April 24th, 2005

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Do any of you know of a good spot that overlooks the city? Something that's high up, doesn't have a tree line infront of it, and is public? It would also be nice if it was somewhat close to downtown, so I don't have to use a telephoto lens. I'm planning on taking a long-exposure, wide-angle night shot of downtown and surroundings. Someone told me I should "drive up to one of those rose gardens" but I'm hoping someone can give me a better suggestion.

I guess I could settle for a downtown shot from one of the bridges too, but I don't know.

Any ideas?

(Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions)

storage units

I'm going home for the summer and need to store my stuff (not a huge amount mind you) until I get back to Portland. I know I've heard of storage companies that are relatively inexpensive and that drop off small storage units at your location, let you pack them up, and then pick the units back up for you. Anyone have any suggestions for a company I should call?


When in doubt – the internet.

Just curious. Are there any geeky, atheist, libertarian, drug-free, morally-conservative symphony-goers under 30 in this city? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

If you are at least 4 of these things, you know all too well where I am coming from, and wouldn't terribly mind hanging out with me, either!
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I need to see a dermatologist this week. I do not have health insurance. Ideally the visit would be no more than $60. Suggestions? Recommendations?

Thanks DP!
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Random super 8mm footage needed

I'm not expecting much here, but figured it would be worth a shot.

Anyone have any reels of super 8mm film of whatever random varieties they wouldn't mind parting with? Or if they have them and don't want to part with them, burn to dvd or somesuch for use in abstract visualizations?

Either way would be most splendid, but hands on is always a bonus. =)
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Did anyone go to Wordstock? I volunteered there today (8am to 6 pm) and yesterday (12:30pm to 6:30pm), and I must say it was one of the most funnest and greatest experiences of my life. I got to see Phil Lesh talk about the Grateful Dead, met Michelle Feynman (and got her autograph) and brought home tons of books. here's hoping they do it again next year!
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Hey everybodee! U.P. is in finals week. i have a bunch of crap to transport back to california for the summer, and need some boxes for all the books i have accrued during the year. (that was background) so... the question is:

Where can I get boxes for cheap or free?

now... i'm NW portland, but i'd be willing to go downtown or a little further for some good book-totin boxes. ideally, it would be like... banker's boxes but i only need one or two so i dont feel like buying 50 in bulk at freddies or something.

anyway, hope your last week of april is going as smashingly as mine might.

EDIT: I am the biggest moron in the world, i'm on campus which is NE not NW. not that NW is so far. ...yeah.
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seafood by the sea

Favorite seafood places out on the Oregon coast, preferably where they actually serve stuff other than fried fish and chips?

Please include town where said place can be found and the general price-range (i.e. cheap, midrange, if you have money to burn categories...).
Favorite dishes and recommendations are bonus.

OK, go!

Thank You

To whomever picked my purse up off the bench in front of Powell's on Hawthorne this evening (where I'd walked off and left it) and turned it in at the book store, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you!
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So the gyrlz at 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts have posted some of my pics on their site at long last, bless their fuzzy perverted hearts. If you click on the images below, it will take you to the gallery for that event.

Enjoy the pics, gimmee some feedback if ya got it...

(Descriptions of all events borrowed from 2 Gyrlz)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Languages of Evolution
Performative lecture by Dr. Alder Fuller on evolution, while he composes live electronic music companied by To • kä • ge and Revelater. The lecture will be accompanied by video projections by local artist, Murk Visuals and Looksee Lights.

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