April 18th, 2005

Darklady by Ator

INVITE: Darklady's All-Femme Identified Slumber Party

Darklady’s First All-Femme Indentified Slumber Party

During these troubled moral times, what could be more reassuringly wholesome and all-American than a slumber party for the gentle, femme spirits among us?

A DARKLADY slumber party for the femme spirits among us, of course!

Pop Popcorn!
Order pizza!
Bake brownies!
Drink Kool-Aid!
Braid hair!
Swap make-up tips!
Gossip and giggle!
Watch cult movies!
Wear cute and/or sexy sleeping garments!

Bring your sleeping bag, your pillow, your teddy bear, your favorite pajamas, and your fun-loving girlish spirit to Darklady’s first all-femme identified slumber party. Stay up late with Darklady while celebrating the things that make being a femme so much fun. Then crash out in one of the guest rooms when it’s finally time to come down off your sugar high and get some beauty sleep (not that you need it).

Saturday, April 30
Ages 18 and over, please
$10 & a beverage
Darklady Estates
Portland, OR
RSVP darklady@darklady.com for details and directions
(funds raised help pay Darklady’s medical bills)

Monthly Poly Discussion Group: Monday, April 18
4th Annual Portland Masturbate-a-thon: Saturday, May 14
Buck Angel - Love & Lust During Time of Transition: Saturday, June 25
Workshops! Special Interest Parties! Discussion Groups! Social Mixers!

Darklady in SF -- May 27 - 30!

-- Darklady
Ms. Oregon State Leather 2004
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of a decent happy hr downtown, in the perl or NW 23rd area that goes until at least 6pm? Also that you dont have to battle to find a seat since I cant get there till 515...

(no subject)

As if the immigration thing weren't enough, I'm gonna pull something else out of it. lokigurl was discussing the ubiquitous Welfare Mother: Oh no, they are "troubled" and get help from the federal government. This is your tax dollars at work! Crap, I should go get knocked up so I can get free school. Then I can be a hoe with an education..

Here's my question: How the hell does this happen? I mean really. I have a young, uneducated single mother living with me right now.

She didn't get school except for crappy PIVOT Job Corps.

She can't get daycare because she isn't working; going to school every day doesn't count.

She can't get into housing because she isn't being abused or a junkie.

Where does this thing of the Evil Welfare Mother come from, anyway?? Or are we just not looking for assistance in the right places?

cemetery love club.

cemetery love club!

April, 23 2005 at six days artist's co-op 2724 NE Alberta Street in portland

Cost: free, donations accepted

the time is tentative but we'll be playing saturday night with some other ladies.

it's a "fairy" theme, so that should be interesting. ryan and i will be the cemetery fairies or something. early enough in the evening that you can go out to the shows at 9:30 and enjoy the night fully.


myspace us at: http://www.myspace.com/cemeteryloveclub

(no subject)

Hey, thanks to the 2 or 3 of you who came out to the trial run DANCE PARTY!!!!! at Chances last Monday. After we finally got the technical difficulties out of the way, it was a ton of fun and they've decided to let us come back and make it a regular Monday night thing. SWEET! So, for tonight and for Monday nights to come, there's something to do (besides staring at the internet) if you're over 21 and like to drink and/or dance and/or watch people drink and/or dance and/or play pool.

Over time we will be accumulating some better equipment, but for now our ghetto setup is doing the trick.

-click for flyer-

MLK & Fremont. $1 microbrews from 9pm-10pm.
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Art Prints

I need to have art prints made (of 9x12 watercolor original on 140 lb paper). I am poor and need the prints to be archival quality if possible. I don't have a lazer printer personally, or nice print paper, and am weary of Kinkos. Where would you go?
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Nobody else has posted recently, so here it is.

Apologies if this is a dupe.

Open casting for the Real World is going on tomorrow in Portland:

Portland, OR, Tuesday, April 19, 2005 10am - 5pm
The City Sportsbar and Restaurant
424 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

(Note: Must be age 18-24)

There are also horrifying rumors that Portland will be the next Real World location victim. I encourage anybody with the time available to show up and act as psychotic as possible. Either you will help scare the production out of town or land yourself a spot on the show.
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Need help. Have to bring dessert to a friend's house for dinner tonight. I didn't have time to make something and it's right after work, so I have to pass off something that looks homemade (don't give me any heat about that please). Where can I buy some dessert that looks homemade on the west side that won't cost me more than $15.

I'm looking for store name and dessert item.

Thanks DPers!
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(no subject)

Hey guys. I looked through the archives but after 10 minutes gave up... There was someone here who posted that they just left their volunteer job at a daycare type place, and they were looking for someone to fill in for them... I was just wondering if that was the same place as the ad posted on craigslist here http://portland.craigslist.org/vol/68449224.html

I am interested in volunteering there and just wondered if I could talk to the person who posted about it.

(no subject)

wow. damnportlanders sure has a plethora of spam lately.

i'm not talking about the "help! i need to sell my spare tire" messages, or the "check out this funny stuff on craigslist" messages, but the "i sell my wares online" and "i got a free meal because i whored myself out to spam a community" type messages.

what's the deal?


Devanagari tattoo

I'm considering getting a tattoo in Sanskrit, in Devanagari script. (No, it's not a fricking Om symbol.)

I'm fully familiar with Devanagari myself, but I'm not very good at calligraphing it.

What options do I have?

1. Would it be at all possible to find a tattoo artist who knows Devanagari?

2. If not, would a tattoo artist be able to faithfully reproduce the lettering if I bring it to her/him on paper?

3. Does anyone here calligraph Devanagari? I'm looking for something a little more elegant than Microsoft's Devanagari font, but true to the fundamentals of Devanagari calligraphy.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have the web address for the place to make icons like the one I have? I made a vow to remove the cigarette from my icon now that I am a non-smoker, but I can not seem to find the old site! I do this only so cosmicjohn will not harp on me anymore. (Kiddin' Slim!)

EDIT Here is the new icon sans smoke!


Just thought that I'd throw out a question to the folks... who here has been on TV, either nationally or locally? What programs have you been seen on? Just the news... or maybe on Ramblin' Rod when you were a kid?

I just thought of that ... I'm going to be on local TV for the second time in my life ... the first, being Ramblin' Rod when I was in kindergarten, and now tonight, on KATU news for their 2 On Your Side consumer reports segment. The story today is about an e-mail that's been going around indicating that cell phone numbers are going be released to 3rd party telemarketers for solicitation purposes... which of course is illegal. And not really true... they'll explain more on the news.

They interviewed me this afternoon and I guess it's airing tonight around 5:15ish.


I was just sent a giant package in the mail full of free samples from one Sherry Okamura, a licensed esthetician at Sun Seekers Skin Care, and realized I really need to review the massage she gave me in my blog because I’ve been lagging.
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Worky Work!

Why aren't you LISTENING TO ME!

I am slowly, but surely, losing my hearing.  Of this I am certain.  How long it will take, I don't know.

In the meantime, I need a cellphone.  The one I have right now is a T Mobile wicked expensive, yet ultimately difficult device.  I have had it for nearly a year, and had it replaced once.

It is far too low for me to hear someone comfortably.  I have to consistently ram the phone into my ear, and even then it's iffy.

May switch mobile carriers, but I NEED a good phone.  I don't give a crap what features it has - I just need for it to have some pretty major volume control.

I have a little volume control box at work that works beautifully for that phone - looks sort of like this. - That won't work for a mobile phone though.

And before you ask, the celly is my only phone - primary and all.  I have no home telephone and, seeing as how I share the plan with saymyname77 aka my girlfriend, we're not getting a home phone.  Cell only.

Basically - Do you have a phone/know of a phone that has some serious volume control?  Thanks!

(Yea, I'll go to the doctors and pay 12 million dollars for a hearing aid eventually...just not right now)

(no subject)

ok people

i just dont understand

and i want to understand

because im the sensitive type

but what, exactly, is a paps smear? ive had over ten girlfriends/lovers, a thousand conversations on sex and sexuality, and a mother and a sister....but nobody can tell me exactly what it is. i get that it's a scraping of the whole tissue, so, more specifically, what is an "irregular paps smear?"

is that when they simply scrape poorly, and get the wrong tissue? it sounds like the name of a really bad indie band.

how can you have an 'irregular' version of an action? is this like when my neighbor has another "irregular bowel movement" and insists on telling me about it?

help me out here
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(no subject)

What's the best place (or places) to get fondue in Portland? Preferably downtown or close in. I've never had fondue before, and I think I want to have a fondue party for my upcoming birthday. Thanks!

ST. VITUS DANCE CLUB – A Night of New Music From Both Sides of

What: ST. VITUS DANCE CLUB – A Night of New Music From Both Sides of the Underground
When: Thursday, April 28th, 9pm - LATE
Where: Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison



How much: $5

“For the first time ever, 36 Invisibles and the PanZen Konspiracy
join forces to bring together the long-feuding tribes of Portland’s
dance-party and noise-experimental undergrounds. Beat your swords into
dance shoes and join us at St. Vitus Dance Club, the last Thursday of
month at Holocene. The DJs have taken over the asylum.”

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living near a creek/pond/river/what-have-you

Anyone have experience living near creeks or ponds or other bodies of water in Portland or suburbia? Have you had issues with skeeters, bugs, small children, or any other little pests?

I'm considering something on the west side, some near a natural pond & creeks, and it just now occurs to me to check for overused bug zappers on neighboring properties.