April 30th, 2005

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Dear DamnPortlanders:

I hope you don't mind if I unleash another mildly Portland-related essay on you. Hot on the heels of my trip to the dump, I took the bottles back. Enjoy!

Way back in the halcyon days of 1971, when I was an erstwhile 8th grader discovering the joys of onanism and the hideous perils of acne, the reign of famous maverick Oregon governor Tom McCall was in full swing. McCall, famous for imploring people to "visit Oregon, but please don't stay," influenced many progressive acts of legislation including land use planning and a bill to keep our beaches forever open to the public -- all 300+ glorious miles of them.

He also had a hand in another landmark act, one that impacts all us Oregonians every day. He was the impetus behind Oregon's first-of-it's-kind "bottle bill." Oregon was the first state in the nation with a mandatory deposit on beverage containers. Our streets are cleaner because of this. We recycle millions of tons of glass and aluminum every year, thanks to governor McCall's foresight.

And, my fucking basement is usually full of old empty six packs thanks to that son of a bitch.
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so i was walking around by myself last night and i thought, "you know, i think i'll get a tattoo"

but then i thought, "i don't know where the closest parlor is... and maybe i should research a little or something"

and now i'm wondering who does your ink, who do you love that is close in westside/downtown?

(so at least next time i am thinking of spur of the moment body mods i'll know where to go!)

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What was this about?

(click for more bigger pic)

For a moment I thought maybe the Willamette has a Loch Ness or Champ, and these people had tamed the beast for their own personal transportation.
Oh Fuck

A Taste of India

DamnPortlanders, I need your help.

A group of my friends and I are going out for Indian Food tonight to relieve ourselves of the impending doom that is finals. Prefer somewhere in SE, SW, or D/T. We were considering India Oven on Hawthorne. But we are open to recommendations.

Help us find dinner! Thank you. :-)

EDIT: Thank you for all the suggestions. We've decided on Swagat. I have been to the Bombay Cricket Club and while good, cannot afford it right now.

Thanks again! Oh, and for those who are wondering, that's my kitty, Gabby. She's a sweetheart.
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celebrate mother's day in good conscience

yesterday, i made the mistake of accidentally picking up a package of veal at the store while shopping for something else and it reminded me of how many people out there are still making veal for dinner.

i grew up on a ranch, and am well-acquainted with the need for humane, responsible ranching practices. in fact, it's a cause i'm quite passionate about. the reality is, there is no humane veal production. it's really that simple.

i'd like to invite you to celebrate mother's day with me and others across the nation participating in the annual mothers day anti-veal action. while there's no organized portland demonstrations that i am aware of, please don't let that stop you. i'm taking a bit of my saturday to write letters to some restaurants in the area that have been known to serve veal on their menu. if you share my feelings, i encourage you to do the same. speak up! you can also sign and mail in a petition.

if you currently eat veal, please consider the cruel and frightful manner in which it's produced. so many people have no idea of the extreme cruelty that the veal industry is built upon, and i want to share a little bit of information and help elucidate those who might still be in the dark. this short little cartoon provides an accurate and brief education on how veal calves are raised. learn more about the grossly inhumane conditions and learn about the nasty synthetic hormones that are being injected into veal calves, and then determine for yourself whether you still want veal for dinner.

it's time we really put our money where our mouth is. responsible consumerism is upon each of us, and nothing speaks louder than our dollars. let restaurants and stores know that if they want your patronage they should locate their moral conscience and eliminate veal from their menus and shelves.

thank you for your time. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
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How do tips work?

A question for all you waiters out there: How do you get your tips when the patron pays with a credit card?

Last night I paid for my meal with cash, and assumed the waiter put the amount of the bill in the till and pocketed the remainder as her tip.

What happens when I pay with plastic and write the amount of the tip on the slip? Do the waiters have to wait for the bank to send the money and then get the tip from the owner in the form of a check?

Also, is every waiter in Portland’s up-scale places a free agent, or is the tip money pooled and split up among all the employees? The reason I ask is that my tip was in the $30.00 range as were probably most of the tips she received. Multiply that by the 6-8 tables she was working times the 5 or so hours the place is open, and you’re talking a serious chunk of change to be splitting with someone who may or may not have worked as hard as she did.
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Does anyone know how to download your entire history of posts on your journal to an offline thing? I was just thinking of going back and reading them, but don't want to click click click click through the websites.

Plus, should someday blogging goes away, I want a record of stuff I put down.

Anyone? I know i should post this in LJ_Help_Me_I'm_An_Idiot community, but you guys are tres helpful.

Military People?

My name is Serenity. I am writing a research paper on the effects the war in Iraq has had on soldiers. I am wanting to focus mainly on National Guard members that have been deployed/returned home. However, I would also enjoy speaking with other members of the military who have served in Iraq. If you are interested in helping me out I would greatly appreciate your time. Heck, I would probably even be able to buy you a cup of coffee or a beer. Feel free to respond to this post or drop me an email (punnygirl@hotmail.com). If you email me please include the subject "Military" so my email filter doesn't think it's junk mail.

Thanks in advance,
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Comedy Last Night

Was anyone else at the Paula Poundstone show last night? I'm just curious.

I heard a woman in line saying to her companions that there was some guy at a gas station who was hot and I thought it was weird that I had heard that same thing here in damnportlanders the other day. What are the odds?
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Why veal is bad

I think the previous veal post did not make clear why exactly veal is inhumane, which is probably why it met with resistance.

The facts are simple.

Veal is not simply calf meat. It is tender, white calf meat.

Having to make it tender and white necessitates the following two actions:

1. Confinement in such a way as to prevent any motion. This is necessary to atrophy the muscles, so that the meat is tender. That is why the calves are placed in crates which are too small to allow the calf to turn around, or move in any other way.
2. The diet supplied is a high fat liquid diet devoid of iron or other nutrients. This is necessary to induce anaemia, which is what makes the meat white.

The effect of the above two conditions means that the calf is separated from the mother shortly after birth and thereafter confined to a crate for the remainder of its life. It lives its whole life with no access to sunlight, fresh air, or enough room to turn around. It is fed an abnormal diet which results in an abnormal risk of disease (hence the antibiotics) and leads the calves to lick their urine salt and the metal stall walls in a desperate attempt to get the iron and mineral nutrients it needs.

Hence the statement: "There is no humane veal". Veal cannot be humane by definition.

I'm a vegetarian myself. I don't wish to persuade people to turn vegetarian, but I do think the following is a reasonable request:

Please prefer humanely raised calf meat over veal.