May 6th, 2005

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who else saw serenity?

I saw star wars this afternoon (screed to come on my personal journal) and serenity this eve. The old man Lucas should give his money to Whedon.

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Where to go for off-track betting in Portland/Beaverton/surrounding areas? I used to go to the Rialto downtown but found out they weren't there anymore when I tried to go there for the Breeders' Cup last year.

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dear computer genius DPers:

i have a linksys wireless card that i want to put onto a laptop, but the CD drive is broken so I can't put in the installation CD. it says it can search the internet for the software, but i need the card to work to get to the internet. it has a usb port i could use for internet, but in order to use it, i have to use the installation cd, which of course i can't do. i have another computer and a usb flash drive so i was thinking maybe i could download the installation software to it and then try to open that on the other computer. i left the cd somewhere else b/c i didn't think i'd be able to use it (it's retrievable, just not today), so i was hoping to find wherever it was online that the installer would be getting the software, download it to the usb drive, and then open it up on the other computer. will this work? where is this place online where i can get installation software? do you have any other ideas? please let me know! thanks so much for your help!

{Tonight} Stahlwerks @ Viper Room- 05/06/05

*Tonight!* Friday May 6th 2005

Stahlwerks @ The Viper Room

Dj Carrion
Dj Uberlush
Dj NoN
Dj Catalyst

playing Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Noize, & Electro

Doors @ 9:00pm - 21 & Over
FREE - No Cover!

The Viper Room
(the club with the torches outside)
720 SE Hawthorne Ave.
Portland, Oregon


Questions? Requests?


*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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Bright Eyes

Is anyone going to the Bright Eyes show at the Crystal Ball Room tonight?
If so, anyone got an extra ticket they would be willing to sell?
I didn't get paid till yesterday and they had sold out by the time I got there.

QUEER PROM!!! --Are you Fabulous?--

PROVE IT! Portland's Queer Prom 2005 brought to you by Portland State University Queers and Allies, SMYRC, and your local high school GSAs.

When: Saturday, May 7th at 8pm
Where: Portland State's Hoffman Hall (SW 11th and Harrison next to the community field and King Albert)
Why: To shake what yo' momma gave you!
Cost: NOTHING! FREE! ZILCH...though donations are accepted and benefit SMYRC and Queers and Allies.
What: Food/Drink, Dancing, Rapid HIV Testing, Safer Sex info and supplies, Cute People, Good times and more.



Photography Provided.

All ages, identites, orientations, and people welcome.

Free parking in PSU Structure 3 on SW 12th and montgomery.

Campus Public Safety Patrolling

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Inclusive, Trans, Disability, and Sensitive Needs Friendly!

Our number one rule is respect.

Volunteers to help with any questions or needs. If you have any specific questions email or call (503)725-5681 anytime. Ask for Cameron Lee Vogt, Angela Leonardo, or Melissa West.

We hope to see you all there!

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Local ISP's?

Hey Portlanders, we just moved here about a month ago and my husband is looking for another job. (Read: I'm looking for another job for my husband because I don't like the one he has :)

Are there any local ISPs or ISPs with call centers in the area that might be hiring? We're looking for a position in Tecnical Support, specifically DSL support but any kind of connectivity would be okay. He's experienced and knowledgable in everything from dial-up to 2way satellite.

He worked at Earthlink Network for 4 years (until they outsourced the damn support department to India...) iPowerWeb for a year doing internet support as well as webhosting support, and a local ISP in the valley called DSLExtreme for a year until we moved here. He's got an awesome resume and sterling letters of recommendation.

So if any of you work in internet connectivity Tech Support or know of a company that could use a kickass DSL tech with 6+ years of experience, please let me know!

Thanks much!

First Thursday: I've never been so tempted to run down a baby in a stroller

If you are downtown for First Thursday or any other major event, please bear in mind that cars are bigger than you and if you are an asshole, they are liable to run you down. For Pete's sake, people, don't walk in front of cars. And if you have to cross, be considerate and hurry.

Next time some I-shop-at-JCrew-and-Banana-Republic-so-I'm-better-than-you fuck walks in front of my car, there will be one less art lover in the world.

Edit: after re-reading this post, I realize that I sound like I'm going to run down anyone who steps in front of my car, justified or not. That's not the case. I'm just sick of people wandering out into the street without regard for the cars coming toward them, let alone their personal safety. If you have to cross, I understand that. Do it in 1. a legal manner (at a crosswalk, with the light) and 2. if you ARE going to run across the middle of the street, do it fast and don't act like we're all here to wait on you while you finish fucking around in the middle of traffic.

alchohol on planes?

I have looked at and have googled my question to no avail. I'm trying to find out if I can bring a flask with alcohol in it on the plane. Has anyone had any experience with this?

I'll be on a 12 hour flight with my parents and if I can avoid paying $5 for a weak bloody mary I'd like to.

thank you in advance.

Set it and forget it! (not)

I just bought a rotisserie off of amazon last week... and got it yesterday! woohoo! I'm sure many of you have seen the "set it and forget it" informercial. that's the one i got! Instructions on the thingy says not to take it literally though. hehe. Problem is... I don't know what to make with it. (actually I don't really know how to use it either. lol) :P So this is where you guys come in, as you guys are always so helpful. I did a search on as they usually have some good ones... but didn't find much. Suggestions and recipes pretty please? :) I'm wanting to try out my new toy! :)
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Where to move to?

My friend and I are moving to Portland in July/August and we are looking at apartments/for roommates but the problem is, having never been to Portland before, we don't know what areas would be good.
What are the good neighbourhoods to live in?
Somewhere that's not filled with yuppies/has a good anarcho-movement/is within short walking distance of the main restaurant/business district. Somewhere that has cheap to reasonable rent and where two queer anarchist girls would not be unwelcome. What is the queer neighbourhood?

Could you give me the approximate location of these neighbourhoods, not just names? Say, the boundary street names or whether they are in SE or W or NE Portland, etc.

Okay, and final question: is vancouver within reasonable short biking distance of downtown portland (<10 miles)?

Thanks so much! This community is so fun to read.
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quick question...
where can one go in portland to use a kiln for a decent price/trade?
my roommate has a pottery wheel that he really wants to start using, however we don't have enough room at our house to set up a kiln. i figure that there has to be somewhere in portland where you can go and fire your stuff. anyone have any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

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Hey I know I posted about this before on a Monday night, but wanted to post it again tonight because everyone had such a good time they've given us a Friday night for those of you with weekday jobs.

Basically the jist is that we're having another dance party tonight at Chances on MLK and Fremont.

click here for the playlist from Monday 4/11.

No cover
$1 microbrews from 9pm-10pm so you can get primed for cheap. ;)

We'll have some lighting set up and will be moving a lot of the tables out of the way for a larger open area.
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I'm expecting a good mix of people tonight so if you're in the mood, come get down.
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quick beauty school advice

I want to have a french manicure (acrylic tips) put on tonight, and I'd love to get a pedicure while I'm at it... I don't do this very often, but my nails look horrible, and I want them to look nice for a special occasion. I am also extremely broke, so I was thinking I'd go to a beauty school or something.

Are they open tonight?
Should I make an appt?
Where should I go?

I live on the east side, also I need a brow wax in a desperate way, so someplace that did that as well would be awesome....

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What's with all the Limos on Burnside today? I am looking out the window at Powell's, and I have seen at least seven within the last two hours.
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Hey people. I just read on KGW that some guy posing as a fare inspector on MAX tried to kidnap a young girl.

Just so you know, they ALWAYS work in pairs. They can't check your ticket unless there are two of them on the train. It's for witnessing and stuff for them. I know this as a fact. So if anyone seems suspicious, look for their partner checking at the other end of the train.

I want you damned portlanders safe. Be aware.

and to round it out...

i've come to the conclusion that many of you Portlanders have some interesting problems...all quite different from one another. i would have guessed more relationship typed problems, but i was surprised by all the bodily pains you all are experiencing. lay low and try not to hurt yourselves. if all else fails...dial 911.

so aside from the back pains, unbearable midterms, and crazy partners you's another one.

for everyone that's had the experience of living with a roommate...are there anythings you wish you could change about them? what is it that drives you insane about this other human being in your space? roommate listens to REM.

what the fuck is wrong w/ him? ugh
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"You are not the whore I married..."

(Or, "Where do you think the money comes from?"

This month the Portland Art Center is running an exhibition by a group called Liminal. It is performanced based installation art, or installation based performance art, which attempts to present this group's inquiry into a set of murders occuring in Endiburgh, Scotland in the early 1800's. The true story revolves around two men, William Burke and William Hare, who murdered sixteen people in order to earn a quick pound by selling the corpses to the local medical school...

My volunteering Friday mornings allowed me a glimpse of the set but it's the performance part (run only from 8-10, thurst-sat) that gives one the full weight of the concept. It weaves the thread of cold and gruesome murder with that of the budding science of medicine; leaving one to consider the more obvious, human mortality and the power it has to reduce us all to the same dead corpse, with the slightly less obvious cruel and crude means by which the scientific and/or medicinal authorities began to emerge and inform the sciences we take for granted today. It's a powerful, thought-provoking show and I must recommend... though my earlier consumption of six margaritas has left me groping to say anything of merit... what a cop out.
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Let&#39;s moon &#39;em!

Anyone Seen This?

What the fuck's up with channel 23 having Nazi public access and on channel 24, the American Jewish Committee in the White House giving a press conference?!

My, I'm feeling stoned.
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BUH I almost forgot! Who here was around the PDX BBS scene back in the early to mid 90s? Remember Freak Scene? Barely Legal? I can't think of any other old boards at the moment. But back then I was known as "Jesus Lizard".

Just trying to start a reunion...
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