May 4th, 2005

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Hey folks.
i have a pair of computer speakers with a sub that i plug into my computer to listen to music and as long as they have power they get radio reception. sometimes it interfers with my music quality. does anyone know anything i can do to get rid of this.

Centipedes, eww!

So this morning I got up to take a shower, and upon turning on the water, a 1.5" centipede type creature went shooting out of the drain! The little bastard was fast too! He kept trying to run up the side of the tub and I kept knocking him down back toward the drain, but he wasn't giving up! I think I finally smashed him and he went down the drain. I'm not completely sure since he was behind the shower curtain. I doubt those things are harmful anyway. Just a bit creepy-crawly!

Anyone in DPer's had this happen or know anything about these bugs? Like how they get into the drains etc?
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All Paths Lead into Darknesss...



Info/Advice article in progress!



I'm working on an article specifically about street teams, and I'd like to incorporate quotes.

If interested, then DO NOT DELAY..

Please send any and all such info to:

I'm going to be working hard on street team info and advice for an article on the subject of Street Teams which will publish within the FACE THE MUSIC section of, June 1st 2005.

I will want to collect any info you can share about your experiences with street teams.

Anything you can tell me ... the sooner the better.

Let's put a deadline on this requested info for May 7th, 2005.
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lunch and donuts

i am craving the stuffed risotto at harrison's. that and a nice glass of wine would just be the perfect lunch right now. that means i have to leave my office, though.

how was the voodoo love fest last night?
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hey there. i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get use of a canoe just for a weekend for a whitewater canoe course. the trick is that it can't be fiberglass (or wood) and that is seeming very difficult to find. do you know where i could get one (for pretty cheap, too) or maybe you have one that you'd be willing to "rent" to me? let me know! thanks so much.
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Thank You

Thanks to littlebluedog for hosting a nice little gathering at VooDoo Donuts last night! Even though I had nothing to do with the original bet, it was nice of you to buy donuts for those that showed up! I had a great time until the umm, band started playing! Then I got really claustrophobic and anxious and had to leave. For those that did not make it: Ha ha nyah nyah, I got a donut and you didn't!
Dark Knight

I know you've seen this before, just reminding you, since it's coming up soon!

Join us at the 1st annual SHAKERS’ BALL
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
“Where the dancing never stops…even when the music does!” <---HA!

A concert to heighten awareness of early onset Parkinson’s disease and to benefit the Parkinson Center of Oregon at OHSU & Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon.

Tickets $10

To purchase, contact PCO at 503 494-9054 or PRO at 503 413-7717
100% of ticket sales go to help fight PD

Doors open at 6:30pm & Rockin’ begins at 7pm
McMenamin’s Lola’s Room at the Crystal Ballroom
1332 W. Burnside, Portland, OR
*21 or older event*

***ETA - I will most likely not be at this event - I'm not a big fan of crowds - but this IS my department so I'm pimping it out for them. Just so you know!
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NBA Playoffs , WIFI, Beer, SunySide or MT. Tabor


I don't have cable and don't need except when the NBA Playoffs are oing on. I would like to go to a place where I can do the following or the best place reccommended in the Sunnsyide, Mt tabor area or close..

01) drink beer or coffee
02) have a nice screen fro the games, sound a big plus (wacky charles barkely)
03) get on-line (plug-in would be nice to as I have a Dell=1 hour per batery)

Thanks for the help...the second round is starting soon...

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I am going to be taking some friends to see Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, and was wanting to go out afterward...does anyone know of any cool bars or clubs that sell the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? Not the real one like in the book...but something of a novelty on the menu perhaps?

yay nerds unite!
&amp; Daggers!
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Is it stupid to buy a rather new Honda in the $10-13k range?

I need to buy a car like...yesterday, and I need something reliable, gas efficient, etc. I've heard nothing but positive things about Hondas. Anyone had any particularly good experiences with Thomason? Tonkin? I know it maybe be the DP'er in me, but I think I've put off car shopping for so long because I have to leave the metro boundaries. :/ I wish there was a good dealership in town. Doesn't seem to be the case.

I want something made in the '99-03 range, automatic, four-door (cheaper for the insurance, I think?), under 70k on the odometer. Again, hoping not to pay anything above 10k, but I'll spring for 13 if it seems like a good investment. My family, however, thinks it's absurd I'm spending "so much" money on a car, being that I'm "only" 22...but don't Honda's have a relatively good resale value? I'll quit asking questions now, and wait for some sage advice. Thanks! :)