April 12th, 2005

Worky Work!

Vitamin C

EDIT So the jerks who move the red ball had, in fact, NOT moved it at 7:15 this morning. I was at 5th and Pine and it was nowhere to be seen. I will try again later today and hopefully it will be there. I have a camera, and will post pictures when I see it! Also - kathyrhino answered question one correctly - it was the Simpsons! Also, thank you to the posters about Vitamin C. I shall try not to overdose and kill myself...unless it would garner more responses. I live for them, you see.

Can I sit there?

Yes...IF you can answer me, these questions three...

Question the first
- The italicized part of this post is a quote from which show that played last night?

Question the second - I've heard that Vitamin C is good for your immune system. Damn hippy told me. So I bought some yesterday and it says that it is 500mg. 833% of my daily value...is that ok? Cause damn, I only thought 100% was the best. Someone also told me that it doesn't matter if you take too much because your body will just get rid of the excess. thoughts?

Question the third - I'm bringing a camera today to get the red ball and post pictures tomorrow...have you seen it yet?
Let's moon 'em!


I know my husband has really cool clothing, but do folks really just sit and lurk in apartment complex laundry rooms to nick stuff???

I think I'm more or less ranting - but if someone out there sees this stuff, convince them to give my husband's shirts back because it's really evil and they are ones you can only find in the UK (and they're expensive as fuck to try and replace). Would you like all your bloody clothes taken?

1. West Ham United UK football shirt (maroon sleeves and powder blue chest)
2. A dress shirt that looks like blue/gray camouflage, but if you look at it really closely, it's made up of silhouettes of naked chicks (coolest shirt ever - and you can't find it here)
3. Navy blue t-shirt with a Union Jack in shades of blue, composed of dots

Why the FUCK would someone take his clothing? You wouldn't want to wear it because we would instantly know that wasn't yours in the first place! You fucking bastard, give back his shirts!


We are the luckiest folks alive! We did have our clothes in a machine, but it was the grounds-keeper who thought they were forgotten (we just didn't get them as soon as they were done because we were doing so much shit that day) and scooped them up, leaving them in the management's office.

We have all his yummy clothing back!!! Thanks for all the well-wishes and sympathies! I guess they had an issue with stolen clothing previously, so management is quick to take stuff into the office so no one is tempted!
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(no subject)

Say someone was a singer (a pretty talented singer). Say that someone wanted to make a demo, but that someone didn't have a band or didn't know of anyone who could take care of the instrumental portion. What would you suggest that someone do? And what exactly entails making a demo?


PS. Anyone into Hawaiian/Reggae music around here??


Alright, so this Saturday I'm thinking about heading to the Clinton Street Theater to catch the Rocky Horror Picture Show... I've never been before and if anyone can give me some feedback on how the show is that would be awesome! Also, on their website it lists a whole bunch of props to bring, do people actually do that? :) I don't want to show up all excited with a bunch of stuff and feel silly.

So what's it like?

Leave your dog at home...

It's pathetic the way some people take their dogs wherever they go. What kind of self-centered jackass thinks their dog is better off tied to a post or gas meter outside a restaurant or grocery store, often in the rain, than sitting at home napping? Or waiting in the car (which is also dangerous), or cooped up in the office or back room while you're at work.

People that need that kind of constant validation are should seriously consider professional help, or perhaps taking a leap off one of Portland's many beautiful bridges.
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So Gay

(no subject)

Does anyone out there know of an email circulating around titled FW: Kittens that contains a virus of some sort? Has anyone seen this email with pictures of "nuclear kittens" and are you currently experiencing problems with your internet service/operating system? Is there a website or forum or anything dedicated virus amil alerts or things of that nature? I think we were infected by a virus that got past Norton Antivirus and I think I have it pinpointed to this particular email. Any help is greatly appreciated.

please help

I need to get renters insurance, I have one company I use but would like to change companies. Could you recommend a company? Thank you, I am sure this question has been asked before so I really appreciate the time.
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Review Portland Businesses and Earn Some Money

It's easy. I did it! All you have to do is go to Insiderpages and write 5-40 short reviews (50+words) of clubs, restaurants, bars, doctors, and stores you already frequent. If you write 5 reviews, you get a $5 coffee gift card. If you write 40 reviews, you will get $100!

Please enter code PDX-03 when you sign up. It's that easy. If you have any questions, let me know.


EDIT: Click on the "Become a Community Leader" link for more info.

Legal Advice...again

How likely is it to get custody of your sister's kids? If, say, she doesn't have custody because she's in and out of jail for drugs and the father has been a drug dealer in the past (not certain about currently) and has a teenage daughter (13ish) he kicked out?

Pearl residents- want your 15 minutes of fame?

Do you live in the Pearl District? Are you interested in being featured in a local newspaper? Would you mind filling out a quick survey about the Pearl and having your picture taken?

If you answered yes to all these questions, leave a comment with your email address for more details. You don't get any money, but you'll get nice shiny picture in the paper and an opportunity to share your opinions about your neighborhood.
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Farside Entomology

Here's a ridiculously non-related question: does anyone have a favorite flea related comic they wish to share?

I'd show you mine, if you show me your's...that is, if I had one (oh sad kitten)

damnportlanders, i need you again ...

... having successfully helped me find a platform-bed futon (we ended up getting one at rock soft, btw -- very happy with it), now i need to know where i can drop off an old mattress for recycling, or better yet, have it picked up.


[edit - if my worst enemy knocked on my door, asking for this mattress, i would not curse (him? her?) with it. giving it away is not really an option]

Belmont Computers...

...is the shit.

I picked up something today and my stupid ass didn't know if my desktop computer had what it took to interface with the gizmo.

I get home and check on it. Nope, ain't gonna work with the desktop.

Call Belmont, another guy answers the phone and remembers me in there. Says they'll order something else that will work and I should call back in a few days.

I ask can I use this while I'm waiting (it'll work with my laptop) he says: "No problem."


Commit the following to memory: if you need computer help, Belmont Computers. This isn't even the first time they've done stuff this kick ass for me.
magic 8 ball

(no subject)

FYI If you're having internet issues Comcast is having another nationwide DNS issue, so you'll probably have block sync but might not be able to surf. No ETA yet, of course :O)


your local cable girl

american idol.

ok, hi. i know this is seriously dorky but i'm all of a sudden finding myself madly in love with that fox that just sang the queen song on american idol... constantine something. anyhow, i want to vote for him and i didn't catch the phone# does anyone know where to call, or where to find the #? thx! :)

Poets and Crabs

DamnPortlanders, here's another request for advice and information. My mom, who lives in south Florida, is visiting Portland for the first time tomorrow. Her two requests are to eat some fresh seafood, particularly crab, and to go to a poetry reading. West Palm Beach has a dearth of good cultural events, apparently. I see there there's a poetry reading at Central library Sunday. Any other ideas?

The trickier question is where we can go eat yummy crab that will not be too terribly expensive. I'd prefer it to be close in to downtown but might consider trekking further out. Actually, we'll be in Cannon Beach Saturday-any ideas there?