April 15th, 2005

Latino Student Movement March and Rally: “Because human potential shouldn’t be illegal”

Event: Latino Student Movement March and Rally: “Because human potential shouldn’t be illegal”
Date: Friday April 15th, 2005 @ 3:30 p.m.

Place: In front of the Rose Garden, Portland Oregon (adjacent to Max)

Latino Students Rally and March for access to Higher Education in support of SB 769

Latino students fight for equity in higher education. The “Education and Collective Rights” rally and march will serve to highlight the barriers that many Latinos face in being able to access higher education and demonstrate support for Senate Bill 769 in the Oregon legislature.

The march will begin at 3:30 p.m. in front of the Rose Garden adjacent to the Max line, Portland, Oregon and proceed to City Hall downtown Portland. Downtown students will discuss and educate the community about the Senate Bill 769. “There will be several students and parents that will speak about the barriers that exist for high quality education for Latino students and the impact that has on students, families and the entire community”, informed Silvio Poot a High School student from Roosevelt. “Our future, dreams are in your hands. We are here to stay and we are not going anywhere.”

For more information contact:
Juan Mayoral, Council de MEChA, 503-484-7981
Jasmin Mendez hyjxcmpre@yahoo.com
Silvio Poot silvioelmaya@yahoo.com.mx
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(no subject)

So....what the hell is Cavet Browsing? I can't google anything up on it.

I recently switched from Windows 2K to XP w/minimal problems. However, I have been dealing with this damn window that keeps coming up asking me if I want to turn Cavet Browsing on. (This was happening with Win 2K as well, so me telling you about upgrading to XP was pointless) I choose no, don't ask me again, but it KEEPS coming up. It also says "If you choose no, you can turn it on again by hitting F7."

So what the hell is Cavet Browsing? Do you know how to disable it completely? Does it have something to do with Firefox perhaps? And omg, no I don't have spyware that I'm aware of. Spybot/Adaware are run constantly and AVG is always running.


As always, thank you!

I'm probably the fourth, fifth, millionth person to post this, but...

Anyone have any thoughts on the whole anulling gay-marriages? I mean yes, I could post this in queerportland but I'll be posting it here. Personally, I say it's ridiculous that gay rights are being infringed upon, and then civil unions don't seem to be having that great of a chance of passing (I really hope it does). Theologically I say it's ridiculous (mayhaps because I'm just looking at it all as tradition) and logically it's flawed. Call me crazy, but I just think this whole....situation is ludicrous. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE, DAMNIT. End of story.
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Property managers?

Anyone have anything good/bad/indifferent to say about Bristol Equities or Capitol Property Management?
Or are there any particular ones out there that you guys really liked or really despised?

Also, I have been considering the apartments above the Hollywood library. Anyone live(d) there?

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

if i have to mail in for an extension for both federal and state
(because our business accountant can't get our partnership info done in time ARGH!)
do i also have to mail in for some sort of extension on the Multnomah ITax?

anyone know where to find this out?


The Big Red Ball is in my building today!!! And it's about 10 feet off the ground!

(Well, actually it's in World Trade Center 2, and I'm in 1, but that's close enough.)
Rainy Day

food for thought

Just cause I'm extremely bored today - and wanted to see some lively banter:)

I can't really think of an interesting topic to get people going (we've already covered religion, politics, and lifestyle choices the past couple of days)

so you're invited to post pet peeves, rants etc - and comment away:)

Maybe I'll find something interesting in there to have my third graders study!


HAs anyone that passed the Library Page position test thingie gotten a call for an interview?
I'm beginning to think that Multnomah County is staffed by well dressed sloths.
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My new apartment manager is a dick

So I need to move. Our lease was up in november, so no worries about that. I need something in the ceder hills area, less than or about 600$ a month, at least 2 bedrooms, no stairs (I am disabled) and pet freindly, we have a very small cat.
Also, prefer close to the max station. It would be fantastic if they were willing to work with us on the deposits also. Please please help you guys!
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the research of markets

hey guys, one more for you this week. (this has been a super hard week as far as Portland participation goes. come on slackers!)

We're looking for people in the Portland area with gaming laptops, or laptops used primarily for gaming to do video game alpha and beta testing. it pays 100 dollars per one on one meeting, and there's two meetings. if you're over 25 and interested, call 503-281-1270

thanks guys :D

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is Todai...

the only place where someone can get "birthday freebies"?

I remember some restaurants used to give you free dessert...

Share! I have someone's birthday coming up soon...

And how is Todai if I decide to be cheap and take my SO there?
[me] edinburgh sunrise

clubbing help!

Anyone know the address/phone number of The Zone?

We were planning on checking it out tonight and realized that we can't find it on Citysearch or anything.

Didn't it used to be the Quest?
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Wide Width Shoes

Are there any shoe stores in the area that sell women's wide shoes?

In particular, I need to get some low-heal dress shoes this weekend.

Any recommendations?
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Let The Geek Be Cool

As a total geek, I'm wondering about where I can get not only the revised Richard Donner approved "Superman II" DVD (as read in the latest Entertainment Weekly) but also the new Fiona Apple album and hell, since I'm going all geek, the "Grey Album" with Jay-Z and the Beatles? I know there's a crackdown on all these items but I know they're still lingering about in the 'net somewhere. I'd love it if you could help a drunken fool like me find these things. I hear about these things but am totally lost when it comes to actually finding out how to get these things. Maybe it's the Mac I'm using that prevents me from finding these things or just my ineptitude.