April 29th, 2005

1.20 boys don't cry


ok, we've been through the wringer on this one. theXplodingboys is looking for a talented keyboardist with some of their own gear and transportation that could practice Sunday afternoon weekly. right now, i'm the only one playing keyboards... it isn't sufficient. we unfortunately had to remove our eXcellent last keyboard player because he was late and didn't show up to practice. it is only once a week. we just ask that you're on time, dependable, and love the music. i figure out all the keyboard parts anyway... it really isn't that hard, but obviously, you've got to be able to play by ear.

is there anyone out there?


I now have that m.ward ticket for sale. the person who i thought was buying ended up having plans. so i need a buyer.


if anyone is interested, they can show up at the alladin before the show and my friend can give you the ticket there. please email me at capturing.moods@gmail.com if you are interested. leave your name and number and i will get to you.

Peanut guy

Supergirl's Friday Three Favorites

1 - The AmPm/Arco station down on Powell (10th or so? Near the Original Hotcake house) - Thursday morning we always stop there for coffee and a "snack" on our way to LO (It's fabulous to arrive at a private school in Lake O with two children with cheet-oh faces, I tell ya)

We randomly meet the coolest people there!

2 - Pho Van Vietnamese on 82nd. Yay for veggie salad rolls

3 - One dollar DVDs at Dollar Tree. We scored Jane Eyre, Farewell to Arms, some old Flash Gordon Episodes and several Marilyn Monroe movies.

Have a great weekend folks.


Last night crawling into bed I noticed that my cats decided to disown their litterbox and pee all over my bedding.

After throwing all the washables in the machine, I am still left with a big queen-sized featherbed....now, in past experiences, it's been a disgusting amount of money to get this thing drycleaned...and THAT was when it DIDN'T have cat pee all over it...

so I ask you:

1.) Can any of you think of a drycleaners that wont charge me more than I paid for it three years ago NEW? I live downtown...btw. basically NW to Tigard is easy game.

(I will be calling places checking prices in the phone book too, but I wanted anyone's presonal experience should there be any.) :)

and 2.) Will drycleaning even work on getting out cat pee? will it be worth it?

Ash on my car!

I was wondering where the fine coating of dirt on the Silver Mouse yesterday morning came from. It was ash from Mt. St. Helens! Anybody else notice this yesterday?

No eruption, but storms drop volcanic ash on metro area

From Oregonlive.com

Motorists headed for carwashes Thursday after thunderstorms dumped rain, dirt and even volcanic ash in the Portland area Wednesday evening.

Many people thought Mount St. Helens had exploded during the night after seeing a thin dust layer on their cars.

Willie Scott, a geologist with the Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, said there were no signs that the volcano spewed any ash plumes. However, researchers found fine ash in samples they collected from windshields.

Winds in thunderstorms appeared to have picked up ash, dust and pollen as they formed over the Cascades, including Mount St. Helens, Scott said. As the storms moved south, they released the material in raindrops.

Scott said the heaviest amount of ash and dirt apparently came down east of Interstate 5, especially in east Clark County and east Multnomah County.
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To the older guy that rolled down his window and stopped his old green van next to me while I was kneeling on the ground at the construction site and called out "You sure've got a nice looking fanny on you.." Um, gee.. Thanks.



~*~Just To Let Death Metal Lovers Know ~*~

~*~Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Cphalic Carnage And Aborted Are Going To Be Playing Here In Portland October 15th @ Meow Meow!~*~


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Job Opportunities

Two full-time positions available at my employer, Stark's Vacuums:

1. Service Counter Clerk: Basic customer service, cash register, quick fix repairs of vacuum cleaners, etc. $8-9/hour.

2. Vacuum Repairman: Work among other repairmen, full service repairs, cleaning, rebuilding, etc. of vacuum cleaners. I'm not sure of the pay scale on this one.

Both positions include health benefits after 90 days, regular M-F daytime hours (Saturday possible for service counter). Location: NE Grand and Davis, in the main showroom/repair shop.

Comment or email me (ghotighued at gmail dot com) for more information if you or someone you know might be interested.

I can smell the Voodoo

littlebluedog, I believe that last month you and I discussed the Terri Schiavo case and our national attention span. We bet a Voodoo Donut that in one month there would be no Terri, none of the time.

There is no Terri on CNN today, and the only mention of her since the day or two after her death has been in regard to Tom Delay and the Republican party.

Whatcha doin' tonight?

(no subject)

say someone had functional moulding from which she wished to hang some pictures so as to avoid puncturing her walls. now say she doesn't know what sort of paraphernalia is requisite for said "hanging" as it were. now say that you know how and that you will comment and tell me how to complete my mission.

aaand thankyou!


Kitty Info...

About a month ago, a gray kitty started hanging around our house -- totally enamoured of our older kitty.

Since he didn't look that underfed, though not fixed, I'd like to make a reasonable effort in finding his owner before we formally adopt him (AKA, get him fixed).

What online places should I post his picture?
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massage therapist


Hey. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good massage therapist with good prices that is specifically fat-cool cause I really want a massage and it's important for me to feel comfortable and know that the massage therapist is experienced and comfortable with fat bodies. Any ideas? and please don't flame me, cause really, i'm just looking for a massage. thanks.


So here's the issue,
I have some black and white film I would like to develop, but it has some nudity in it. Its nothing lewd or anything, just some artistic pictures that involve some nakedness. Would a place like fred meyers or something be ok with developing pictures like that?
I just want to get them developed for a decent price without any hassle.
Thanks a lot!


i want to go see mirah play at holocene tonight. her website says it starts at 8, holocene's says 9. she's headlining. holocene isnt answering their phooooone. any insight?


ok so i just got out of surgery and they put me on vicodin, but i've had some trouble sleeping so i wanted to take some tylenol pm. i waited until it was time for more vicodin and took the tylenol instead. now, i have this huge rush of adrenaline and i can't sleep. is this because of some weird drug malfunction, or what?

also i ateat red robin a few hours ago, and i haven't really eaten anything much the past week. could it be the sugar/fat that's freaking me out?