April 26th, 2005

Bored Bear


Does anyone have any tips on how to get over a break-up? I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and while I'm generally feeling okay, I'd like to help speed up the healing process a bit.

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So Friday me and my friends want to do something new and fun we're all from ages 17-19 and well farely broke. if anyone has any ideas of something cheap but entertaining we could do, let me know...
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Final Meetup Update

Well, as you can see from the poll results, Wednesday at McMenamins *just* eked out above Tuesday at Blue Moon.

Those of you who voted Tuesday at Blue Moon, I encourage y'all to go hang out there tonight anyway ;)

But the meetup for this month is officially Wednesday, April 27th, 8pm, at McMenamins Tavern & Pool. That's 1716 N.W. 23rd. Be aware that there are two McMenamins Taverns on 23rd-- the Ram's Head is further down --and we are at the TAVERN & POOL. Minors are welcome up until 10pm. I will call them to let them know we're coming around when they open (at 11am).

Lookin' forward to seeing some of you there =)

Unlawful termination?

Okay okay, so I'm assuming I'm outta luck here BUT my friend said I should post in this forum and see if anyone knew anything.

I work for a staffing agency and through them I got hired to a full-time job, meant to last 9 months to a year. SO! Yesterday I got fired. The agent said I was fired because a month before I had requested "this" Monday off, and my request was denied, but since I called in sick the boss thinks I'm lying and chose to fire me.

But there's a problem... I never requested yesterday off, I requested next Monday off. AND, though I was initially denied, later on I WAS given it off. So this situation that I was fired for was wrong on all fronts.

I told my agent as much and she said it must be a misunderstanding and called my boss back. But he decided to fire me anyway.

This company has a really clear policy that you are allowed 3 occurences of being late or calling in sick, after which you will be given a warning. 2 more (in an 8 month period) and you're fired. I have never been late, and got fired the first time I called in sick.

There have never been complaints about my performance, or anything else that I can think of as a reason they might want to fire me. So, simplest answer usually being right... I think the boss made himself look like an ass by jumping the gun and firing me over his mistake, and it's easier for him to just be an asshole, than admit he was one.

Anyone think there is anything I can do?

I don't like it when people think they can just be shady like this and that it's never gonna come back and bite them.

Refried Edge..

The Edge (Oregonian Living Section) reprinted their Silly Name column... I don't remember seeing this before so, bear with me and follow allong...

What is your Silly Name?

1- Use the FIRST letter of your FIRST name to get your new firstname:
A= Stinky B= Lumpy C= Buttercup D= Gidget E=Crusty F= Greasy G= Fluffy H= Cheeseball I= Chim-Chim J= Poopsi K=Flunky L= Booger M= Pinky N= Zippy O=Goober P= Doofus Q= Slimy R= Loopy S= Snotty T= Falafel U= Dorky V= Squeezit W= Oprah X= Skipper Y= Dinky Z= Zsa-Zsa

2- Use the FIRST letter of your LAST name to get the FIRST HALF of your new last name
A= Diaper B= Toilet C= Giggle D= Bubble E= Girdie F= Barf G= Lizard H= Waffle I= Cootie J= Monkey K= Potty L=Liver M= Banana N= Rhino O= Burger P= Hamster Q= Toad R= Gizzard S= Pizza T= Gerbil U= Chicken V= Pickle W= Chuckle X=Tofu Y= Gorilla Z= Stinker

3- Use the LAST letter of your LAST name to get the second half of your new last name
A= Head B= Mouth C= Face D= Nose E= Tush F= Breath G= Pants H= Shorts I= Lips J= Honker K= Butt L= Brain M= Tushie N= Chunks O= Hiney P=Biscuits Q= Toes R= Buns S= Fanny T= Sniffer U= Spinkles V= Kisser W= Squirt X= Humperdink Y= Brains Z= Juice

I'm Chim-Chim Monkey Buns...
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I'm such a tard...

Okay, since I've recently gotten a lot of great advice from you great people, I figured I would ask yet another question.

So I finally realized that when it comes to guys that I DO NOT like, I can talk for ages about stupid things... which normally leads to these guys liking me more than to begin with. Then when it comes to guys that I DO like, I'm a tard and I can't think of sh*t to say. I either mumble useless crap or stare blankly at 'em.

I was talking with a good friend of mine about situations where I may find myself in the same company as someone that I have the hots for and she suggested I say something like this:

"Hey, I like you, but I am a little retarded at first when I meet someone that I like. I'm not normally retarded, though, so would you still be my friend?"

Your thoughts? Or maybe any other suggestions as to how to get over my stupidity? I'm slowly gaining confidence when it comes to dating around here, but apparently, there lots of creepies here in the Portland/Vancouver area. The ones who aren't creepies are the ones that I get all tongue tied around. LOL

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Hello minionsDamnPortlanders!

I need me a mess 'o information and I figured this would be a great place to start. Please help if you can.

Anyone know where I can get beginner's lesson books for pianos for cheap? Does Goodwill sell that kind of stuff? Also, where could I get some info on accordion lessons in Portland, preferably in SE?

2.Drag Kings
Where can I get good info on the DK scene in Portland? How can I (total newbie) get involved?

3.Roller Derby
I hear there are roller derby leagues in Portland. Is this true? Are they superfantasticawesome fun or should I not believe the hype?

Besides PCC, where could I learn how to become a badass welder?

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europa and the bull

i need buckets

Does anyone know where I can locally buy a bulk supply of buckets or other containers in like the 1-2 gallon range? I need something cheap and disposable that I can mix things like tile mortar or small amounts of cement patch in for my work.

Any help is appreciated.

(no subject)

Perhaps you guys can be of some help with this. I am trying to use mapquest to get directions to a job interview I have tomorrow. The place is on "Beaverton-Hillsdale hwy" but mapquest does not seem to like that. What can I put in in order to come up with directions to where I am going? Or in other words, what else is that hwy called? Thanks!

cat lovers, advice?

my kitty has undergone a behavioral change the last four days or so. i have already made an appointment at the vet to have her looked at, but have any DP cat lovers' kitties experienced these symptoms:

* loss of interest in food and water (she eats and drinks a little, but far less than usual)

* seeming weakness/clumsiness when moving around - lethargy

* doesn't sleep by my head/lick my hair when we crash at night

* doesn't come to the door to greet me when i get home from work

* breathing and pulse seem normal, no signs of parasites

* decidedly less vocal/social - she used to meow and scratch the couch all the time, now she is very quiet and doesn't scratch, and no evening/morning kitty crazies, which was funny and de rigueur, as well.

EDIT: her purr WAS broken, but then returned this morning, and she is an indoor kitty with VERY limited exposure to other animals. she has no fleas.

bicycle repair

Can anyone tell me the most inexpensive place in the Hawthorne District/Ladd's Addition area to get the front wheel of my bike replaced? I'm having it looked at today at Coventry Cycling Center, but don't know if their price range is the best deal I can get. I'd apprieciate any suggestions. Many thanks!
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(no subject)

Okay, so my fiance worked for a temp agency locally, on a long term assignment, and was fired when he took a few days off to help take care of our son and myself when we thought I was in labor. I ended up in the hospital and obtained a doctors note to prove I was there because that was one of the requirements of his employer (this is the first time he'd missed this amount of time, but they were well informed that we were due to have a baby and seemed totally okay about him missing time for it). It turned out to be a false alarm, which happens, unfortunately (I still haven't had the baby, but have felt fine since that incident).

Well, they fired him for it.

Anyway, he applied for unemployment, and that was three weeks ago. We keep getting notices saying they are still investigating the situation. He called today to see if there was anything he could do, any information he could provide that might help, etc-- and he was told that his case wasn't even going to be assisgned to anyone until next week! So no one would even look at his case until four weeks after he applied?

Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?
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(no subject)

Completely not Portland-related, except for the fact that you're all smart people and know everything!

In Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" what is he saying in the chorus?  To me it sounds like:

Keep up with the porn stars
Don't stop 'til you get enough

I could probably go search for the lyrics online, but asking you all is better.
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(no subject)

I know this has been asked a billion times before, but I'm in need of some tattoo advice.

First question, who do you guys recommend?

Second, on average what kind of price range am I looking for for something simple, less than 3" in diameter with one tiny bit of color?

Third, what's the best way to keep it from getting rubbed too much by my shirt/bra strap? I plan on having it done on my back left shoulder.

I want to hear your experiences!
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tiny little super guy

(no subject)

I know this is asked all the time, but which local temp agencies have you gotten good results from? I have a job that I'm ready to quit and will most likely be starting a teaching job in September. I'd like to find work for May, June, and July. Office work and that sort of thing. Basically I just want to get a paycheck and not have a stressful job for a few months. Last time I went about the temping approach, I went to AppleOne and they laughed me away because I was overqualified (I have a Master's). Anyway, suggestions? Temporary jobs you know of?
short bus

I want to shoot your dog...

Since there's about a million dogs in this town I figure there's some of you might like photos. There's no fee, no catch. I'll give you a set of 4x6 prints of the finished photos along with web sized photos for posting in your LJ or wherever.

For free? What? Why am I doing this?

It's pretty simple. I want to build up my portfolio but more importantly, I want to do a series of dog books to try and raise money for the Oregon Humane Society and several other dog organizations. Later on in the year I'd really like to find somewhere to do an exhibit, again for charity. Samples of my work are here if you'd like to have a look.

All breeds, sizes and ages are welcome with extra treats for French Bulldogs and Pugs. Photo sessions can be in my studio, at a favorite park, your home or wherever your dog will be happiest and most comfortable. If you're interested I'd love to hear from you. :)
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250 or so teachers later

So, I see that 250 teachers will be laid off. http://www.katu.com/stories/76749.html

Now, what exactly did our extra Multnomah County iTax go towards?

Update: "Edit off" Sorry! OK, the banter is interesting but the question remains: did our paying this extra tax actually solve anything? What exactly were these excess monies used for? Who do we complain to? It's odd that this is coming up, ahem, right as the two-year (right?) "limit" to the tax is coming to a close. Or am I just being too naive about federal responsibility?
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I absolutely love this photo (kind of large image) and want a poster-sized print of it to hang in my apartment. Anyone know who took it and if there are prints available?
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stop it


Dear Republican Voter:
This week you'll receive your ballot for the May 17 special-district election. Please vote LAMOUNTAIN for the Portland Community College Board of Directors. I stand for:

-- No tax-increasing PCC bond issues;
-- Serving American citizens first;
-- Equal opportunity without 'affirmative action';
-- Western culture over 'multiculturalism'.

Please rest my statement that will accompant your ballot, and vote LAMOUNTAIN for PCC Board.


Dear Mr Lamountain,
Die painfully, kthx.
kisses and death!

Well, I had this whole big rant in my head about how REPUBLICAN DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL ASSHOLE that I was going to write up, and then I get this. I apologise on behalf of the few of us left that don't have our heads in our asses. The only vote Lamountian is going to get from ME is a boot off the SIDE of a mountain.

Cheap eating ( and drinking) reviews

Starr Pinot Noir, 2000: $6.99/bottle ( 10% discount for a case) I first tasted this in 2000, at a supermarket. I later met the winemaker, Rachel Starr, at a store where I was working when I came back from tour. At the time, I though the wine was very tight, and slightly underpressed for fruit.
Whata difference a few years can make in wine. My goodness, this is just wonderful. Elegant, well balanced, with a delicate and wonderful expression of fruit, and just incredibly silky, with alovely finish and fragrance. Great with salmon or trout, which is how I have been having it. I bought at the Burlingame Fred Meyers, and I don't know if there is much left. Quite possibly, the best under $30 Pinot that I have had- and that includes Erath.

Santini's Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive oil: $7/Liter *and* Trader Joe's California Albequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is wonderful, wonderful stuff. The Kalamata is superb with salads and pouring on top of cooked spinach.Great for cold dips, like Hummus or Baba Ghanoush, which benefit from teh assertive flavor. The California is great with almond based gazpacho And I bet with regular gazpacho, in addition to salads

Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tuscany, $17/Liter: not so cheap as above, but by golly, the taste with blow you away, You will want to drink this by the spoonful. This would be wonderful with soft goat or fresh cow cheeses, salads, or adding fragrance and lustre to soups.

Brie Comtois, Whole Foods, $4.99/pound: This is factory Brie, to be sure, but give this a chance to breathe by leaving it out on the counter in cool weather like we have been having. Vey smooth, rich, with a slight perfume of ammonia and yeast. Yummy with fruit jams(fig or quince marmalada)or fresh fruit.
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Serenity Sneak Screening in PDX

For those who know and care, there was listed a "Serenity" movie sneak screening here in town. I want to go. The info and sales were just released and opened today and its already sold out.

If anyone bought an extra ticket (like I was going to do), I will buy it off of you. Of course at the same price it was purchased at. Should be $8.50 (if purchased online add $1 service fee.)

Please and thank you?

Spring is here

Warm weather is here and I have the urge to fly a kite!
1. Where would there be a good place to fly kites around here? (I live in the Tanasbourne/Hillsboro area)

2. Who sells kites?

(no subject)

Okay Dpers, I have a quest. I would like to find a pair of those mesh slipper-like shoes (or non-mesh but inexpensive) like these.
As much as I adore my platform flip-flops, I can't wear them all the time, and as the weather warms up, my boots and sneakers are becoming less of an option.
SE or Downtown is prefarable.
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Damn link....click on "solid mesh slippers" to see what I mean. Stoooopid thingie!


i'm an insomniac who often gets middle of the night cravings for non-ickyfastfood food. i like fried things and breakfast and meat. do any of y'all have any recommendations for tasty late night dining?

edit: places on the east side [if they exist] are preferable because i am one lazy bitch.
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