April 21st, 2005

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Dear Damn Portlanders,

I guess I offended someone big time. It was sure to be one of them 'mean fuck' impala drivers that jimmied/fucked my lock beyond all recognition last night and jacked the stereo out of my little Mitsubishi eclipse. Or someone else. *sigh*

..at least the police officer was cute.

With sadness,
Thomas Dolby

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Delicious fried cheese curds appetizers at Corbett Fish House.

2. Having our fair city of Portland being recently chronicled in OPB's Globe Trekker series (the Voodoo Doughnuts segment was hilarious!), as well as on a recent Antique Roadshow episode.

3. The neighborhood homes tour season approaching (Mt. Tabor on May 1st, Ladd's Addition on May 8th, and the Irvington on May 15th)

4. The joys of observing unpredictable, whimsical, and schizophrenic weather changes while driving on the I-5.

5. Observing wonderful and astute area photography on pdxpix.
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Real Bagels

Can anyone tell me where I can find a real, boiled bagel? I am hoping to find some in the downtown area, but anywhere in the Portland Metro would be alright. I know I will be craving real bagels once passover is done (and maybe I can get a few in before it starts).

Thanks for your help!

in need of a miracle!

Has anyone else in Portland been getting sick a lot lately? I’m on my third bad cold/flu in less then two months and I don’t know what to do about it or what the cause it. I’m not one who usually gets sick and I wash my hands and ingest vitamin C obsessively.
Anyone have any suggestions of miracle cures or info on who is spreading a get-kids-sick-right-before-major-projects-are-due virus?
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another fat grrl who lives in southeast portland
(i live around powell and 39th)
who wants to walk with me or do some other form of exercise
periodically after about 6 p.m. on the weekdays.
i don't have moolah to go to gyms.
but i'd like to have a partner to be motivated with.

stupid question...

my leet-speak is way rusty. what the heck does "<3" signify?

i have done a little looking for it online, came up with nuttin'.

oh - and i see it at the end of PLENTY of DP posts, thus it is tangentially portland related.
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Totally random question I'm curious about

Re: Nixon.

I was wondering what your average Chinese guy in the street thinks of Nixon. I'm sure the roundeyes around here will all hate him, but I'm curious what, if any opinion there might be.

For those too young to remember: Nixon is popularily credited as the Presidfent who "opened up China" to trade with the US, and considering their current position as an economic superpower some 25 years later I'm curious what the Chinese perspective is.

Funky toilet seats?

casadetoddand I are looking for a new toilet seat. I really like the one shown below; too bad it's $225!! Maybe if I ever get that civil service job I applied and tested for... Where can we find an interesting, funky, NEW toilet seat here in town? Does anyone know how to make the resin ones that have pennies or shells in them? Or where we can get one custom made?

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Doc Martens for Sale

I have a pair of black Doc Martens, size 7 mens (or 9 womens) up for sale. They're 8 holes.

These are practically brand new, I've only worn them once. They are not broken in so they'll still take shape to your feet. They have maybe a *tiny* bit of scuffing, but you won't notice it unless you're looking for it.

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my last post was so successful, i'll try this...

i want to buy a vehicle. cheap, old, ugly and reliable.

i will use it to get back and forth to the coast, camping, and brc, and to haul BIG bags of catfood for my small fuzzy grey girlfriend. NOT a commuter vehicle.

so: if you or someone you know is selling soon, or have tips on where to find one without getting myself screwed in the process, lemme know.

i haven't driven in 13 years, so am a tad bit out of the car shopping vibe, so any help would be appreciated.

Sister Machine Gun, Stromkern, Converter, Machines of Loving Grace side-projects

Thursday 04/21/05
noise.to.signal.05 tour feat:
Positron! & WTII Artists:
MICRONAUT(Feat. Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun)
AMISH RAKE FIGHT(Feat. Mike Fisher of Machines of Loving Grace)
MONSTRUM SEPSIS(Feat. Rob Wentz of Stromkern)
S.STURGIS(of Converter/Pain Station)
Doors at 9:00pm - 21 & Over
$8.00 adv tix - $10.00 @ The Door
Sabala's Mt.Tabor: 4811 SE Hawthrone

*This will be the only date on the whole tour that will feature
S.Sturgis which is the mastermind behind Converter/Pain Station.

about the bands

Amish Rake Fight:
features Mike Fisher (keyboardist/programmer, Machines Of Loving
Grace). Moody cinematic instrumenal electronica combines with synchronized
video and lights to create a complete environment, featuring songs from the
critically aclaimed Fellow Prisoners, and new material.

the instrumenal electronic project of Chris Randall and Miguel
Turanzas (Sister Machine Gun), brings a beat-heavy show to the mix, performing
songs from their four albums under the Micronaut name, including tracks
from the newest release, Europa.

encompasses a cross-section of genres, with excursions into textural
ambience, down tempo beats, dub-influenced fragments, tribal rhythms,
spaced-out psychedelic hues and a touch of industrial flavor.

Monstrum Sepsis:
(which features Rob Wentz of Stromkern) kick the evening off with
their trademark dark danceable electronica. They perform selections off of
their five albums, as well as songs from their forthcoming release on WTII
Records, Movement.
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Would a crooked wisdom tooth kill me? Well, not kill me, but fuck up my teeth? My right bottom wisdom tooth is coming in halfway off my gumline. It starts at the midline of my molars, basically, and then is sorta kinda comin off the side. It doesn't really hurt, and I know I could live with it, but will it screw up all of me? Stupid teeth. Blah.

Thanks, by the way.

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So, you know like everyone else in internet land I need help...
Good Florists, anywhere in Portland, you know actual PDX not Eugene or something.
Throw me a bone here folks, there is trouble at the Circle K.


My 21st birthday is on Saturday, and it just occoured to me that I can go to a bar tomorrow night (at midnight. So technically Saturday morning, but tomorrow night, sorta.)

So that leaves me with little time to prepare! Portlanders, I want to go somewhere that has some good beers, and a wide variety. On tap.

Oh, and I'm in Beaverton, so I don't know if theres gonna be anything good near-by, I'm thinking all the youngerish crowd places will probably be downtown... so I' willing to travel. The closer the better, as I'll probably end up getting a cab home.


(Sorry if this question has been asked a bajillion times before. I have a dinosaur laptop and not enough patience to sift through the archives.)

Good prom dress stores?

I did some searching, but I couldn't find any mention on damnportlanders about good prom dress stores. My sister is coming to town to go shopping, and I wish I could suggest some alternatives to the malls. Anyone know any unique stores that sell prom dresses, preferably under $75?
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