April 14th, 2005


ITAX and headhunters

Does anyone know how much longer this !#@$^ Multnomah County ITAX is supposed to go one? I.E. is this the last goddamned year of it? If not I'm going to start a commune in Vancouver for Oregon tax refugees/hipster art types ;) . Paying $400 a year is getting on my nerves... O.K. just kidding, but I need to know whether or not to start socking away money for it next year.

Also - any of you techie/IT people getting emails from mystery recruiters from contracting companies you've never heard of based in places you've never been to for jobs in Portland at companies they won't disclose? It's been happening to me more and more... almost like the "golden era" of the late 90's :D

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i found this in the Oregon Tenant Landlord Law.............
though it is from a 1993 copy, but i doubt it's changed much

ORS 90.900(1)

You may give the notice on any day of the month,
not just the first day of the month or on the day that rent is due.

is this only for a verbal or written month to month lease with no stiptulation? what if they signed a lease that says month-to-month notice must be given on the 1st (IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS NO LESS)? are they required to oblige because they signed it, or would it have been illegal for me to put that stipuation in there in the first place? i need to get down to the bottom of this. i'm not out to do anything illegal, but just protect myself. does anyone know?

or does anyone know a good place i could look or call to ask?

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SALEM -- The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday nullified nearly 3,000 marriage licenses issued to same-sex couples by Multnomah County a year ago, saying a single county couldn't take such action on its own.

The rest is at kgw.com; I'm too disgusted to link it.

I'd like to see the Supreme's or anyone else come take my ring off my finger or my license off my wall. Think Multnomah County will refund my $60? If they do, I'm not cashing the check.

I'm so annoyed, I posted this in the wrong place. Grr.
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coming to visit Portland

Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm coming to Portland in the beginning of May for a 3-day weekend, for the first time. Many people have suggested to me that I would love living in Portland, so I am visting to see what's what! I currently live in Southern CA and am aching to live somewhere progressive, liberal and queer friendly. I would appreciate any insights on what I must see/do/eat while I'm there. I'm staying in the hostel in the Hawthorne area. I would especially love to hear from other lesbians and/or social workers. Thanks!
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best place(s) for sunsets?

Hey ... you ... guys!

(anyone remember "The Electric Company"?)

Anyway, here's a poll. I'd really appreciate your feedback!

Poll #474899 best place to watch a sunset ...

... in or around Portland?

... at or near the Oregon coast?

... in the Northwest?

Please feel free to be as detailed as you like.

Thanks. :)

Dun dun dunnnnn.

Hey everybody, I'm just curious to see if there's an alternative online classifieds listing I can list my trumpet on that reaches a wide variety of people. Craigslist is a piece of shit and I've been getting nonstop spam from these "Western Union money transfer" morons from Day 1 of listing my horn there.

eBay hasn't worked and I'm starting to run out of free options here. Anything else available?

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dpers RULE

sooooo ok, two things. another market research, and KUMORICON :D :D

Market Research Study
looking for 18-34 year olds who drive and eat a fair amount of fast food
503-281-1270 and say something about fast food :D

Kumoricon in September
I'm really excited, can you tell? is anyone else going? do you even know about it? *bounces around* are you DRESSING UP?!
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Thankful Thursday, Portland-Style!

1. Enjoying an awesome end-of-the-working-week dinner/drinks downtown with awesome people whom I've met through damnportlanders (and an abundance of watering holes/casual restaurants in the downtown Portland area for facilitating those dinner/drink gatherings described above).

2. Warm, cozy coffeehouses in the neighborhood, complete with board games, interesting books, and excellent libations.

3. Quiet streets lined with pinkish blossom leaves.

4. Spending an afternoon strolling through a SE Portland street taking in the sights and the atmosphere of beautiful Victorians.

5. Portland Beavers' first homestand beginning Friday evening.
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Promotion- Street Team


I have been in promotion for many years and gone about it in different ways. I have recently moved to Portland and have been asked by many clubs and bands, and a few ad firms to help gather street teams. I would like your opinion on what you would like if you were a part of a street team for music at this point. Please think about what would turn out people in your ideas as this is the only way things can survive and work. Also, I have researched the top music street team in Portland that I have seen (Thrasher) and theyonly send out flyers and stickers(like 4) and it has been deemed to be ineffective.

Here is the basic idea:

A solid street team recives numbers and flyers to download and print. Every person who shows up at a show will equal $0.50 for that street team member. That person will also write their e-mail address on the flyer. those flyers will be entered into a database. there will be drawings where these e-mails are given rewards such as VIP tickets to shows, merch, etc....

There will be one to four shows per month where top street team members will be invited with guests and those whom have come to attend for free. They will recieve VIP treatment at these shows.

the point is that all will benefit. A good street team member who gets the word out can make decent money on the side ($0.50 times lot of shows and people for a month, say 200 prople a mont = $100), be in the know for shows, and attend good shows for free. the people who attend will benefit also with entrances in merch and special show invites....

OK, this is obviously not perfect. I will have a street team in effect. This is guaranteed. So, please do not write negative comments. Instead, creative ideas and constructive critisism is much appreciated. This is to benefit clubs, musicians, and those on "the street" who go and promote..

What do you think? What would you do?