May 7th, 2005


it is of my opinion; there is a lack of unity this country. and you can't blame either political party. food for thought. The Vulfmann
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Ok so now that i know that christianity is a basic belief in the bible, where as catholics are just a sect of christianity, from my earlier question. now i wonder how many different groups are out there? and whats the time line on them all for the last 2000 or so years?(anyone know any good sites for raw info on this to.)

Also anyone know any good eastern religions? what other big religions are out there?
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Little League has been berry, berry good to me!

I'm trying to write an essay every Saturday morning. Here's this week's. It's Portland-related because, uh, my son plays Little League in Portland. Yeah... that's it!

At 2 PM Pacific Daylight Time, it is ON. Griffin's team, The Rats, is taking on the Thunder in a Hollywood Little League (Farm League division) tilt of epic proportions. Well, okay, not epic. Kinda miniscule proportions, actually. No pennants are at stake. The little bastards don't even keep score. Well, not officially. But they know. Oh yes... they know.

Griffin wants to know if his "baseball outfit" is clean. Man, back in my day, you'd have gotten your clock cleaned for calling it anything but a uniform. We had cool uniforms, too. We all cut our stirrup socks and had our moms stitch extra fabric into them, so we could wear our stirrups up to our knees. And we all had "sleeves," also known as "shirts that you wear under your uniform but it sounds cooler to call them 'sleeves'."
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Secret outdoor havens?

Hooray! Hooray!
It's the first of May!
Outdoor ----ing
Starts today!

My love and I want to experience love making in the great outdoors of the PNW, now that the weather is becoming more agreeable. Do any of you have any 'spots' or 'hideaways' you would share with us? Someplace far from the madding crowd, yet still within the Trimet reaches? Someplace safe from oglers, and low men with the badges? I can provide an email addy if you'd rather not post any suggestions, thereby ruining the ambiance. Your help would be appreciated by to very much in lovers. ;?)
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Remember that Portland photo website I posted about? maybe a week ago?

Well anyways, I creadted a lj-syndicated feed of it. If you'd like you can now add it to your friends list. They show up as links here: but the pictures show up on your friends page. They are beautiful!

Here is the Portland photo site, if you missed it the first time:

*edit* oops, wrong link.

I walk.

Hey guys, I'm a native new yorker planning a trip to Portland this summer and have been a member here for quite some time. I don't drive and was wondering is it possible to get around and have a kick ass time in portland without a car? Thanks in advance!

Cardiac Miracle, +1

Today's the day. It's been just over one year since my heart surgery.

I'd love for all my friends who were so supportive to show up at the Lucky Lab on SE Hawthorne to celebrate with me. I'm thinking maybe we'd start around 2-3 in the afternoon Saturday, (TODAY!) for a couple of hours or however long people feel like hanging out. Let me know if you can be there for all or part of it. If you know me, or think you know me, or want to know me, you are welcome to show up. I'll have a white iBook with me. Also, I look something like
<--- that guy over there
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I need a 12 step

Does any one else think they have a coffee addiction??? I can be in a shitty mood and in a funk and i drink one cup and snap the world is in balance again..
I was wondering if i am alone on this one
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the sign of the tristero


Um, is it just me, or is having a bit of a breakdown? Actually, google itself appears to be back but gmail, google groups, google news, etc. are still gone. Weird.
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{Tonight} Dementia(Cure Triple release party) - 05/07/05

*Tonight!* Saturday May 7th 2005

A saturday night with a different Dj line-up each time.
Playing the oldest and newest in Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Goth,
Darkwave, Noise, & some 80's. every saturday!

Tonight is the Cure Triple release party for
"Seventeen Seconds, Faith, & Pornography"
The first hour of Dementia will feature tracks from each of the releases.
The First 20 paid people at the door will recieve a Cure "Join In The Dots"
I also am now able to tell every one this since we've recieved the CDs from
We will be raffling off Cure CDs at Midnight. A Raffle ticket will be given
to each paid person through the door. At midnight we will hold the drawing
for the Cure CDs. Listen for your name and win!
As an added bonus look for New Order(Poster Flats/Stickers) swag all over
the club as well.

Dj Carrion
Dj Uberlush
Dj Zufall

Doors @ 9:00pm - 21+
$3.00 cover

also if any one has any song requests for tonight shoot them at

Dementia is located at:
203 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, Oregon

And We Say Go!


*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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Someone help me out here.

What the HELL is that "thing" (for lack of a better word) across the street from Powells downtown? Extra points if you have a picture of it.
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Warning for job seekers

I recently applied for a job at Vector Marketing, I saw the ad in Jobdango here

It is labled as a customer service job. You go to their website and you fill out a very short app with very little details and they call you in for an interview. I show up for the interview 15 minutes early and then 5 other people show up. 3 of them were kicked out for being late. So the manager talks to everyone seperate for about 3 minutes and then asks you to stay for the hour long group interview where we learn about the job. Selling Cutco knives in people's homes based on appointment. I thought there was noooo way I could do sales. But they convince you that anyone can do it and they have the best training in the industry. The job is advertised mainly for college students and high school grads, so I thought that maybe this is my chance to get hired with no experience. So at the end I find out I'm hired and training starts the next day. Training day 1 was ok. Training day 2 was the end of the line for me. After 2 days of training we had to start calling everyone we know who are home owners, married, and over 30 to sell these knives to. Then after training, I had to call the manager 3 different times to "check in". He was very pushy. I don't know anyone to call on a Friday night to set up appointments to buy knives. So I lied about appointments I set up and decided to call him the next day to say I quit. So I made the call this morning and he tried to make me feel guilty and tried and tried to get me to change my mind and then he tried telling me I would have no future and I would never be successful. This is where I finally got rude with him and told him "I just don't care" and he was silent, you could tell he was pissed. Those knives are his life. He just said "Have a good one" and hung up.

I'm sure this may sound like an awesome opportunity. It probably is for the right people. But just be warned about what you're getting yourself into.
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The Portland Grill

We went to the Portland Grill last night. It was amazing! Through a small mistake on their part, they've made a lifelong customer of me. Jules is the best waitress I've ever had, and I hope she's there next year.

Everything about the place was beautiful, including the pleasant surprise of the Cinco de Mayo fireworks display. I couldn't have planned a better anniversary dinner.

Seriously, if you get the chance, and you have some extra money, go there. You won't be disappointed.

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Advice from Australia...

For reasons I won't go into here, I've temporarily joined an LJ community called brisneyland, pretty much the equivalent of damnportlanders, but in Brisbane, Australia. I wanted to share this post I saw there, as it serves as good advice for tomorrow...

handwritten note in block print stuck next to the phone behind the counter at fat rics this morning..


if i'm not mistaken that looks like a managerial directive..

gakked from virtualdan at brisneyland

Classic Cars

A friend and I are planning on checking out some junkers tomorrow. Anyone know of any junkyards that specialize in classic cars in the Portland/Vancouver area? I have one close by off of 4th Plain in Vancouver... what about some others?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)