April 16th, 2005

Library limit

I have heard various things about this, but I don't know if I have a definitive answer.
At the Multnomah County Library (or multcolib, as we call it on the streets), what is the renew limit, and how many books can you check out at once? I have heard you can renew books for a year, and you can check out 200 books at once. Those figured might just be rumor, though.
Kristen Bell

Splitting Files/Movie Clips

Questions for the computer whizzes :)

What's a good program to use for splitting movie files? Also, what's a good program for making a clip.

For example, I have Ocean's 12 on my computer (ripped the DVD) and I want to send a clip of a certain scene, but not the WHOLE movie. What program does this? Actualyl allows me to select the beginning and end point in the file to create the clip?

Free is best, but paid programs work to I suppose.

Please and thank you!

Nevermind. My friend who makes music videos from TV shows helped me out. Thanks again :)
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(no subject)

I'm a little night-life challenged, but tomorrow is my birthday, so my friends are prodding me to "go out" tonight. Where shall we go? I'm turning 25, and everyone in the group is in the 25-35 age range, so we won't want to hang with the kiddos. There will be five or six of us. I need a fun place for dinner with at least a couple of vegetarian options on the menu. Maybe somewhere with music. Then we need some entertainment. Somewhere where there's something to watch, but we could just hang at a table if we want. The drag queen shows at Embers have entertained some of us in the past, so we may go there unless I get some better suggestions. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, kids!
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(no subject)

can anybody recommend a massage therapist? both tressa and I would like to go but really do not have a lot of disposable cash so good and cheap would be great. she has fibromyalgia and is in a lot of pain most of the time so someone knowledgeable about that would be helpful. medical massage maybe?
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help me leave work....get $65.00

so..I am at work and I want to leave.

On Mon night I am hosting a discussion group about fast food. If you are 18-24 and eat fast food you could be part of the group and get paid $65

YAY! Consumer research! so if you want to see if you can get in the group then call my work..

So lame
posting about work at work ...blah.
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Spa Review

As per this entry, I went to see Sherry Okamura at the SunSeekers Tanning & Bodyworks for a free spa/massage treatment.

What follows is my honest review of Ms. Okamura and the place, but I should reiterate that I received the treatment for free in exchange for writing a review, and that Ms. Okamura did not pressure me in any way to only say positive things or anything like that.

Collapse )

The short-short version:

Pros: Excellent massage, nice clean facilities, friendly staff.
Cons: Can be expensive, hard-to-find, a bit out of the way for most PDXers too.

Also: if you call in and make an appointment and mention that you read my review, you can purchase any facial service, product, or gift certificate at 50% off (the offer expires one month after this post). I feel obligated to point out that if you do this, I get a referral credit of 10% of whatever you bought (so if you buy a half-price My Time special for $142.50, I get a credit for $14.25 towards whatever).
Oct 2010

(no subject)

Can anyone give me a name of a good exterminator to use? I am in Hillsboro, so I am sure any exterminator in the area would work. Our house backs up to a forest area and we suspect mice have gotten into our crawl space and perhaps into the inside of the walls - eep!

Thanks in advance.

Preserve the Movies!

Remember the pre-video, home movie cameras? You know, the ones without sound. You had to develop the film. My parents have a ton of these home movies from the 1970s and 1980s--and the film is starting to deteriorate. Is there a place that will transfer these treasured moments of embarrassment onto DVDs?

*NEW EDIT: Thank you, to all who responded! I'll follow up with these leads.
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Jay's Wide Shoes

Just a thank-you to everyone who suggested Jay's. I went there today and got some nice (comfortable) navy dress shoes for about $80. I like the shoes and the service was very good.
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Promtion continued

Sorry if this bothers people, but I would like to continue this discussion if people are interested in helping. The original is posted here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/damnportlanders/4667628.html?view=46765804#t46765804


What street team marketing efforts have you seen that you liked and/or responded to? What tpe of street-team or promtion runs/benefits/goals (realisticall- finacially/ physically) do you think would best create enthusiasm in a band that many here might not have heard about?

Again, help is appreciatiated and constructive criticism...even things you see that are bad. I have had lots of success with very large to small shows...but I am always on the lookout for new ideas.