April 25th, 2005


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to the person who yelled:

"jenny craig dropout!!!" at us hot chickies downtown tonight


uh, DUHHHHH! way to state the obvious

and second

we're proud of it. so there ;)


i saw viva glam burlesque tonight, along with some amazing spoken word/slam poetry. fucking awesome.
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Exotics Vets?

My husband and I have decided, pretty spontaneously, to move to Portland from Santa Cruz before our lease here is up on June 30th, and are looking for recommendations for a good, knowledgable exotics vet. We're moving to the Beaverton/Aloha area, so vets in that area would be best, but we're willing to drive pretty far to get the best care possible for our chinchilla, two bunnies, three rats, and king snake.

Thanks for your help!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy aka h2g2

excerpt from h2g2

"You'd better be prepared for the jump into hyperspace. It's unpleasantly like being drunk."

"What's so unpleasant about being drunk?"

"You ask a glass of water."

I hope that this makes into the movie.
to read the book, go here
to read the a pre-release review, go here

all 5 books are available online:
Book 1 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Book 2 - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Book 3 - Life, the Universe, and Everything
Book 4 - So long, and thanks for all the fish
Book 5 - Mostly Harmless
hey you!

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WANTED - Tickets to Thursday showing of the Banff Mountain Film Festival
Reply to: acadiabaird@livejournal.com or leave a comment

I am desperately in need of 1, 2, or 3 tickets (any basically) to the Banff Film Festival for Thursday in Portland at the Bagdad Theater. If anyone has any available for sale, please let me know and I'll take them off your hands immediately ASAP!

REI said they'd hold our 3 tickets for 3 days and then sold them out from under us.


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Does anyone know how much it would cost to take my cat to the vet?
She has been scratching herself so badly that she's bleeding and scabby. I think she needs one of those lampshade things for her head. She's has a neurological disorder so I don't think she can feel pain and I don't think she's going to stop scratching herself. We don't have a ton of money but something needs to be done. Does anyone have an extra cat head lampshade thing? What are those things called anyway?
Thank you.
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Meetup Info

EDIT: What do you guys think of moving it to a different NIGHT instead of a different place? I've got a class tomorrow night so even if I announce it at a diff place, I won't be there. But if we moved it to Wednesday night-- just for this month --we could go to the usual place at the usual time without a problem. Thoughts on that (even if you already commented)?

So I called McMenamins, and apparently tomorrow night they have some kind of banquet going on. They are therefore not allowed to set aside any tables for us.

Now, it's possible that only a few of us will actually even show up and we could deal with one or two smaller tables.

OR it's possible that we won't even get those.

OR it's possible that a bunch of us will show up.

So my question is: should we seek out another location to hold meetup at? I actually got an e-mail a month or so ago from a woman who was running a Big Town Hero in the downtown area who offered us their party/meeting room, so we could check that out. Or we could look at other places entirely, or we could just go to McMenamins and hope for the best.

dun dun... dun dun....

If only because

I find the whole Star Wars thing to be an unabashed strip-mining (bordering on plagiarism) of the not-as-good-as-some-"remember" 80's/my childhood memories/far better sci-fi arcs predating the cinematic drivel by decades (right up there with pop-electroclash)...

This put a smirk on my face this afternoon

ps: I am aware of the potential for flames in regard to my eye-rolling disdain for the SW phenomenon, so go ahead and blow :p

adendum: to point, Lucas' worlwide kungfu grip on the formula of
(sophomoric acting + space opera³)CG explodey = brain-farking blockbuster "hit"
has been recently challenged by an unknown family of young upstart DIY die-hards, and they are certainly well on their way to dissolving the enchantment surrounding the Jedi franchise...


May the Farce bewitch you...

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Has anyone been to the Wind River Hot Springs (the private land ones. . .not the Carson Hot Springs resort) lately? is the Wind River covering up the hot springs? Is there any way to find out how high the river is? Google searches turned up pages merely saying some of the pools will be covered up if the water is high, but no numbers . . .
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Me and Kermit

Needs to be posted....

Newel Briggs dot net

Newel Briggs Needs Your Help
Hey Portland people - especially old-school Portland people that have been around for a while. Newel Briggs, co founder of the late great Portland reggae band Dub Squad, is having some serious financial troubles due to a combination of prostate cancer and the excellent health insurance plan that comes with being a musician your whole career (/sarcasm). Dub Squad was like the first band I went to see when I turned 21, back at the old Key Largo among other places. I've got great memories of that band - so hey, those of you that are in the mood to go to a show - check out one of the benefit shows for Newel, and those of you that are in a good place in life, throw a dollar or so Newel's way, and help his family out.

End commercial.

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Hi there :-)

I have a couple of somewhat sensible, and somewhat silly, moving-to-Portland questions here :-) If anyone out there could be of any help at all, that would be simply marvellous of you all!

1 - Are there to anybody's knowledge, any Portland bike/biking livejournal communities? I ride my bike a lot, and have some questions pertaining to this! (I don't have a search facility on my livejournal account, or else i would find out myself, i promise!) Snuffle.

2 - Does Portland have any cute little places for insomniacs? (aka, is there little a 24-hour cafe in the city where you can hangout with a book or your homework or whatnot at 3.30am?)

Thankyou all so kindly. Kirsty x

Pliss recommend

So where am I and two friends going to eat and drink tonight? It will be after 8, too late for happy hour. Cheap cocktails and tasty spicy food, and no cover? And it must be someplace that is not totally empty on a Monday night, otherwise we will feel very unhip and at our age that is a serious matter.


damnportlanders, i'm on my third day of being a non-smoker. i think this is the 5th time around. words of support or wisdom please?! i'm going crazy!

EDIT: Thanks so much guys, you are magnificent! I really appreciate it.
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The Bowler
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Like to LAN?

Do you like playing computer games? Does your idea of a relaxing weekend involve 34 straight hours of gaming? Do you have nothing to do this weekend? Then you should come to LANSlide’s 6th installment of pure gaming excitement! Here are some details to wet your appetite:

What: LAN Party including; 2 tournaments, 4 dedicated servers, gigabit backbone

When: April 30th – May 1st (Saturday 10am – Sunday 8pm)

Where: Holliday Inn Express on NW 23rd and Vaughn

How (much): $10 for the whole weekend

Who: 40-60 gamers

For more information, visit our website at www.lanslide.org or Email deus_ex_machina@lanslide.org

Hope to see you there!

It's a long shot...

Does anyone know of a place in Portland or surrounding areas where I can get fleischkuekle? My partner's birthday is on Thursday and he says that's all he wants (he's a Midwesterner who hasn't had it since he moved here; apparently it's just that good). I checked the usual suspects (Rheinlander, Gustav's) but so far have come up empty. Thanks in advance!

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i have one ticket to m. ward at the aladdin this saturday that im not going to be able to use because i have conflicting plans that evening. Anyone want to buy? only $13.00!

M. Ward
Saturday April 30th 9:00pm

anyone interested could send money order via mail or we could meet-up somewhere in the great pdx to make an exchange.
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Further MeetUppitude

When/where would you prefer to meet?

Tomorrow (Tuesday), Blue Moon, 8pm.
Wednesday, McMenamins, 8pm.
Either is fine with me.

As I mentioned in this post, McMenamins is having an event tomorrow night that may prevent us from being able to meet there.

The two suggestions that I felt had the most merit were meeting at the same place but Wednesday instead of Tuesday, or else meeting at a different place on Tuesday (Blue Moon was the most oft-recommended, so it's the one I picked).

If you have a PREFERENCE (even if you *can* go to either), please vote for your preference. If it really makes absolutely no difference to you, go ahead and say "either."

Aaaand whichever one wins will be what happens. I'll make another post tomorrow morning to let everyone know the result. :)

NOTE: Blue Moon is at NW 21st and Glisan. The McMenamins referred to here is on NW 23rd.

Other Note: I've just been informed that Blue Moon does not allow minors in after 8pm. I'm not a minor anymore, and I know I'm usually the only minor who does go-- but if you're a minor, make sure you note that if Blue Moon is selected you will not be able to attend (without a fake ID)! McMenamins Tavern allows minors up until 10pm (and they have yet to really bitch at a minor for staying a bit later than that, as far as I know).
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Does anyone have tickets to THIS PERFORMANCE of Pilobolus Dance Theater at the Schnitz on Wednesday that they, for some reason, can't use?

The only ones left are approximately 2.8 miles from the stage. Craigslist? Zilch.

I'll be your friend forever. Perhaps a little more to the point, though, I'll happily pay more than you bought them for.

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Volksporters in Portland?


If you're into walking long walks just to get little patches n' stuff like I am, I'm walking the 12k from Providence Portland Medical Center (805 NE Glisan) tomorrow at 9am. The walk box is all the way in the back, but you can ask for it at the info desk and they'll point the way. I'll be wearing a poncho and a hat, generally looking like an insane vagabond. I know I know, but a man's gotta have his entertainment. Anyone is welcome to join me in my jaunt.

The "What if" game.

Tell me three things you would do with $33 Trillion dollars.

I want to know how your creative minds work.


Okay look. Stop thinking of the "world economy and the impact of this money on it." It's a game. Sheesh.
And this IS $33,000,000,000,000 we're talking about here. Which is roughly 500 times Bill Gates' worth at the HEIGHT of his wealth.

It can't happen, so try to think OUTSIDE the box for a change. Think big, think odd, c'mon!

Among things I'd do:
Buy a license to kill / get out of jail free card from the government.
Turn Iowa into one big prison (ala George Carlin's idea.)
On a whim, buy Google.com and shut it down.
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i was just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to look for a queen-sized bed frame. i want a nice-ish wooden one (i think), but i'm on a budget and can't really afford a new one. i've been craigslisting it for about a month with no luck and have looked at pdxforsale too. is there anywhere else i should try? thanks!


Does anyone know a good pediatrician or pediatrician clinic that takes OHP? We live in Tigard and we don't drive but we do have medical transportation services through OHP at least for a little while. I'd like to avoid treking all the way to NE Portland all the same.
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