April 19th, 2005

You know that I know . . .

Livejournal Over-Rides

So, I spent some time reading over the over-rides and such, trying to figure out how to customize my format (it has been a couple years since I set mine, please forgive). If someone can clear this up a little, so that I can update my journal, and make it look more how i want it to look.

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Can you square me away? Email a text file to me, explaining what over-rides i need to do?
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on broadway

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Hello DamnPortlanders, I'm a fellow Portlander, posting to make you aware of my new jewelry website, Jennifer Kennedy dot com. It's chock full of gorgeous, semi-precious creations made lovingly by the hands of yours truly.

I'm Oregon born and bred, living in and loving Portland.
I love adorning the world, and especially Portlanders, with beautiful jewels.
I know many of you enjoy supporting independently-owned small businesses here in Portland.

This is the only post I will make about this here. If you'd like to keep up on new offerings, please add jenniferkennedy to your friends list.

Thank you for your support!

{Tonight} 04/19/05 - Imminent Starvation @ Noir

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Tonight! Tue Apr 19th 2005!

Ant-Zen artist:

Sonic Death Rabbit

Show starts at 9:00pm - 21+
$9.00 Adv Tix @ Ozone UK (Tickets will be pulled at 4:00pm)
$10.00 Cover @ The Door

203 SE Grand
Portland, Oregon

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. . .And We Say Go!

*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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Local tattoo artist sues local basketball player

Ha. While scouting around for a tattoo artist, I came across this news item:

Rasheed Wallace Sued by Tattoo Artist

Matthew Reed of Tiger Lily Tattoo and Design Works is the creator of an Egyptian-themed tattoo on Wallace's arm. Reed claims that a release, included with the documents, shows an agreement he made with Wallace back in 1998 when Wallace played for the Portland Trailblazers.

In court documents, Reed says he only charged Wallace -- who has a $57 million, five-year contract with the Pistons -- $450 for the tattoo. A low amount says the tattoo artist, considering the intricacy of the design, but Reed thought having a superstar sport his artwork would attract more business.

In fact, Reed was happy to see his work displayed on Wallace's arm during televised NBA games, but Reed says he had no idea the tattoo would have a place of prominence in a Nike ad, and he believes his copyrighted design has been infringed upon.

Reed is demanding damages and a share of the profits from the TV ad, plus interest.

-from 'Celebrity Justice'


Hey all you Damnportlanders!

I am in the process of making a calender to sell this holiday season to support our soldiers in Iraq and Breast cancer. Read: tax deductable

I have the photo templete set up and am ready to print a dummy calender to show people/vendors.

Who has the 411 on print shops? Who can help me  get my calender printed on nice paper? I prefer lazer printing. Who can help me set up the calender with simple binding and basically make my photos/templete work?

Decent prices? Mass production discount? I need about 100 of the final product and about 5 of the dummy product.


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Dear crybabies at DamnPortlanders,

Please make everyone here a list of what you find acceptable to post, so we may groom the community specifically to you.

Warm Regards,

PS: Don't list what you do not like, as that would take to much time to read since you seem so anal retentive about -YOUR- community. Stick to your short-listed expectations.

Employment Trends sucks!

Anyone had any good experiences with Employment Trends? Because I registered with them yesterday and it pretty well sucked.Collapse )
Waste of time. An equal amount of time spent watching the Cartoon Network would have done more for my job search.

Receptionists were cute, tho.
[me] edinburgh sunrise

more prom fun

Okay, I know that this comes up so often...

... but we need new suggestions for prom dinner. We've already been to Montage and we don't really want heavy food. Something like sushi or Thai, and hopefully in the SW/NW/23rd area. And someplace that can accomodate big parties.
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This one time I was makin' Kool-Aid and I ran outta sugar, it totally sucked but then my cousin called and said
"dude, I'm comin' over"
and I was like
"don't waste your time bro-seph, we don't have sugar for the Kool-Aid"
Then I farted.

I need lunch.

Where should I go? I'm downtown (2nd and Salmon), and would like something to go to take back to the office. What's your fav, DPers? I'm especially interested in finding out which of the lil carts are decent.

(no subject)

anyone know of any belly dancing classes in town for larger women? (i.e. fat chick belly dancing!!) my friend and i want to start being more active, and bellydancing sounds like so much fun...

i know someone here can point us in the right direction!
So Gay

(no subject)

Anyone around here interested in Men's Volleyball? I love playing it, but my skills are lacking and I need some training. Do you know of any good beginning/intermediate v-ball clubs around town? Any free drop-in games? Anyone want to train me to be a lean, mean, spiking machine?

Thanks for your help!

(no subject)

I need a business intern..........
someone skilled in accounting, database, taxes, inventory, and/or ANYTHING business related whatsoever.

does anyone know of any local business programs where students have to do an internship for college credit?
(hence an unpaid internship with the possibility of a term end bonus?)

if you know of someone/something like this, or a place i might want to look, send the information my way!
thank you.

ideas? thoughts?
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A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I just posted this in my journal, and it's so entirely freaking Portland-related that I thought I'd post here as well. Just a peek at my neighborhood. I did this mostly for my large contingent of out-of-town readers, but maybe some of you damnportlanders will enjoy as well.

It's gorgeous today, all sunny and nice, so I put on the headphones, grabbed the camera, and went for a walk. These photos were all taken within three blocks of my house. Nothing spectacular, just a view of my little corner of Portland.

This is the street one block west of mine. Beautiful!
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soulpatch, sunglasses

(no subject)

I'm trying to add a photo to the background of my journal, but I can't see it. I mean, it's there, but my journal is in a white box, so you can't really see the picture. look at my journal to see what I'm talking about. Sorry this isn't portland-related, but I don't know where to ask.
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(no subject)

I'm writing a pair of articles for my reporting class / school newspaper. I'm looking to interview people who fit any of the following descriptions:

  • Makers/sellers of herbal remedies.

  • Frequent users of herbal remedies.

  • Students/professors from one of the local Portland naturopathic schools who study herbal remedies.

  • Pharmacists.

  • Doctors or other professional experts when it comes to prescription/over-the-counter drugs.

  • Soda/caffeine addicts (yeah, I know there are at least a few of you in this community).

  • One of the articles I'm writing is on "hidden" drugs (caffeine in excedrin, guarana in red bull, etc.); the other is about herbal remedies such as ginseng, echinacea, etc. (are they effective, what are the side effects, how do they interact with each other / other drugs, etc).

    I just want to have a nonjudgmental chat with people for 5-10 minutes via phone, IM, e-mail, in person, or whatever they prefer. This is for a class and the Pacific University school paper, so I will be keeping records and obtaining explicit permission to use whatever you're willing to give me.

    Thanks much! =)
    Oct 2010

    (no subject)

    I was wondering if anyone here was interested in belonging to a book club. I am thinking of one book a month sort of club, with the members selecting the book on a rotating basis...then the group meeting up in person once a month to sit down, chat about the book and just be social. Thoughts?
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    look! a donut.

    My bike commute today brought me past the Krispy Kreme on Cornell Road. As I was riding by, a portly gentleman honked and waved at me from his car in the Krispy Kreme driveway.

    He gestured in some vague direction. "Is this the way to Portland?"

    So I yelled back, "Yeah!" over my shoulder, and continued on.

    I just have to wonder what bizarre circumstances caused the man to find himself in a Krispy Kreme parking lot with no idea how to continue onward. Perhaps he was driving along, doot de dooo, drivin' to Portland, HEY LOOK! A DONUT!


    I think our recruiters are fucking morons because our retention rate sucks and everyone keeps quitting. Here goes:

    UPS is hiring (LIKE CRAZY) on the Day shift (10am-3:30ish pm) at the Swan Island location. Check out the guard shack for specific details and to sign up for an interview. Currently the days are Mon-Fri, but that will be changing soon to Sun-Thur. You are paid weekly, $8.50 to start plus Med/Dental benefits after 6/8 months. You get a $.50 raise after 90 days, $1 raise after every year.

    Oh yeah. $4,000 towards school?

    6707 N. Basin Ave.
    Portland, Or. 97217.

    Please Help

    Here is what I need:

    Cheapest leg waxing around. Does Portland have those little, white trash, super cheap nail/waxing places? If so where are they? Any close to Reed?

    Where can I get good dark chocolate with cayenne pepper in it?

    The hardest one: Cheap cool (modern, colorful) rugs. Not oriental. And preferably big. I wouldn't mind going to a department store, but I don't have time to look around and compare. Why are rugs so expensive?

    Thank you for your help. And yes, they are all going to be used for the same occasion...
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