April 13th, 2005

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Dear Damn Portlanders,

I'm looking for a place with an awesome selection of industrial type jewelry like (bars, hoops, gauge) for body mod and piercings. Who has the best selection?


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What does a once-a-week maid service cost? Anyone know? I need someone to come in once a week to dust, straighten, vaccuum, and perhaps do a little kitchen work.

I'm unsure the price range on that. Any ideas on who to call?

[edit: already doing the craigslist thing]
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I am going to Seattle for a game in August. I am looking to stay kind of near Safeco Field for $100 or less that's clean. I am also looking into a good restaurant that serves red meat. Any suggestions?

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I worked at Jack in the Box on 185th at Tanasbourne, and I had reported them for redating food, I am still going through all the stuff to get something to happen. But since I reported them I kind of got suckered into quitting, which is fine.

But just thought I would share with everyone so that you can have the best food you can get.

--->Do not eat at the 185th Jack in the Box.<---

I wanted to make this short but if you wanna know anything I would be happy to share in the comments.
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Meetup.com, sucking once more!

So Meetup.com is introducing a "small group fee," to be paid by the organizers-- and if I don't pay I'm removed as organizer.

I don't think I was notified about this either; I just happened to be on the site and noticed it.

So anyway, I wanted to chat about it a little. I'm sure lots of people will post and say "well, why the fuck bother with Meetup.com anyway?" And to those I reply: attempts to arrange alternate meetup nights/times haven't worked out very well. The official quality of Meetup.com has helped a LOT in just getting people together.

Now, I'm not sure what happens to our group on meetup.com if I don't pay, aside from my being removed as organizer: will the Portland-area meetup stuff on the site be dissolved, or will that continue as it used to, pre-organizers? If the latter then I'm not even worried.

The fee is $19/mo ($9/mo for this month if I act now or some jazz), and theoretically we get some new features. Like, I'd get a bunch of stupid "materials" (cards, a "Guide to Great Meetups," a sign, a sign-in sheet, etc), a way to e-mail all you guys at once, invitations, and a bunch of other junk that I frankly don't think is very important.

Also, I would be given a method for group members to contribute towards that monthly fee.

Frankly, I think it's a crappy deal-- as you could probably tell by my description. If other people are willing to offer up a few bucks a month then I'll be willing to also, but I don't want to get stuck paying for it myself. I went through the FAQ and I can't tell if you get to pay on a monthly basis or if you have to promise to pay monthly for a year or if you have to pay for a full year up-front.

So...thoughts, opinions, rants, etc? As far as I'm concerned, as long as a few of us remember and post saying "hey, meetup, this day this time this place!" we could be just fine.

Er, sorry that this post is a little bit all over the place. I'm just annoyed with Meetup.com and tired to boot =P

Child Care Volunteers?

Hello DPers,

I've been working since January volunteering doing 8 hours a week of child care at a nonprofit organization called InAct. However, I just got offered a job in a preschool which means I'll no longer be able to volunteer with them. I feel so badly about leaving a gap in their child care offerings; for many people who use their organization, it's a huge relief for them to be able to bring their children in while they have appointments and such. So, I promised that I'd put the word out that they need people. I highly recommend it as a volunteer opportunity. The children, while sometimes difficult, are immensely rewarding to work with. Since it's on a drop in basis there aren't always any children to be watched (although that's rare lately), but it's a great quiet place to work on homework or read or play online during the downtime. I know a lot of people also volunteer there for school credit, but as I'm not doing that I don't know much about that end of the program.

This is also a good opportunity to get some child care experience on a resume, if you're looking to go into employment in that area.

Anyway, if anyone's interested let me know and I'll send you the volunteer coordinator's email address.

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Worth thinking about, whether you agree or not

The Long Emergency

"The Long Emergency is going to be a tremendous trauma for the human race. We will not believe that this is happening to us, that 200 years of modernity can be brought to its knees by a world-wide power shortage. The survivors will have to cultivate a religion of hope -- that is, a deep and comprehensive belief that humanity is worth carrying on. If there is any positive side to stark changes coming our way, it may be in the benefits of close communal relations, of having to really work intimately (and physically) with our neighbors, to be part of an enterprise that really matters and to be fully engaged in meaningful social enactments instead of being merely entertained to avoid boredom. Years from now, when we hear singing at all, we will hear ourselves, and we will sing with our whole hearts."
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Does anyone here work in a womens shelter, or know any shelters that are hiring? I have some experience with non-profits and care giving work, but I really want to work in a womens shelter. I haven't worked in one out here though, and I have no idea where to start. Can anyone give me suggestions?
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As per this discussion, I will not be attempting to pay Meetup.com's new fee.

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Hey, speaking of stuff we wanna put together: the first-ever Portland Writing Workshop meeting is this Saturday! 2pm at McMenamins Tavern & Pool (that's 1716 N.W. 23rd, and yes, people under the age of 21 can be there). It's the same place where we have the regular meetups.

At this first meeting we're just gonna talk about what we wanna do with the workshop, and sign up for workshop dates for our pieces. Just a reminder! :) And if you don't know what I'm talking about and/or are interested, visit http://giapet.net/workshop.


Antibacterial Mustard???? WTF? People Are Too paranoid!

ROCHESTER, NY—In response to increasing American demand for tangier, more hygienic meals, condiment giant French's has introduced a new antibacterial mustard.

"Each year, 15 million cases of bacterial food poisoning originate in U.S. home kitchens, resulting in nausea, diarrhea, fever, and even death," read a press release French's issued Monday. "Now, lunch doesn't have to endanger your health! All-new French's Antibacterial Mustard is the perfect way to add flavor to, and subtract harmful disease-causing bacteria from, your family's favorite meals!"

According to French's representative Darla Nelson, the new hypoallergenic mustard complements the company's expanding line—which includes French's Honey Dijon Mustard and French's Sweet & Tangy Honey Mustard—and kills over 99.99% of harmful germs.

The mustard is orange in color, more translucent than the traditional varieties, and somewhat medicinal in flavor. In product trials performed by French's, mothers preferred antibacterial mustard five to one when informed of its sterilizing properties.

A television commercial for the mustard plays up its prominent role in luncheon sanitization.

"Approximately 9,000 deaths per year are attributed to foodborne pathogens, and the most germ-filled location in the house is the kitchen," a woman says as computer-generated footage zooms in to show worm-like spirochete bacteria multiplying on a slice of bologna. "Normal mustards do nothing to combat the germs that begin forming on meats and cheeses as soon as they're taken out of the refrigerator. But an hour after spreading on our powerful French's Antibacterial Mustard, your lunch is still free of everything but zesty mustard taste!"

Nelson said consumers are increasingly concerned with the lack of germicidal properties in old-fashioned, non-antibacterial condiments.

"When I used to spread old-style mustard on my children's hot dogs, I never knew what sort of bugs were breeding between the buns," said a woman quoted on French's website. "For all I know, microorganisms were actually feeding off the condiments I was squirting on my family's meat. But now that I use French's Antibacterial, I'm reassured by the mustard's bright orange sheen, unique tanginess, and the little foaming bubbles that show it's working. That's a mustard we all can live with."

Not everyone is in favor of the new product. Lloyd Cummings, a toppings expert at the Institute for Public Health, said French's Antibacterial poses more health and taste hazards than it solves.

"We're going to see many American sandwich-makers using these powerful mustards, because the condiments have been marketed as an effective way to lower the risk of infection," Cummings said. "But widespread antibacterial sandwich-spread use will likely result in the formation of a strain of ham- and cheese-originated, drug-resistant bacteria. These 'superlunchbugs' will be more deadly than any bacteria we see today. For lunches prepared or packed for healthy family members, regular household mustard is strong enough. And it tastes a lot less like iodine."

In spite of such warnings, Nelson said all French's mustards will eventually contain triclosan, the most trusted antibacterial agent used in hospitals today, and that the company is currently working on three new germ-fighting sauces: Cattlemen's Kansas City Antibiotic BBQ Sauce, Frank's RedHot Hot Sauce with Hydrogen Peroxide, and French's Worcestershire-Neosporin Sauce.
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html help

hey, there. this is random and i don't really know how involved, but everyone on here seems so helpful that i figured i'd at least try. i'm trying to put a form e-mailer on a website and i'm sooo confused. i don't know html that well, so i was kinda just hoping to find a cut and paste type thing - maybe that's not how an e-mail form works? i just want a basic thing that has a space for name, e-mail, how you found me, anything else you want to see on the website, and any comments. nothing too fancy. does anyone know how to do this easily or know of a website where someone with a limited knowledge of html could develop one of these? thanks so much!
best friends

Independent Record Shops

Anyone ever heard of Stitch Stitch Records? Well they're based out of Bristol, England I believe. Francois Marry is a cool French kid(www.kidfrancois.com) who is looking to distribute his stuff here in the States -- can anyone help me compile a list of independent record stores here in Portland that might be interested in carrying his lo-fi tunes? THANKS!
Avocado Moth

Line Dancing

Does anyone know of a place in Portland (the closer to downtown, or MAX line, the better) where I can learn to line dance? Ya know, to country music? I'm 19, so I can't get into any 21+ places. =/

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Am I just poor and ignorant...?


Well, after reading the comments put into this post (thanks for them by the way) I have come to the realization that this is in reality...not half as bad as some fashion material put out here nowadays. This? Heh, average really.

Now...compared to a pair of shoes, I'd say 98 for a skirt is reasonable.

And yes...this is a way to try and redeem myself for my over-reaction to 98 for a skirt. If I look absurd doing this...well I can't say I didn't try.

*edit ended*

Alrighty, I'm cruising through OregonLive.com, and I come across the fashion page. The topic is cool fashions Below the Belt. I looked at the prices and my eyes popped at how much the skirt and tank cost. And even though I'm well aware that there is clothing that can be expensive...this is absurd to me.

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DOes anyone have a recommendation for where to get my hair dyed? (and possibly cut)

I need to go to someplace where they won't yell at me for using box dyes. Everytime I get my hair professionally dyed (maybe twice a year) the hair stylist will ask me if I have been using box dyes. Then they go on to lecture me habout how terrible they are for my hair, and how I should always go to the salon. But I really cannot afford to pay $50 to get my hair dyed every six weeks.
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what's a good resturant for a before prom type of place?

that isn't too expensive and has good service, good food, possibly in the down town area... you know? I am leaning toward the maccaroni grill but that got bad reviews on cityseach.com, I guess food takes a while to come there.

that's all.