May 1st, 2005


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Anyone happen to be taking, their little ones the the children's museum today? I'm watching one of the most adorable little rug rats, and our plan for the day is to head over there, then maybe even the Saturday Market.

So if you happen the be at the museum from 11-1 find us!
Me: khaki capris and a very preppy blue stripped polo shirt, glasses, brown hair-pigtails;
the little one blond curly hair, multi colored heart filled shirt.

Please come over and say hullo'!!

tiny little super guy

Bob's Red Mill

For those of you who aren't aware, Bob's Red Mill has a retail store in Milwaukie. I went there for the first time on Friday, and I was impressed. Healthy food everywhere. Stone ground flours of just about any kind. Lots of gluten-free products. Everything's natural. I just finished a bowl of Apple Strawberry Granola with soy milk. Mmm. The store, which is open Monday through Saturday, also has a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. I'm going to start heading out there every month to stock up on good food fixings. They're out on International Way. You can get to there from 99E then getting on 224.
Avocado Moth

Jobs that accept pierced people?

Oh lovely Portlanders, answer me this:

Do you have a job or are you aware of local companies that will hire and employ people with visual piercings (ears, facial, etc.)? If so, what companies or jobs do you know of that allow this type of body appreciation in the workplace?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I did mean it innocently, thank you chimpchampion. Also, I'm not looking for any specific type of job. I'm just looking for a general feel of what other's experiences may have been with local employers and policies on visual piercings.
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Is there a place in town that sells VOSS Water? Any sort of speciality stores that may carry it, or somewhere that does for sure? Looking for any size, 330-800ml. Thanks.

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On a similar note to the post about VOSS water, as a self proclaimed gaming nerd, I feel it's my duty to attempt to procure BAWLS. Now, despite my best attempts of finding it in the various grocery stores and 7-11's here in West Linn, I can't find anything.

Has anyone found it here in Portland? Specific locations would be greatly appreciated. (Another equally tasty and caffeine filled beverage would be satisfactory.)

Thank ye.

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When I Lived in portland I always heard about a hostel there.

Never seen it. Never knew where it was.

I'm coming back to Portland from Indiana to celebrate my 21st birthday with my friends and need an extremely cheap place to stay for a week. Does anyone know how I could get in contact with this hostel, or have you even heard of one in the portland area?

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i am the so bored like a tortured girl in jail.

with no bread.

i am sitting at work doing nothing and i hate it. i wish i were working. (hah!)

i have a book. i will read it.

but my eyes bleed from staring at the nothing on my computer all day. oh, were that i were an hour older presently!
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Slow nights

I am sitting here at my desk for the next 11 hours, with nothing at all to do. Tonight is going to drag on forever. So all the DPers out there entertain me. Send me funny pictures, tell me a story do something.


name game

evening folks,

i need your kind assistance...turns out i'm getting my puppy in two weeks and he's a tiny one. so aside from his food and bed, he also needs a rockin name. a buddy and i named one of his cats Toni Danza and i'm looking for something just as fun. help me out won't ya? thanks!

ps: know of any good pet stores in downtown?
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Hey, so I need a little help. Like always.

I'm doing a huge research paper on struggling college students for my writing class and I need people to interview. If anyone could help me out, that would be great. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the questions, you could skip it and if you want your full name changed, you can pick a new one to protect your privacy.

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Thank you, damnportlanders!
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Jefferson Dancers

Looking for a great show?

Come see the Jefferson Dancers. We're a group of twenty-four Highschool students who have invested nearly 30 hours a week since September, and have traveled internationally to France to end up back in Portland with an extreme show. It's worth the $11.50 - $20 to support a highschool program that has awed audiences for 30 years, and faces the hatchet of school budget cuts.

You can buy tickets online at
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