May 2nd, 2005

zuul & gozar
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i wish there were some more viable late night food/hang options in this town...

montage gets so old so fast... and the food is the worst... and i'm usually not drunk enough to enjoy it... or all the posers...

maybe it's just me.


What vets around the downtown area specialize in exotic animals? My guinea pig just started peeing blood and I need to get him to a vet today. I don't have transportation, so I would have to take a bus anywhere. I'd prefer a place close to downtown Portland and PSU. I don't really care how expense it is, I just want to find what's wrong with my little buddy.

*Edit* I've got an appointment with Dr. Burgess at 3:15pm. I'll update later about my guinea pig for those who actually care.

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Rainy Day

First Thursday coming up!

I love First Thursday and am actually excited I remember it is this week!

If you have a favorite First Thursday gallery, haunt, area.... give me some suggestions! I always forget the good places to go:)

and I'm rather bored, so please feel free to add random comments and interesting thoughts; and generally non-post related information in true DPer style:)
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well, it took you nearly nine months, portland, but you finally got me hooked on coffee. (i was fighting the good fight with my ginseng tea for so long...)

but since i haven't had a cigarette in almost a year, and have cut back on both weed and alcohol, i've decided not to berate myself for my newfound need for a daily latte. so where are the best ones to be found? i live in NE and work in SW, so somewhere along that general diagonal is nice, but not necessary.
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Rainy Day

memory lane...

So I'm trying to think of some new ideas for my third graders....

pummel me with things you liked about elementary school

and yes, this is portland related...


I live in Portland.
I teach in Portland.
Portland education?
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Used car inspection

Is there such a thing as an inspector that would travel to the car site to insepct a car before I buy it? If not, could you recommend me some places that do pre purchase inspections?

Also, there is a truck I really like at the Rescue Mission, do you think they are a trustable source, or would they try to pull tricks on me? Mostly I am concerned about major mechanical faults that can be concealed easily just to make the car pass the test-drive.

And just in case, anyone selling a 94-95 4runner? I can pay cash...
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help me find it

DP'ers -

I'm looking for the perfect place with the following requirements:

1. Free WI-FI
2. Beverages - great coffee
3. Minimal street noise
4. Reasonable decibels of music
5. Outdoor seating
6. Can one dare to dream...a view


Anyone with small dogs in Portland?

My dog is stuck up and dumb and won't eat the new food I got I turn to you dpers in my time of need. Does anyone want an opened but barely used 8.8lb bag of Purina Dog Chow Little Bites? how about the last third of a 5 lb bag of Natures Recipie Toy Dog formula? I'd take 6 bucks for the both of them, but I can be urged either way :D

thanks guys, I don't want it to go to waste!

misc question

have any of you damnportlanders gone to school for your esthetician's schooling and license? my little sister is looking at schools and i would, of course, love for her to consider the portland area. if you have any suggestions for me to pass on that would be great!

hey you!

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Have you joined oregon_outdoors yet?

This is a community to talk about outdoor adventures you have taken or will take in Oregon, post Oregon pics from trips and expeditions, gears reviews, or for asking questions about anything involving the great Oregon outdoors. Kayaking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, surfing...
you name it.........we want to hear about it!

Be sure to check out the user info page, which contains TONS of local outdoor related links by sport!
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What to do?

Hey Portlanders,

So, my friend from Canada is in town. Today is his last day and I can't figure out stuff to do! We need to do something pretty cheap (free is better!) and fun. He's been to Kells, Saturday Market, walked around downtown abit. But the whole reason I can't really think of stuff to do is 'cause I'm still kinda new to the area myself! Suggestions would be awesome! Anything that tri-met can get us to.

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anyone ever dined at the kenton station pub? any evaluations on it? how is the food? the service? preferably on sundays, considering that is when i am bringing my mother there.
little blue dog

fun with homophobes


Back last year during the controversy over measure 36, there were a bunch of really creative messages and essays that floated around here, either written or re-posted by some of you folks. I'm trying to find one in particular that addressed a lot of traditionalist/Christian attitudes about homosexuality by including a bunch of biblical references that speak out against all kinds of trivial aspects of modern life (such as some verse from Leviticus forbidding the wearing of poly/cotton blends or some such).

It was expressed in the form of a letter to someone, and had a bunch of questions in it, with examples from Biblical verses as above. Can anyone link me to it?

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Thanks DP!

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions about exotic pet vets. I went to Dr. Burgess' clinic in Beaverton with my guinea pig, Einstein. They did some tests (results in tomorrow) and perscribed some antibodics. Hopefully Einstein gets better. Thanks for all the expressions of goodwill.
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