April 22nd, 2005


Night owl places

Anyone know any places (other than the Roxy) that are open 24 hours? Some place that wouldn't mind a clean, well behaved person spending a bit of money to kill the hours between 3ish and 5ish in the ante meridien with a laptop? Regularly?

*edit* I don't like coffee, so preferably a place with non-coffee options.

Do you speak Russian?

I am looking for a native Russian speaker who would be interested in helping me with my conversational Russian. I have been studying the language off and on for a couple years, and I spent two months in Russia in 2002 teaching conversational English.

At this point I am just interested in meeting with somebody in the area once or twice a week for a couple hours just to practice my Russian. I am still at a very elementary level. I can also help you with your English if you would like.

If you speak Russian and are interested in talking with me (or if you know somebody who would be), please email me at snowwhitetan_1(at)hotmail(dot)com



passport photos

does anyone know of a place NOT downtown where I could get passport photos taken - preferably close-in SE. for some reason, everywhere i think of is downtown and i hate going there for quick errands cause they're never quick. thanks so much for your help.

(no subject)

last night i was trying to find my way home from the cheerful tortoise to my house at 82nd/sandy. i walked for a while downtown in a northern direction for the most part. i stood at some max station (SW 1st Ave) for what must have been 15 minutes and no eastbound maxes came. then i walked around a little more and took some stairs up to what turned out to be the burnside bridge, where i sat on a bench for the better part of 15 minutes, and no buses. then i walked across the river and found another bus stop with more people so i figured that was a good bet. sure enough 2 buses came. then i rode the bus home and some girl was putting make up on really weird and me and this other guy were like "what's up with that?" and then i got home. anyway the point is that living on sandy is really nice because you can find your way home easy even after you have had 8 guinnesses which cost a dollar each.
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Edit edit edit edit times 4$$ - Bush is killing the earth today and then : Bush then planned to fly on to Texas, where he was spending the weekend at his ranch and then hosting Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Monday. Holy Crap, Breaking news

Holy Happy Hippy!

Happy Earth day DP.

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Worst junk mailer ever?

Am I the only one who thinks Comcast has gone beyond normal advertising, and seems to be fanatically obsessed with me adopting their service?
I seem to be getting about three flyers every week telling me that if I adopt Comcast service, my service will be 5 times better and almost free. Then I read the small print and of course, the conditions are ridiculously limited, and the discount rate goes away after three months.
I am happy enough with my DSL, and I really don't think Cable companies are very good at running ISPs.
So, I for one, am not fooled by all this slick advertising. They should perhaps spend their money on something more productive.
good and evil


I am looking for 15" or smaller LCD monitors that have their back lighting damaged, dimming or that have completely burnt out. If they are something I can use then I may be able to trade or just get them off your hands. If you or a friend knows where I can find them then please let me know. I have tried Free Geek and they don't having any or rarly get them in.

Also I'm looking for an overhead projector. If you know where I could get one of those, that would be great. Thanks.
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Neighborhoods and booze

Hey everyone. I've posted here a few times before, mostly asking questions about different neighborhoods and such in Portland, since I'm moving there in the fall. You've all been great about answering questions before, so I thought I'd drop by and hit y'all with a couple new ones.

I have two, completely unrelated questions this time.

First: what is the neighborhood around Lent Park like?

Two: do any of you know what's involved in getting a liquor license in Portland, and if there's a huge waiting list?

Any info on either of these (extremely disparate) questions would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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Flower Lei



THE PACIFIC ISLANDER'S CLUB is holding it's 3rd annual luau on May 21st, which is a Saturday at the Peter Stott Center....

The doors open at 5:00 PM, dinner will be served at 6:00 PM, and the entertainment/show begins at 7:00 PM.... Our dances will represent the various islands of the South Pacific.... from the Fire Dance of Samoa to the Hula of Hawaii....

For dinner we'll be serving islander food like Kalua Pig, Teriyaki Chicken, etc. ..... So YES, there will be a lot of food!!! We'll also have some vendors scattered throughout the area so you can buy your islander souvenirs.....

Tickets FOR PSU students costs 10 dollars pre-sale, and 15 dollars at the door.... you can buy your tickets from one of the PIC members, like me, or at TicketMaster.... ALSO we'll have a table in the park blocks near SMSU where you can purchase your tickets.... for the general public, tickets costs 15 dollars pre-sale... and 20 dollars at the door!!!

Some of our profit made at the luau will be contributed towards Ockley Green Middle School!!!

So be prepared for the May 21st event... dress up in your aloha shirts, put on some flower leis, stick a flower on your ear, and come ready to experience the islands of the South Pacific.

Plane directions

Does anyone here know anything about the landing patterns at PDX? Every time I've flown, we've always gone up past downtown, turned right over Vancouver, and then landed going East. I believe I've always taken off to the East as well. But this week I've noticed planes landing and taking off to the West, from watching from my office downtown and last night when I had to drive to the post office there.

So which direction is normal? And has it changed permanently, or is it a weather related thing? I know at LAX planes fly to the West, unless it's stormy, in which case they flip it, so I was thinking maybe it was weather-related. Any clues?
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The K Chronicles In Portland (5/22)

For all those fans (all 20 of ya) of cartoonist Keith Knight's "The K Chronicles" that can be seen at Salon.com plus in various collected works, he will apparently be in town on 5/22. That's Sunday at 7:30PM at The Liberty Hall @ 311 North Ivy St. Just out of curiosity, is this place a part of a school or an independent place? Also, I hope to see any fans of him there since the guy's freakin' hilarious in his own personal geeky way.

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Eisley Opening For New Found Glory

Any Eisley fans out there? They're opening for New Found Glory at the Roseland on the 26th. Although I know NFG is big to some groups, I've never heard anything they've done. I just like Eisley and their music (it helps all three sisters in the band are gorgeous). Anyone going and if so, what are New Found Glory like? It sounds like the perfect title for a born again christian band but I hope I'm wrong on that account. Any help on any of these inquires?
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life is a highway

Golden Retriever

Hey Damnportlanders,

I have another question. Does anyone know where I can find a golden retriever puppy, around 6-8 weeks old. We don't have a gender preference, but would prefer a darker yellow color or a burnt red. We just need it to be located somewhere in Oregon or Washington. AKC or not, that really isn't a factor. We are looking to pay 300 as a high.

We've checked Craig's list and the Oregonian.

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