anybody want to go to GameX (board and rpg -gaming convention) in Eugene on Saturday?
I could give you a ride, if you share at least a fraction of the gas money.
Rainy Day

*peeks in


anyone alive out there???

I'm in need of more posts to whet my horribly bored appetite.

Get to it!!!

Randomness encouraged!
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This is me as a cartoon. Some bunny/gerbil thing I dunno.. But anyways...
It's goofy, inadvertantly runs into trouble, self depricating, and somewhat adorable to those who find disturbing things attractive... What's YOUR cartoon doppleganger?
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Something go Boom?

What just happened? Several computers in my office (US Bancorp Tower) just rebooted and knocked our dsl modem offline. Just talked to my friend, and then same thing happened at the same time in Beaverton.

Any ideas?


I am very lazy, and don't want to search through postings to see if this has been discussed before, but does anyone out there have VOIP, the internet phone thingie? Does it work? Which service is best? I already know I can't dial 911 with it, but I have a cell for that. Any info would be great.


What can a quarter-of-a-trillion dollars buy?

The proposed new war spending for fiscal 2006, which starts Oct. 1, would push the cost of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and its aftermath toward $250 billion, far ahead of initial expectations voiced by the Bush administration.

Before the invasion, then-White House economic advisor Larry Lyndsey said a conflict with Iraq could cost $100 billion to $200 billion. Then-budget director Mitch Daniels dismissed Lindsey's figures as too high. Lindsey resigned in December 2002.


Iraqis soldier on without power, water, jobs, sewers

THE invasion of Iraq and its aftermath caused the deaths of 24,000 Iraqis, including many children, according to the most detailed survey yet of postwar life in the country.

The UN report paints a picture of modern Iraq brought close to collapse despite its oil wealth. Successive wars, a decade of sanctions and the current violence have destroyed services, undermined health and education and made the lives of ordinary Iraqis dangerous and miserable.

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Bike ♥

Any other bike tourists (i.e. unsupported, old school campin-as-you-go) out there? I want to do a 2-3 day moderate ride over Memorial day weekend (ideally 30-50 miles per day, less if it's hilly ;) I"m outta shape from winter). . preferably somewhere more likely to be dry (other side of Cascades?) Any suggestions?
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So I bought a car the other day.

All it has is a radio. And after driving it for two days it is already driving me crazy! I forgot how much ads are on the radio.

So I would like to buy some kind of music playing device for it. It is an older car, I don't want to put very much money into it, and I don't want it to be worth stealing. So a casette player maybe? Then I could get some sort of small mp3 player and attach it with one of those tape adapters. I am terrible with cds. It would be easier to have music go straight from my computer to the music playing device.

So my questions:
- What/ how much/ where can I get a casette player for my car?
- What kinds of mp3 players would you recommend? I don't need anything that great. The cheaper the better.
- Does all this sound like a good idea?