April 27th, 2005

Darklady by Ator

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It’s Masturbate-a-thon madness on the Internet and on satellite radio! There’s still time to become a Portland Masturbate-a-thon fundraiser sponsor or donor.

Log on and hear Portland, Oregon sex writer and event coordinator Darklady chat up YNOTBob and LAJ Wednesday, April 27 1:00 pm-ish PST

Playboy Radio
XM radio Channel 205
Call in their questions or comments while Darklady talks Masturbate-a-thon and more with the Night Calls hostesses’, Tiffany and Chloe. Toll Free: 1-877-205-9796 Wednesday, April 27 4:15pm

Gram Ponante: Porn Valley Observed
“When in Portland: Masturbate”

I dunno what it’s called, but Gram said it would appear on the Wednesday edition.

What’s Next for Darklady?
Femme-Identified Slumber Party: Saturday April 30
Meet & Greet Carol Queen: Friday, May 13
Portland Masturbate-a-thon: Saturday, May 14
Darklady in SF: May 27 - 30
Buck Angel’s “Love & Sex During Time of Transition: an F-to-M Perspective”: Saturday, June 25

-- Darklady
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Me and my friend would like to get together once (or twice) weekly for network gaming with 2-4 other players.
I have two seats with room for two more.

We like, FPS, RTS, and TBS the most, but we are open to anything.

reply or email djrayne(at)gmail.com

EDIT: We will be playing in NE so if you are from that area and into gaming, drop me an email.
Mt. Hood

Kerr Properties?

Hey all -

I know there was a questions a few days ago about property management companies, but I haven't been able to find it. Anyone have any experience with Kerr Properties? They seem to mostly manage houses and duplexes. I'm on my way there right now to turn in an application, but am wondering if they are as good as they seem. Any info appreciated. Thanks!

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ok kids, give me some suggestions on things I should do in Seattle. I've been there a thousand times but never have done major exploring.

So here's what I'm looking for

fun things to do that are relatively cheap
vegetarian restaurants you recommend, again relatively cheap.

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Great Russian rock band playing this Saturday night at Dante's!

From people at Starbugs entertainment...

The Best Russian Band Ever "АУКЦЫОН" (Auktyon) from St' Petersburg , Russia, is going to play a show in Portland.

                FULL SCALE SHOW!!!

on April 30th, @ Dante's ,1 SW 3rd Ave, Portland OR.
show starts at 9:30,  Auktyon is playing first!

Auktyon is a legendary and most interesting Russian band.
You can find out more about this band and this show from www.auktyon.com  and attached Press Release.

Questions by Zach Dundas of Willamette Week:

Collapse )

Here's the flyer...

i (might) need a mechanic...

alright damnportlanders. who knows a great, honest, affordable mechanic?

my '94 toyota tercel needs its spark plugs replaced, and i'm hoping to get it taken care of without spending an arm and a leg.

mechanics located in ne are preferred (because that's where I am!) but i'm willing to go anywhere in portland area for someone that's honest and knows what they're doing.

little dog - lab pup

p i l o b o l u s d a n c e t h e a t e r

OK, I actually have an extra pair to this event. It's TONIGHT, at 7:30pm at the Schnitz.

Here's some more info about the Pilobolus Dance Theater.

White Bird is presenting it.

The tickets are in upper balcony B (I think, they're not here in front of me), and I'll sell them at face value, which is less than $20 each. You save Ticketmaster fees! wOOt!

Reply or send an e-mail if you're interested. Or AIM me (SN: petitbleuchien).

Andaz on Saturday

It's bhangra and it's the Fez! What more must I do to convince you to come? Friendly, alternative crowd; friendly, alternative music.

Look for me there.


with your hosts 
DJ Anjali and   
The Incredible Kid

Bhangra, Bollywood & HipHop...

(and every last Saturday)

10pm to 3am
21 & over only

Fez Ballroom
316 SW 11th
(btw Burnside & Stark)
(x-posted all over)

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Once upon a time I used to eat at a place called the Char Broiler in a land far far away known as Canby, Oregon. At the Char Broiler they served, fresh and hot, their own homemade curly fries. They were the best damn curly fries and I want some right now.

Can I be so lucky to find any place in Portland proper/Tigard/Beaverton that serves homemade curly fries?
a picture calls


I want to plan a day where a whole buncha people from LJ go to the zoo...particularly with their kids! Yes, I know this is called a meetup. If anyone is interested, please post you suggestions on a date and time. I would be partial to a monday because they are less busy, and a morning because I work at night. We could all meet at the auditorium and let the kiddies expel energy.

I don't know my work schedule, but hey I haven't called in sick in a while hehe.
My best suggestion would be Monday the 16th at Proabably noon or sth...we could pack a little picnic!
dun dun... dun dun....

mine eyes are a'melting

"I get the feeling that one of these guys would have come at a samurai yelling really loud and swinging his bag full of lotions and hair care products and then there would be a flash of silver and the guy would slide dramatically into halves."

For your own sake, read the article. Knowing is half the battle, and it would seem that...

the apocolypse cometh.

Pray that it can't cross moving water, and we can catch the highlights on CNN from the sanctity of the pub.

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Any bike savy people please help!

I was an idiot and lost the keys to my bike lock and now have no way of getting the actual lock off my handlebars. I no longer have any use or storage ability with my bike, so I am going to try to sell it. I'm sure that nobody would want to buy my bike if it had a metal coil lock around the handle bar... Anyone have a suggestion with what to do? Could I go to the downtown bike shop near the library and see if they could cut the lock off? I have no proof of purchase anymore (got the bike last July) so I hope that isn't an issue.
So Gay

Saturday Night?

Any of you damnportlanders looking for something do do Saturday evening? The Let's Go Eat! Club will be meeting up at the Mississippi Pizza Pub starting at 5pm for dinner and a show benefitting the American Diabetes Association. Come join us for pizza and a good time with Sketchy Ted and others! Donations are encouraged. Plus, there will still be lots of time to hit the town afterwards.

For more information, visit our community: letsgoeat_pdx

nose piercing questions...

i decided to make the leap and get a nose piercing, but where, oh where shall i go?

1)i live in ne and i can get around, but are there any places anyone would highly recommend over here?
2)my driver's license is expired, but i am 21 and i am pretty sure i look it... anyone know of a place that won't give a damn about my expired id?
3) i also might need to buy a clear stud for wearing to work on the days my boss is in a bad mood... where could i find those?
4) about how much should the piercing cost me?
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purple haze

As viewed through a nice Merlot corona, what a beautiful spring day! I'm out in the sunshine, the light breeze, my stemware at my side, my lappy charged up, my dogs at my feet, a hummer tasting the feeder, an American Goldfinch at the thistle feeder, the froth of cottonwood trees in the air: it's one helluva day to be alive, isn't it? It's even a cheap Merlot.
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Starts at 8pm. However, kunzite1 and I will be arriving around 7:30 so we can stake out a spot, since I got a tip that another meetup might be happening then too.

So feel free to meet us then if you can =)

Great Sandwich Shops

I live in Tigard (just moved here from the Roseburg area), but of course I make routine visits to Portland. I've been trying to find a good sandwich shop in the area. The kind of sandwich I'm looking for are those hot ones that are in pita-type bread. Usually ham or turkey with melted cheese. I'm sorry, I don't know the exact name. Anyway, does anyone know of a GREAT sandwich shop in Portland or the Portland area?

circle of life

Need a Computer Desk for Your Office?

From Craigslist:

"We have a nice u shaped office desk with a hutch that is too big for our area. The desk was purchased from Costco, it is grey with lots of storage. This desk has been well cared for and in great condition.

We are asking for $200 or best offer.

* This item has been posted by-owner.
* this is in or around Rock Creek"
fucking *by stephen h


anyone else see those bright white flashes in the sky over north portland this evening? i was out smoking a bit ago and kept seeing them over/around the st. johns area.

anyone know what's causing those?

edit: false alarm. just a far off lightning show with no rumbling thunder. how disappointing.

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math homework help anyone??!

a wire of 40cm in length creates a rectangle of 60cm. what is the length and width of the rectangle?

if p=profit and t=ticket price, what is the maximum profit this cinema could make?
p=-25t(squared) + 500t - 50


a barnowner wants to build if 120ft of fencing on a side of his barn. whats the best way to fence to use as much space as possible?

any help or answers or suggestions are fantastic. i know the whole "you should do it yourself, lazyass" thing but i need help on it.

what's up Pland!

Dear Portlanders... I was wondering if any of you have any information for me regarding Rockfest or Big Stink... I attended both in 03' and had a blast i had soo much fun!! last yr Rockfest was replaced by Mosh in the Meadows w/Slipknot... and sadly there was no Big Stink... so i was wondering if any of you knew if knrk or kufo were planning on having them again this summer? I don't live in the Portland area so that's why i'm asking i'm about 4 hrs south of you guys on the coast... thanx a lot i appreciate ur time -ben

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