April 23rd, 2005

a picture calls

It was fabulous.

I am a BIG fan of Z.Z Wei. There are paintings of his featured in the Gallery on 1st(I think), near Saturday Market. I would love to get a print of a certain painting. I have seen some stuff at the patricia rovzgar(sp) gallery onling. I miss that painting. I saw it about 5 years ago. It had a pink tree in it.
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Re: Taxi Drivers

Dear Taxi Driver,
I understand that part of your job requires that you go from point A to point B, and to do so in the shortest amount of time. However, when some one is in front of you, driving the speed limit and obaying all basic traffic laws, it seems to me, that you have no right to get pissie when one decides to slow down to turn onto a side street. so what I request from you in the future is that you FUCK OFF!

your friend,
polite, portland driver
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(no subject)

So, short of taking random "enrichment" classes or going to bars, how would a girl go about finding a place to meet guys? I'm sick of the meat market in the bars. Not only do I seem to ONLY attract the under 20/over 40 guys, but I'm just not feeling the need to do the one night stand thing.

Anybody else have this problem?

And seriously, after watching the bar scene tonight, what is the deal with people always crying about the guys/girls that mess with their heads yet they only go after the same type of guy/girl time and time again? I'm guilty of the same crime. Someone tell me what the deal with that is.

Thanks DPers :) I hope y'all had a fun Friday night. whew.
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road to morrocco

LJ Meetup

If I read my calendar correctly, this coming Tuesday (april 26th) is the fourth Tuesday of the month. This means that there's the usual Portland LJ Meetup- erm, Get-Together. Is it going to be at the usual place at the usual time this month?
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Dumb Ass Drivers

Seriously, if you want to speed after your little buddy at 2:00AM down SE Salmon and blow by all the stops, like you did on 13th. Just make sure nobody is in the way... Like my girlfriend who was about to cross the street.

Anyhow, you really should thank her.

That would have made my day having to spend my birthday in jail because you were drunk and hit my girlfriend with that little PT your daddy got ya. What a deal... I love jail, they have the best food.

And in closing, Fuck off.
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(no subject)

Where can someone who is suffering from crippling depression get help? My doctor has not been of much help, and all the places he has recommended or I have called in the phone book say they don't treat that. I'm at the end of my rope and getting scared. Thank you in advance for anyone you can recommend to me.
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Wordstock Today and Tomorrow

The Wordstock Book Fair takes place over the weekend of April 23rd and 24th at the Oregon Convention Center between 9am and 5pm and is absolutely free! The Book Fair features over 200 authors on 11 different stages and rooms, over 100 exhibitors, food, music and a children's activity area!

Full weekend schedule here.

This will be an awesome weekend!
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One more annoying question about neighborhoods, and then I'm done

I knew I could count on you DamnPortlanders! There seems to be a consensus that avoiding the Lent Park area is pretty much the only smart thing I could do. Thanks a bunch for the info. It's great to have this resource (you guys) to help me narrow down my choices before I actually go up there and start looking at houses.

So, here's another one for you, and hopefully this will be the last neighborhood question for awhile. There's an area up in NE Portland I'm looking at now. It looks like it encompasses a few neighborhoods, so I'm just looking for a general idea; the area between NE 42nd Ave and I-205, and between I-84 and NE Columbia Blvd. I know that's a large area, but any generalizations you guys could give me would be great, and I promise I won't bug you about neighborhoods again.

Thanks a bunch, everyone. You guys are swell.
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A question for the lawyers of DP

I have a friend who recently moved out of student housing. She gave her 30 days notice but vacated the property well in advance (approx 10 days) She turned in her keys and asked that they refund her rent as it should have been pro-rated for the month. The University housing Office is claiming that unless they rent the apartment before the end of the month they owe her nothing. They haven't entered the room to clean it, nor have they made any attempts to lease the space.

Is there anything that she can do besides get hosed out of money that is rightfully hers?
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So, I love my digital camera and everything, but there's just something about acatual photos that are great as well.

I have three rolls of film that I'd like to get devolped, but I really don't have much money to spend on 'em and I know they can get kinda pricey. I've been to Fred Meyers and their pretty cheap (about 3.99 a roll). Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper?

Thanks Portlanders!
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Dump day afternoon

This is Portland-related, cuz, uh, the dump is in Portland. Also, I didn't want to write this whole thing and have no one read it. So, feel free. Enjoy. And support your local recycling employees. :)

Damn RIGHT I'm the kind of man who goes to the dump.

Damn right, also, that I'm the kind of man who rips out two large rooms full of wall-to-wall carpet and then leaves it piled against the side of my house for 9 months while the rain and the bugs and fungi have their way with it.

Damn right I'm the kind of man who got really fucking icky loading that shite into the back of a trailer. Wait, am I the kind of man who says, "icky?" Guess so.

I went to the dump, AKA the East County Recycling Center, with my father-in-law, who is very pleasant company indeed for a dump run, or anything that involves driving, staring out into space, and occasionally filling the comfortable silence with chat about internal combustion engines, woodworking, gas prices, or sports. A going-to-the-dump kind of man. Plus, it's his trailer. And the guy who has the trailer is the guy you respect. I will never, ever buy a trailer, or a pickup, as your weekends are then guaranteed FULL for the rest of your life, or until you drive the trailer off some faraway cliff and watch it smash into satisfying bits on the distant rocks below.
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At least have to try...

Looking for CS 1.6 Dedicated Players in the area.


Be Good
Be Dedicated


Be Under 16
Be A Liberal (See stereotypical, see average Portlander)
Have An Annoying Voice, mine's bad enough.
Cheat; if you do and try to bs me, the results may go beyond your computer.
Be Openly Homosexual, we have a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.
Put AZN in your name.
A Christian

If this post isn't looking for you, don't reply to it. Don't waste my time.

EDIT: Only replies relevant to the post will be replied to.

EDIT: Please inquire via AIM x1ronmaidenx or on IRC (gamesurge) #mso.

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(no subject)

Hi there,..
I need to find a dance instructor quick,..
I am trying to put together an eccentric dance peice for an audition in mid june and need some aid hooking it all up,..
anyone you can suggest?