May 5th, 2005

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If you were looking for a ring, from semi-precious to precious, what kind of stone would you be looking for? Lab-created stones count too.

I ask because I'm going to start buying gem parcels and castings to set and sell, and I'd like to know what kind of stuff people like beyond diamonds. Thank you.
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Recommend me a good CD player

I've had the same CD player since 1996 or so. It's a Sony that at the time cost me $80. Totally bare-bones basic but it's served me quite well. But these days it's been skipping like crazy and it looks bulky as hell compared to most modern CD players.

(size comparison)

I'd like to get another Sony player, I think, maybe one with a FM tuner built into it. And I guess skip protection is pretty much standard these days, because back then the only skip-pro I could afford was "try to hold it steady and not let it get hit too much." It'd be nice if it had a "line out" jack like this older model but I guess that's not really too common these days, so no biggie there.

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High Fives!

A while ago somebody posted asking for a place to crash prior to the Sasquatch concert on Memorial Day weekend, but I've completley forgotten their username, and some quick searches turned up nothing. Whoever that was, are you still on this community? I haven't heard from you for a few months.

To everyone else: It's 05/05/05, do something special, or just find any excuse you can to write today's date out on paper. Because what'll next year be? 6/6/6, sure, but will it ever be 6:66 pm or am? Nay.
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Rainy Day

looking for nanny...

I am in the process of trying to find a nanny for my 3 year old son. We are trying to prepare him to re-enter Montessori school in the fall, and need someone at least for the next 5 weeks, if not throughout the summer to take care of him and provide some educational activities for him. Depending on several situations; the time involved may be a 4-6 hour day.

If you are interested in more information; please email me at

If you have helpful hints or good services/people to recommend; please post them here!


EDIT: Xposted to Craigslist
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From the "Not new, but still funny" Department

An old mexican man lived alone in East Los Angeles. He wanted to spade his garden, but it was very hard work. His only son, Jose, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament.
Dear Jose:
I am feeling pretty bad because it looks like I won't be able to plant my garden this year. I'm just too old to be digging up a garden. If you were here, all my troubles would be over. I know you would dig the garden for me.
Tu Padre
A few days later, he received a letter from his son.
Dear Papa:
Por Dios, Papa, don't dig up the garden. That's where I buried all my drugs and money.
Tu hijo,
At 6 a.m. the next morning, the L.A. Sheriffs showed up and dug up the entire area without finding any drugs or money. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day, the old man received another letter from his son.
Dear Papa:
Go ahead and plant your garden now, papa. It's the best I could do under the circumstances.
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Another question from a future Portlander

Okay, DamnPortlanders, I'm back with more neighborhood questions. I've abandoned the oh-so-brief "buying a house" fantasy, and now I'm back to looking for apartments.

My question is this: What's a nice neighborhood, one that has some newer apartment buildings, where I can rent a one-bedroom apartment for a reasonable price? I add the "newer" caveat because I need the place I'm renting to have a washer and a dryer (or at least the hookups for a washer and a dryer) in the apartment itself. I don't, however, want to be stuck way out in the suburbs. Any suggestions?
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boobs breastfeeding nippples aureolas

Another Portland Chicks are Hot post!

To the woman parked in front of the Benson Hotel this morning around 9:30:

Me: Brunette in knee socks, riding Schwinn in bike lane on SW Broadway, late for work.

You: Beautiful, wearing silky gray skirt business suit and modish strappy black heels, bent over retrieving something from the back seat. Your car door and ass were sticking out into my bike line. But I didn't mind, cuz your ass is perfect. I stared at it as I rode by and resisted the overwhelming urge to give your perfect ass a quick, neat, loud smack. An ass like that begs for a firm hand!
But as a woman with an understanding of sexual harassment, I didn't think you would appreciate a surprise spanking from a biker-by, so instead I just swerved around your car door and your perfect ass into the car lane, per ORS 814.430§2c, wondering if you know just how nice an ass you have.
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yuppie scum seeks bike-friendly latte mug

Sometime last week, I was riding through downtown on my way to work, soy chai securely tucked away in my personal lidded mug in my bike cupholder. Going downhill at a rapid speed, I crossed over a spot in Burnside where they were doing road construction, and there was a CHAI EXPLOSION! Right in the middle of the street. I was so embarrassed (and sticky, and most of my chai was gone). The cup was still in its holder and the lid was still on, and closed, but this cup was clearly not designed for the rigors of a road-bike commute over a bumpy road.

Is there a bike-friendly travel mug out there? I need one with an airtight, screw-on lid to prevent this kind of chai situation again.

tillamook restaurants

peloquyn's mother's day post reminded me that i need to find a place to eat with my mom the first night we're at cape lookout. (after that we'll probably stray further south, where i'm more familiar.)

so anyone know where i can get some tasty food in tillamook? not fancy, just tasty. i'm a little disheartened at the moment, cuz the highest rated place in town on citysearch is dairy queen. :( but maybe you folks know something they don't.

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Rainy Day

save me!!!!!

30 minutes left - students are at PE - HELP!!

I've been a good girl and all my grading and lesson plans are done....and now I'm bored :|

write me some of your dastardly and geeky deeds today....
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straigt up gangsta

urgent geek help - binary code!

one of my it guys is busting my chops today, and i need to shut him down (especially because i screwed up something really basic yesterday), so that i can get on with my day.

what is the translation key for this?





EDIT: thank you all. now i can get some work done, and - considering his error, he should stay shut for a while.
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so i was thinking about doing that whole first thursday art walk thing (yes, because on a previous post someone mentioned free booze....)

but i am an artwalk virgin.


i don't suppose someone more versed in the first thursday shenanigans and going-ons could possible show me where the free booze is, if it is at all to be found (not unlike the fabled unicorn of lore).

because i forgot.


(yes, "virgin" is used very loosely here and i'll not respond to any such comments perverted by your never ending adolescence!)
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Washing hands in a rose-scented warm water before dessert at Marrakesh restaurant.

2. An opportunity to check out the ethnic booths at the Cinco de Mayo festival this weekend.

3. Delicious Swiss chards and strawberries from Portland Farmers' Market.

4. A gorgeous heron observed at the Waterfront marina.

5. Restaurant reviews of Sub Rosa and Aqui (as well as coupons) in the latest Southeast Examiner issue (now to check out those places)!
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Is Oswald West ALWAYS full for the weekend by Friday at 6pm or so?
If we were to go to the coast Saturday afternoon when the weather is predicted to be dreary, would there be a campsite available?
(and yes, I know about Cape Lookout and Nehalem state parks. . .)
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Hello, just have a quick question:

Does anyone know of a podiatrist, or podiatrist college that will see me for rather cheap? I have no insurance, and I just started a new job two weeks ago at a warehouse where I'm standing on my feet for 10 hours a day four days a week. Yes I have gotten some better shoes, but I'm now having a pain in my right foot I don't think just shoes can fix. Thank you in advance!

Oh and location, pefer in sw/downtown portland, or wilsonville since I have family out there.
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bad day, variant to facepalm

{Random} Kind of Portland-related

Happened a few months ago...could happen still...

**falcon: hey ther
**falcon: e
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: yo
**falcon: how are you finals going?
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: brain...hurt...
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: words...blur...
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: want....affection...
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: want...caffiene...
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: you?
**falcon: ummm ???
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: too much studying and no play make Gloria go crazy
**falcon: hahahahhaaa
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: will die soon enough
**falcon: what?
**falcon: I'm going to die?
**falcon: not cool
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: not by my hands
**falcon: so what do you mean?
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: more like my brain, after it gets so huge from all the information in it and begins to go on a eating rampage
piercing_oculars_of_wicked_hues: "mmmm.....downtown portland...."
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question please
Does any one know if a police van can snap a pic of two cars at one time. There was a car infront of me that was speeding and i was keeping pace i only seen one flash though?? HELP!!! FUCKERS!!!!

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I'm not having much luck with Google, and finding only programs that seem to no longer exist. Anyone know of a Portland area training program for language interpreting (medical, legal, court, etc.)? I speak Spanish and am looking to also work on other languages. I want to get into freelance interpreting and translating, but I feel training of some sort is in order.

Edit: I've found a little info on a program at PCC and requested info, but I'm not sure the information on the website is current and if the program still exists.
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Free Comic Book Day!

If Portland's good for something, it's comics. And this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Go to any comics shop like Excalibur or Thing From Another World and there will be free stuff to get!

Superior Showcase #0 FCBD Edition

Alternative Comics Presents FCBD Ed 2005 Edition

Arcana Studio Presents #2 FCBD Edition

Betty & Veronica FCBD Edition #1

Ronin Hood Of 47 Samurai #1 FCBD Edition

Bongo Comics Gimme Gimme Giveaway FCBD Edition

Mortal Coils Presents Free Bodies FCBD Edition

FCBD Star Wars Edition

Batman Strikes #1 FCBD Edition

Devils Due FCBD Special Edition

DST Bag O FCBD Minimates

Adventures Of Paul FCBD Edition

Funny Book FCBD Edition

Walt Disneys Uncle Scrooge FCBD Edition

Bone Sharps Cowboys Thunder FCBD Edition

Flare FCBD Edition

Flight Primer FCBD Edition

Impact University FCBD Edition

Johnny Raygun Freebie FCBD Edition

Keenspot Spotlight 2005 FCBD Edition

Comics Festival FCBD Edition

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man & Fantastic Four FCBD Edition

Oni Press Fist Fest Featuring Hysteria & Sharknife FCBD Ed

Amelia Rules #0 FCBD Edition

Runners #1 Remastered FCBD Edition

Buzzboy Roboy Major Damage Triple Frosted Fun Comics FCBD Ed

Owly Splashin Around FCBD Edition

Wizard Presents The Top 100 TPs FCBD Ed