May 11th, 2005

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12 Step meetings.

Anybody else in here in recovery also? I was curious of what meetings out there that usually contain a crowd of 20-somethings who are also "online-jockeys". Would be cool... I've yet to find a homegroup and a sponsor. :(
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More ?'s

Ok so I was talking with friends and the topic of shaving body hair came up.

So this is my late night question for you DP'ers. I know women shave thier legs and arm pits and what have you and that is acceptable. What about men, I shave my chest and armpits because I hate body hair. Why is this so wrong in the eyes of the general public? What do you think about the shaving of body hair?

Maybe it's just me!

I'm not a sexist person but why do women put up with so much shit? Maybe it's the fact that love is a dominant factor. I work at a strip club and see it all the time. Women with total fucking tards, I mean seriously how many women would stay with a man who has no job, drives your car while your at work, and at one time has tried to use your car to try to run you over. I ask this question hoping to find what you would do in this situation. A friend of mine is currently engaged to get married. The only catches are that she almost can't stand the thought of having sex with him, he tells her that she can see her friends yet almost always calls to check on her. I thought only women did that. Apparently I am mistaken. And guys if your girlfriend was bisexual would you be upset if she was fucking another girl? Well this is the case in this situation. He is more concerned about other women than he is with other men. How stupid is that? If it were me I would be more pissed if she were fucking other dudes. Now one night they get into a fight over something stupid, my guess she said something mean about john deere. Anyways he yells at her flushes the ring down the toilet, breaks a picture frame and then throws it at her. She goes to stay with mom and dad. No prob right, wrong, a day later she is back and they are going to counseling with who ask? If you said her mom you would be correct. Now unless mom has a phd in marriage counseling I'm not thinking that will and as for anger management classes how many people can honestly say that works.
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I'm raging mad @ Mio Sushi. They had people out on Sunday leafletting cars. But not pieces of paper that are easy to get rid of - it's a cardboard square about the size of a CD. And it's firmly affixed to my windshield. I can get a corner but when I try and peel it up, it separates. It's going to take quite a bit of effort to scrape all the gunk away.

My dear DamnPortlanders, my strongest inclination is to call them and raise a big stink until they send someone out to fix this. Why should I spend an hour taking it off when I didn't want it on there in the first place? Do you think if I phoned them and started ranting about property defacement, they'd clean it themselves?


It is my time

For reasons beyond my control and the fact that societal injustices occur just to be bitches as of June 9 I am in desperate need of a room to rent. Here is the deal, however, I will only need it until the end of August. It does not need to be anything fancy or special I just need a place with four walls and a floor and maybe a ceiling. I will be working seven days a week from 9-9 and I don't make a big fuss. So, if anyone has any leads just let me know. I would be willing to work for my room. You know, cook, clean, garden whatever you need. So yeah, that is about it. Thanks!
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A Desperate Cry for Help.

Well, since the whole product testing thing didn't really work out (and I can't just make up the quotes because my prof is making me submit it to Portland Monthly...), I have switched topics for my reporting article.

Instead, I'm doing this article on you guys. Fear.

No, seriously though: I'm going to write an article on DamnPortlanders, the Portland LJ meetup phenomena, etc.

If you have the time to fill out the poll at the bottom here I'd be grateful.

If you have time for me to interview you (via e-mail, AIM (thegiapet), phone, whatever), I'll owe you a drink at the next meetup that I attend*. =P

This is due FRIDAY. So yeah. It's payback time for all of those nametag stickers, guys!

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If you have any further comments (especially things I could use as quotes. I need good quotes!), feel free to leave me a comment. And remember, if you're available to be interviewed: e-mail me! PLEASE!
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Aunt Edna Virus

Normally I don't go warning people about phishing, because I assume that you all know not to click on suspicious things. And I pride myself on being able to recognize these scams. But I almost got caught by one this morning and I wanted to share it with you.

The subject line was "You've received a greeting from a family member!" and it was apparently from The contents went like this (except there was lots of space between each paragraph):
You have just received a virtual postcard from a family member!
You can pick up your postcard at the following web address:
If you can't click on the web address above, you can also
visit 1001 Postcards at
and enter your pickup code, which is: a91-valets-cloud-mad
(Your postcard will be available for 60 days.)
Oh -- and if you'd like to reply with a postcard,
you can do so by visiting this web address:
(Or you can simply click the "reply to this postcard"
button beneath your postcard!)
We hope you enjoy your postcard, and if you do,
please take a moment to send a few yourself!
1001 Postcards

The URLs that appear here are not the actual underlying links that were in the email message. But if you click on the first one (in this post), it gives you a page at that warns about the phishing message.

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(no subject)

Hey portlanders,

I need to ship back a motherboard to this crappy online company that we bought it from, and I lost the stupid anti-static bag. I think my puppy ate it or buried it or it might have disappeared off the face of the earth, I don't know.

Is there anywhere in Portland, preferably westside, that sells these things? I just need one, big enough for a motherboard.

Or maybe you have one that you'd be willing to part with? I need to ship this thing back and soon!

really fool

I need help

My 98 Plymouth Neon was broken into last night. Now I have no passenger side window. If anyone out there knows of a good place to get cheap auto glass, has a spare window laying around or knows a really cheap way to get it, I would greatly apprciate it. And if you happen to have an old car stereo your not usuing, or will to sell at an uber cheap price, let me know.

And if you are the one who broke into my car...your an ass.

Thanks folks, and have a great day!
Me and Kermit

David Apple

You've got to be an old-time Portlander to remember this, but former Portland weathercaster David Apple (accompanied on the air back in the day by Bob the Weather Cat) died today.
Too bad, I liked watching him, and he was a nice guy too.
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(no subject)

My little brother and his (expecting) lady friend are traveling home to victoria, and are in need of a ride in that direction some time in the next few days.
Anyone heading that way?

Comic Book Kids

My brother gave these to me years ago. I don't like comic books, I don't need them, I want to get rid of them - but I don't wanna just toss them if they're worth something. I don't care either way, but I'd just like to know. SO, can you tell me?

Dread of Night No. 1 and 2
Grave Tales No. 1
Maggots No. 1 and 2
The Haunt of Fear No. 2

Thanks for any help.


If anybody gets bored stop by Cabaret on 5th and Burnside and say hi!
My dancer name is Opal and I'll be there from 6pm-12am...
We've got the best $6.00 steak in town, and I'm not just saying that as a plug.
(There's no "steak comission" or anything :P)


*heads out to work*
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tv ratings sweeps

I think it is sweeps ratings time again. Anybody notice all the 'hot button' advertising for the news programs and the sex, violence, etc, stories that they are running? Salacious. And that's giving them a f-ing break.
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She Learned the Hard Way


I live downtown, and usually encounter several people asking for change as I walk to or from home. Usually, no one says anything particularly clever or entertaining, but today was especially disappointing.

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So, do any of you remember some amusing (or just plain stupid) ways that a person asked you for change? What do you say when people ask you for change? I alternate between "I don't carry change" (which is true) and "change comes from within."
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Kayak / Canoe clubs and STORAGE???

Hey DamnPortlanders...

Anyone know of any Club or Organization --- or even a store / corporation that offers onsite storage for Canoes and Kayaks??

Until we find a house to buy, we need a place to house 2 Kayaks.

It'd be nice if there was riverside storage - or even a club with remote storage facilities somewhere (built into the fees or something)

Do such things exist in the PDX area?

I really don't like the idea of sleeping next to my kayak... and eating dinner with my girlfriends kayak.

our printer is not working...

So does anyone know of a place in Portland where I can print things?

Kinko's charges $0.20/ min to use their computers, and then $0.49 a page to print from them!

If I have a disk full of word documents and I would like to print them, where can I go? I am looking for something less than $0.10 a page. I need to print alot of stuff. How much does the library charge to print a page?

(no subject)

Any ideas one what my boyfriend and I can do for my boyfriends 17th birthday? It's also our 2 year anniversary. I have literally no cash, and neither of us can drive. I really want to do something special for him. So, cheap, under aged, bus transportable things suggested are very appreciated. Thank you!