May 9th, 2005

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Alright People, I am at work here and I have been talking with my friend in Penang. She really seems to sterotype America even though shes been here on buisness many times. For example she calls me Heavy Metal because I have alot of tattoo's, but I dont listen to metal. She also thinks everyone either eats at Mcdonalds and is fat, or is a total health crazed maniac.
So I leave you this question while I go to look like I am busy with paperwork. What do you think people from other countries see America as?

E: Lets not turn this into a shit on GW thread, we all know the world hates him.

DJ Catalyst

Hi all... I didn't see anything in the info about whether or not I could post events. It just says nothing is off limits! If this is frowned on then delete away and sorry! Just wanted to let you all know about three dance nights I'm currently doing every week in Portland:

80s New Wave & Synthpop w/DJ Catalyst
Some Bands Played: Collapse )
Every Saturday at The Viper Room - 7th/8th and SE Hawthorne
Free the 14th, Closed the 21st, $4 Cover the 28th and thereafter.
10PM to 3AM

Britpop, 80s, Electro, and (some) Indie w/DJ Catalyst
Some Bands Played: Collapse )
Every Tuesday at The Red Cap Garage - 10th/11th and SW Stark
No Cover, 10PM to 2:30AM
$2 drinks & $1.25 pints of Miller Light

Goth/Industrial/80s w/DJ Catalyst & Guests
Playlist from April 28th: Collapse )
Every Thursday at Bossanova - 7th/8th and E Burnside
No Cover, 9PM to 2:30AM - Takes place in the upper lounge.
This venue is very classy, has lots of pool tables, and good prices.

Hope to see some of you out!

~ Catalyst ~
Rainy Day

It's 10:24...

and time for some fresh new blogs...

I'm sitting here at work with a raging headache and a dead body...

looking eagerly for some fresh flamers...

come on...winter_in_asia? splitpeasoup? lokidecat? something funny or flameworthy please?
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Yo, I have an Apple Color Style Writer 1500 (a printer that is NOT compatible with our PCs) it is missing the "Apple System/Peripheral-8 cable". One would need to have a Mac and have or purchase the cable. so if anyone is interested, i will let it go for a fair donation, whatever you think its worth to you! So just let me know!! :)


Thank you,





New to the Community

Hello there everybody, well i just found out that this exists, this community is bad ass!!! I have been writing in LJ since last November so its nice to see you all!!

I moved to P-Town in April of 98 from St.Petersburg/Tampa Florida where i was raised and lived for about 20 years. I absolutly LOVE portland and as much as i want to check out other places to live, i have a real hard time with the thought of leaving; PORTLAND and/or OREGON IS where its at. This place has so so many things that no other states have!!!

Well anyway, just thought i'd say "HIGH", i mean "HI"!!! (lol) :)

that girl

Cat Sit My Babies?

Hi All~ I need a place for my cats to stay, from tonight or tomorrow until the 18th...Their names are Seven and Curious, they're two wonderful, sweet, affectionate adults, who need little more than a full food & waterbowl. They can stay inside or outside, are healthy, well-adjusted, and just plain awesome! I'll provide their food and can give you twenty bucks for the favor. I'll be in Portland so if you don't want the hassle of feeding them but have a place for them to stay I can come by. Either way. Thanks!
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Portland as a Test Market

Yes, I'm using you all once more for my homework!

Since I moved to Portland, I've heard several times from several people that Portland is a big test market. That is, companies like to test out their products here to see how well they would sell on a national-type scale.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find jack diddly squat about it.

So I'm asking you: What products do you remember being tested in the area? Are there any websites that list what products are being tested where at the moment? Do you know someone in the marketing industry who might be a good source for me?

And doesn't someone in this community work for a company that does market research? I'd love to talk to you!

Thanks much!

tattoo consultations?

okay, so after waiting for years for the inspiration to come to me, i finally know what i want tattoed on my body for the rest of my life.

but athough i have some aspects worked out in excruciating detail in my head, others are very fuzzy. also, i can't draw. so what i want to know is, is it common practice for tattoo artists to do consultations? i'd like to sit down with someone (possibly a series of someones) and say, here's what i want, here's what i'm not sure about, what would you do with this?

what can i expect to pay for this sort of thing? (edit: this isn't meant as another question i'd ask the artists, but rather, i'm asking y'all how much one generally pays for a consultation.)

i've looked through the various DP tattoo posts for artist recommendations, but if you know someone who's particularly good at figuring out what i want even though i can't draw it, and/or good with realistic work/shading, please let me know.

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I'm going to be commuting soon (next week-ish) from Gateway/Rockwood to Camas/Vancouver.

Is it better to :
a) Get on 84 westbound at 181st and then take 205 N?
b) Get on 205 northbound on Glisan?
c) Other?

Assume I'm about midway between Gateway and 181st, and this is during rush hour.


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1960's vintage Fender Champ tube amplifier for sale. $300 obo. In excellent condition, considering its age.

email or call (971) 221-9143. Would really like to sell this TONIGHT if possible. We can deliver for $5 extra.

Avocado Moth

Laurelhurst Neighborhood

Hey everyone, I've got a question. Do you work or live in the Laurelhurst Neighborhood? If so, would you be up for an interview either in-person or through e-mail or phone?

You see, I'm in a class at PSU called Understanding Communities. Our project for this term is to explore Portland by learning about specific neighborhoods. I've been assigned to the Laurelhurst neighborhood. As part of this assignment each person must interview three people that work or live in the neighborhood. If you're interested in taking a few minutes to help a person out, I can explain it in more detail.

Any takers? Feel free to comment or e-mail me at

Thanks in advance!
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Oct 2010

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I have a friend who is coming to Portland and looking for a place to stay. She has provided me with a list of places she is looking at, and asking for feedback. Since I live here, and have never stayed in a hotel here, I am clueless. But I thought that some of you guys might have some input on where she might stay.

Newly renovated hotel with 24-hour indoor pool. Walk to Oregon’s biggest mall and Rose Garden arena. Adjacent to light rail.

The only full-service hotel on the Columbia River. Restaurants, pool, fitness room. Ten minutes to downtown; 15 minutes to airport.

Heart-of-downtown location. Full American breakfast. Walk to shops, parks, theaters, MAX and streetcar. Full-service restaurant/lounge. Complimentary health club. On-site parking.
Region: Downtown Portland

Excellent location with easy access off of I-5 in the heart of the Lloyd Center District of Downtown. Just blocks from the MAX light rail and tax-free shopping, attractions and fine restaurants.

(Holiday Inn is looking like the best bet so far. Indoor pool, complementary internet/breakfast/etc.)

Inspired by authentic Northwest decóor and cuisine, the Lodge provides each guest with a calm refuge and a memorable experience.

Can anyone give me any input on any of these places? Please and thanks in advance.
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Pasta and Paddles!

Mark your calenders, May 16th 5:30pm is the Dragon Boat Fundraiser Dinner!

Come support the Cleveland Dragon Fire
when: Mon. May 16th, 5:30pm-8:00 pm
where: Emanon Cafe at 1000 NW 17th Ave.


hey there dp-ers. so, after getting a cell phone and realizing i rarely use my landline, i've decided it's time to get rid of the landline and save some $. problem is that i have my landline and dsl through qwest and they will raise my dsl by almost $15 a month (to about $45) if i cancel my landline. do you know any companies that have service in portland that have reliable dsl that are cheap(er)?

along this line, does anyone use skype? it seems like a great deal for making international calls and stuff. where can you get a VOIP phone and about how much do they cost?

okay, that's it. thanks in advance!

Cat Vet

Does anyone know of a decently (cheapish) vet. I think my cat might have worms and I really want to take her to a vet to get it checked out but I have no idea where I should go. Or does anyone know if there are medications you can buy at stores like Petco and Petsmart that would deworm my cat? Any information would be appreciated.