May 10th, 2005

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does anyone know of a good brand or store where i can get a messenger bag thats made to hold records? im constantly buying and taking them to other peoples homes. I know there is such a thing because ive seen DJs and random people who have them.

preferably nothing more then $30
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Rainy Day

weee and yayzers!

Just a big huge thank you to brokenashleydoll for my cutie pie new icon :-)

Oh and by the way...

is there anyone who can do an anti-rain dance so our track meet isn't mushy today? K-thx!!
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Perhaps this is a bit of a long-shot, but I'm hoping to find a non-profit organization that I may be able to work/volunteer for in exchange for a housing stipend? I'm going to be living in Portland for a while this summer, and I really want my time and energy to go toward making a positive impact on the community, but I also want to make sure I can pay rent! I'm especially interested in working for peace, sustainable communities, human and animal rights, independent media, etc. If anyone has any ideas of organizations to contact, please let me know! Thank you!

little blue dog

domain escrow

Anyone have any direct experience with a domain escrow service and/or a firm that offers such a service? I've found a couple websites (for example, and, but I'd rather have input from someone who's actually worked with someone on such a transaction. Thanks!
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Help the Girl Out

Hi There. I'm quasi-new to Portland. Alright, so in all honesty..
I've relocated myself to the area almost two years ago but I'm
lame.. so, I haven't really done much exploring.

What do most people here do?
What are the best music places?
Best vintage?

Where can I hook up with some nifty people that wouldn't
mind showing the new girl around?

But, most importantly.. where can I find the best milkshake?
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Hey to this community...*waves*

I am 24 year old female set designer/artist/exotic dancer. I have no sexual preference and no "label" as to my style....just sort of a punky/geeky/gothy/glammy freek who loves cult horror films, thai food, japanese stationary and candy, arcade games, cosplay, underground poetry slams and Powell's bookstore. I'm looking for some new peeps to hang with.....not too good at the club scene anymore; I always end up drinking incessently at the end of the bar and getting hit on by drunken little girls I am too nervous to hit back on usually. I'm not shy, I just seem to have lost touch with the scene or something....I'm no good at hob-nobbing anymore.

I would like to meet some coffee/movie buddies who are not portentious "scenesters" who like to criticize others for not being different in the same way they are. I know that may sound scrupulous, but believe me, PDX is over-run with them. I used to BE a club brat, so I know just how lame living to be "cooler" than other people can be. ;)

Life is about connections and sharing and finding like minds, but also learning from people who are different from you as well.....I'd just like to go out for coffee with some people who feel the same.

I am a non-vegetarian, but don't have a problem with vegans or vegetarians, so long as you don't try and convert me. ;) My political beliefs don't fall under any specific catagory, but are drawn from principles of libertarianism, socialism, and anarchy....there are good points to thee and flaws to all, methinks.

I am a beginner Nichiren buddhist.
If I sound like someone you could stomach for more than five minutes without running to the bathroom and gargling some Comet, Msg me and I'll give you my e-mail addy. :) :)
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This is completely portland related. :)

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of my favorite uncle's burst anuryism(sp)/double stroke. He wasn't expected to live. I would love to just say thank you to the neurosurgeon, Dr. O'Neall, that took that chance on actually operating on him. Emanual hospital did an amazing job of dealing with family relations when we got to the hospital after he was taken there. And the RIO clinic at Good Sam is just amazing.

If you know of any support groups for survivors and their families in the PDX area I would love you forever. There's one here in Clark County where I live, but it only meets once a month and that hasn't been very helpful for my family as they meet on a night it's really difficult to get him there. Ideas? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks a bunch DPers!

And, on that note I'm going to shamelessly plug a community I created for stroke survivors and their caretakers and families. I haven't found a resource on lj for something like this.
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Tickets to Sasquatch!

Hey Portlanders --
Are you dying to go to the Sasquatch festival to see all your favorite bands? Don't have tickets yet? Well, I do!
Plans have fallen through and it's more trouble than it's worth for me to make it up there, so I'm selling my two tickets for $60 each (this is less than what you'd end up paying if you bought them directly from Ticketmaster).
The festival is May 28th in the gorge (NOT the one that's 45 minutes away; it's the one in George, Washington). Bands that will be there are The Arcade Fire, Wilco, Modest Mouse, Jem, Visqueen, the Pixies and lots more.
Please comment if you're interested! Thanks!!
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Just Curious

Did anyone see a weird flashing light around Powell and I-205 last night--circa midnight--about 100 or so feet in the air?

It looked like an air-traffic control tower flashing (or maybe heat lightning??). I stopped in at the 82nd and Powell 7-11 to get a Pepsi and noticed it; the 7--11 cashiers and I could not figure out what it was. (The rain obscured it quite a bit).

What was it?

(I'm sure it was something completely mundane, but I am still rather curious.)

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Okay... Just moved back to Portland after a year long hiatus, and I was wondering if anybody knows good places to apply for work that allow facial piercings. One, to be exact, on my lower lip. It's not terribly unprofessional, I guess, just not really professional, either. Any ideas? I'm wanting something that pays a minimum of $9/hour, and if it's located downtown, I'd sell one of my toes for it. I have a good resume.
that girl

Temporarily Adopt My Cats!

Hi all~ My cats need a home for the summer! They're both fixed adults, a male (Curious) and a female (Seven). I thought I was going to be able to take them with me but my mode of travel has changed their policy regarding animals. I'm leaving this weekend and don't know what to do. They're adorable, affectionate, healthy Tabbies that warm up to everyone immediately. I feel horrible that have to leave them behind. I'll be back in Portland at the end of summer. If you'd be open to accepting two furballs into your life please let me know! My e-mail address is Thank you!

Someone has to need this, right?

Our house came with a basketball hoop - the old iron kind that is concreted into the parking strip. It's probably from the 60s - the paint is flaking, and the backboard wood disintegrated this winter finally, but the post itself is in great shape and it would be a snap to put on a new backboard. The net and hoop were new last summer.

We've DONE the hardest part - digging it out. Seriously, there's a hole big enough to bury a small child or two. If you want the post, and you can move it (it will take a few people, believe me), it's yours.

Please. Please take it! North Portland. 503.913.1103.

random questions:

the gf is getting back in to glasswork.

checked the annals, didn't see anything about back-silvering or where to pick up liquid mercury/silver nitrate, whatever glassworkers use in the foil process. anyone here know about where to go? what to get?

thx, DPers.


crazydumbsaint is looking for a bassist who is not scared of odd time signatures, interesting tonalities, or songs that sound like a pile up between Gang of Four, Beck, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd. There are parts that rock, parts that chill, and parts that just make you go "huh?" We are currently 3 guitars and drums (with some keyboarding thrown in).

If you or anyone you know is this bassist, consider yourself lucky and wanted.

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What is a fun, yet inexpensive, thing to do in Portland on a Wednesday afternoon/evening? It's my birthday and I never get to do anything cool, (or at all, really), and this year my sister and I are going to go out and do stuff. Except we don't know what to do. Any ideas?

PS: I'm picky and under 21.
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Im one of those people who likes rubber stamps. You know those neat victorian looking ones? Well, i was wonderin' if there are any places in Portland that have a good large selection of them..i live out in G-town (Gresham) and am tired of the lack of selection....anyway, you crafty people help me out! Find me stamps!

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My brother is attempting to host an 'end of school dance' in our garage for him and his 6th grade buddies.

Problem is, there's a rather noticeable absence of DJ equipment and lights in my house.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it best to rent a DJ for the night, and see if they can bring their own equipment? Any suggestions for places I could find out about that?

Or would it be best to get equipment and... figure out how to use it? Or simply see if I can move a normal stereo and CD player out into the garage along with speakers from the living room?

Any suggestions would be very nice. We're rather new at this, and phone numbers/web sites would be most appreciated.

Thank ye.
rrrrow ffft!

Paper Lanterns?

Does anyone know where I can find some paper lantern lamps? The kind with the bulb and cord already in them? I looked at Target, but didn't find any that were paper. Preferably some that aren't too expensive.


Oh, and also... I'm officially moved to Portland and accepted into grad school at PSU. Yay, etc. Love it here already. Now I just need to meet more people. =)
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