April 28th, 2005


Gall!!!!! :/

Ok, so yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I was in NW Portland close to downtown, and just...oh. My. God. The trees were beautiful, the sun was shining just the right way through all the neighborhoods and deep green leaves, and just...it made me wish for my camera so badly. I love beautiful days like that. I felt very relaxed going through there. *content sigh*
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Any rooms for rent? NEEDED ASAP!!

Alright so my friend Airic is looking for a room for rent...Anywhere in the beaverton-tanasbourne-murryhills area. About $400.00 or less would be nice, and the roomies or Roommate would have to be pot friendly, seeing as to how he smokes. Someone with internet and a good attitude would be awesome too. If ANYONE has any information or some tips email him at djsalsa99@hotmail.com or PM him on yahoo-chroniclyfaded (whether hes online or off just message him). This is kind of an ASAP help needed situation so please respond with any positive feedback you have. Thank you very much and wish him LUCK!

Crazy pineapple
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Looking for a room to rent

Hi all.
I'm looking for a place in Portland to rent at the end of May. I'll be a student at PSU for at least the next year, and I also work part-time (computer stuff). I'm looking for rent in the $300-400 range (+ utilities/other bills), either apartment or house is good. Broadband availability is a must of course. I have a few servers, switches, and a wireless router to contribute to any setup already in place.
Ideally the closer to campus the better, but I'll be driving so it's not imperative. Proximity to max or bus is a good thing because paying for parking sucks. Pets are fine by me. I have a parakeet and a guinea pig, both are small cage animals and I may not have them anymore by the time I move anyway.
I don't do any drugs very frequently anymore and am not interested in addict roommates but as long as you are responsible and under control your business is yours. I'm clean, friendly, and respectful and am looking for same. I like music, cooking big meals, and am social but very considerate of privacy.
Please hit me back at peterNOSPAMPLEASE@subtend.net (remove the caps) or respond to this post if you or someone you know has a situation that would be a good fit.
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May Day?

Are there any early-morning May 1st celebrations in Portland?

In Berkeley, you can get up before the sun and go to Inspiration Point in Tilden Park to watch Berkeley Morris invoke the sunrise.

Anything like that around here?
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(no subject)

Does anyone here have any experience with Keith Green Construction? I'm looking for someone to install a bathtub and new shower for me. If you have a contractor you'd recommend, let me know!

lawyers that specialize in business.....

i need a reputable lawyer to go over a partnership agreement i wrote using the NOLO 'Write a Partnership Agreement' book.

does anyone know of a cool lawyer that specializes in such things?
or what about that group of retired businessmen and women that offer their services for free/cheap....
anyone know what that organization is?

(no subject)

I'm absolutely desperate for a new game. I beat Age of Mythology last night, and I now have nada to play. I have Warcraft III, beat it, Age of Empires and II, beat it, beaten all 3 Civs a million times. Can anyone suggest something similar? Thanks.

where to go...

...to enjoy a retro-style (50's) diner with a Burgerville feel, but is NOT Bugerville or a chain/franchise establishment?

gf's dad coming to town soon, REALLY likes retro-style diners. (read: brownie points)

bad day, variant to facepalm

Neep Help

My dad is out of town until the 8th and my brother missed taping "24" from last monday. Anybody happen to tape it who wouldn't mind making a copy?

Thanks for any help!

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(no subject)

Update on yesterday's post about the repo'd car with teh kid inside, via Oregonlive. . . DAD (interesting how some of you leaped to the 'Mom,' 'she' and 'her' finger-pointing!) was charged with endangering a child, receiving stolen property and illegally transporting weapons. Evidently he reported the car missing, but not the child. WTF?! And why didn't Mom?!
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ST. ViTUS DANCE CLUB... panzen.net/vitus/index.html
For the first time ever, this thurday, 36 Invisibles and the PanZen Konspiracy Nettwyrk join forces to bring together the long-feuding tribes of Portland’s dance-party and noise-experimental undergrounds. Beat your swords into dance shoes and join us at St. Vitus Dance Club, the last Thursday of every month.

this thursday the 28th of april at Holocene from 9pm - late:
Front Room-dance:
DJ BROKENWINDOW:www.syncopated.net/solenoid/



projections by:

Back Room-experimental:




and a radio wave demonstration by Jamie Davis Jr.

How much: $5

an approximate line up of the evening:
11:00 - RUDEMENT

10:30 - AUTISM
11:30 - TO-KA-GE
12:30 P.A.N. BUTOH
Me and Kermit

(no subject)

darbyc is probably going to flame me big time for posting this, but it must be said.

I am sorely tempted to do the "neighborhood blog" thing. I think it'd be a good way to develop a community-based voice, and I live in a pretty cool part of Portland that flies under the spotlight that is shined on the Pearl, or NW, or Hawthorne. Plus, I've been looking for a way to get involved in the community without actually getting involved in community politics which are tempting, but I've got enough grey hair already, y'know?

But here's why I'm not taking darbyc up on the offer.

'Cause it's on Oregonlive.com.

Now, I'm not trying to dis anyone who works on that website, well except the graphic designers. We all have to make a living. And, to be fair - the "Pearl Blog" at this link http://www.oregonlive.com/weblogs/pearlblog/ is well written and engaging. But it's on Oregonlive.com, the graphic design of which makes my teeth hurt. I've seen porno sites with less variations of font/color and flashiness (but not Flash though.... never that).

So I'm tempted to start blogging for my neighborhood, but to set it up as an LJ community, or a standalone. Besides, wouldn't I be kind of a hypocrite, me in my anti-Oregonian-reading way, if I started generating content for the otherwise content-poor local paper?

So the bottom line is, the Markalope would like to be a neighborhood blogger. It'd be kinda cool to really get to know my neighborhood that way. But I just can't do it on Oregonlive.

Seriously. Graphic design.

Rockin' clowns wanted

I really REALLY want to start a clown band, but no one seems to want to join.

Where can I find people in this town who like to dress like clowns and want to play 60s inspired psych/pop or 70s style Kiss meets Ram Jam?

It's going to be so fun, you gotta join up.

Nick Rhodes, vanity

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Reaffirming the belief that home (Portland) is where the quality coffee vendors are (it took an out-of-town vacation for me to realize that)!

2. Awesome people, both new and old, whom I've met here on damnportlanders.

3. Warm evenings which are optimal for neighborhood walks.

4. PIcturesque flower and rock gardens in various neighborhoods.

5. Plans to visit Le Happy, Marrakesh, and Fratelli with various friends this weekend!

6. Having information about local, subversive performance events (such as the St. Vitus Dance Club event at the Holocene tonight) being written up in a mainstream news publication, such as The Portland Tribune.
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(no subject)

Hi again, all. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my husband and I are planning a move to the Portland area in June. My husband is looking at places like Beaverton and Vancouver; I'm more interested in Portland itself. However, since I haven't yet actually been to Portland, I don't know anything about the different neighborhoods. Would anyone care to give me a brief rundown on the characteristics of the major neighborhoods, and your own very biased opinions on where the "best" places to live are?

For reference, we have several caged pets but no children, and we're looking to rent a three-bedroom house in a residential area. I'd like to be close to the city itself because I prefer walking or public transport to driving, and expect to spend a lot of time downtown.

Any input you can offer is welcome!

(no subject)

random question and i'm sure i'm just overlooking them, but where is one of those quarter machine things that you can get bouncy balls out of? my cat loves to play with them and has managed to lose her last one and hasn't stopped crying for it ever since. she's driving me batty. i walked around lloyd center trying to find one, with no luck. any ideas? thanks.
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Reading Suggestions

With my new job, came a twice-a-day bus ride that I like to read during. I've gone through a book a week lately and am so thankful to have such a great library (coming from Roseburg, it's a great library) to check books out from. However, I hate picking books by random and am wondering what ya'll like to read!

I'm not a big sci-fi fan, but if it's something life-changing (hahaha, sci-fi life-changing!??!) then definitely suggest it!

So suggest a book or two (or thirteen) that you've loved and think a random stranger would also love.

* fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't matter. Non-fiction wise, I'm interested in German history (have a BA in German), the etymology of the English (and German) language, true crime, interesting facts/trivia/things I can bring up in random conversations, etc.

* I'd like to read a few biographies but don't have any famous "idols" to read about ... so got any specific suggestions there?

* I've read a lot of the "classics" already, but if that's what you loved, suggest it in case I haven't read it!
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(no subject)

Hello all,

Since there were more than a couple sad posts and comments from the ticketless Firefly fans here in DP regarding the upcoming May 5th Serenity sneak preview screening, I figured I'd go ahead and post this here. I have two, yes, TWO tickets for sale. I am unable to go (ARGH!!!!) and so am auctioning them off separately - and any of the proceeds over the original ticket price I will be donating to Basic Rights Oregon. So go, bid, and do something good in the process.

You can find the auctions at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6528858383 and http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6528858139.
Peanut guy

salon tips

Okay folks - I finally found a hairstylist that I love love love love SO love.

Which brings up the subject of tipping.

She's in East county but at a fabulous salon.

So.....input from stylists? Is there a standard? I've heard 20%? (yikes, my "trim" is already forty bucks) Seriously, though, I dont want to insult her.

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Computer diagnostic/repair

My laptop is having a bit of trouble charging-- I think it's just that the power connector on the laptop part isn't seated quite right, but I'm no hardware expert (I do know it's not the power cord; I tried replacing it). I'm told that it MIGHT be a problem with the motherboard which would then require replacement which would SUCK. But I don't know, and I need to know.

So I'm looking for a place out in the 'burbs (Hillsboro, Beaverton area) that can do a diagnostic and repair. Preferably a place that, if they charge for the diagnostic, they'll waive it if I have them repair the place (as opposed to a place that'll charge $100 for the diagnostic and THEN another $500 for repair or whatever).

Where would you take your computer for some decent honest repair work?

(no subject)

Let me just start off by saying, yes. I know I'm an idiot. Yes, I know I sound like a giggling little girl by saying this. Ok anyway...haha

There's a cute boy I've seen lately working at a certain gas station near a certain mall and I don't know how to approach him. I mean we've talked and stuff but I'd like to talk without the words "pump number 2?" being involved. I'm trying to avoid being upfront as well as posting an I Saw You ad. Doesn't leave me much hope, huh? hahaha.

Wowwww I really am I loser face.

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can purchase a custom made rubber stamp? In Portland? Online?
Edit: I don't just want the kind with a name and an address. It needs to be able to have pictures.
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Its Saving Cats and Dogs

Join me for a great fundraiser that benefits the
vitality of our furry friends!!

The essence of the fundraiser event will be all
about ways to help our pets and companions in the case
of an emergency. The essence of the fundraiser is to
help save cats and dogs lives during a fire. We will
be raising money through a dog wash, microchip clinic,
and other means and with these donations, animal
ruiscitation masks will be donated in a set of 3 to
the local fire departments. Currently human masks are
placed on pets to revive them..however, they are not
formed to the face and are not efficient in saving
lives of animals. As my friend Gala has researched,
these animal oxygen masks are only available in parts
of the East Coast as far as we know. Help me to get
them all over the West Coast, starting with Portland
and Vancouver.

If you would like to help with planning, phoning
contacts, accounting, web design, promotion, editing
press releases, illustration, or any other fundraising
input...reply to this post.
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(no subject)

A friend and I want to go out to breakfast somewhere neato on saturday morning. Neither of us is too familiar with portland, but we want somewhere neither of us has been. Trust me, thats not hard to do.

We both like the "homey diner" feel, though a bit above the dennys/sharis/roxy feel..

also, we want it to be in NW Portland.

any ideas?

I sure could use your help.

*smile* thankies!

EDIT- to further detail our search...

his words "I want a true greasy spoon where they pour you coffee before you sit down
and the lady working there has been ther for 20 years and calls everybody 'honey'"

I really do appreciate any recommendations. *smile*
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