April 11th, 2005

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i'm a business student at psu and in one of my business administrations classes we're doing creating our own business and writing a business plan. my group has decided to do an insurance company which is incredibly complex and something i know very little about. i was wondering if anyone here works in the insurance industry and would be willing to talk with me about it...in person or over the phone...i dont really have any incentive for you since i'm a poor college student, but you would be credited in our project as a resource.

if you would be willing to help, please leave a comment here or feel free to email me at idiedinamall@yahoo.com

thanks so much

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So if your boss is paranoid, should you be paranoid too?

I work for a small company and the owner is very paranoid. It makes my job hard, and it makes me worry that maybe he is paranoid for a reason.

dphearon's chicken rated 5-stars by dangrmous!

Last night we tried making dphearson's roast chicken and it turned out ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY... it was seriously so delicious! The original post and recipe are here...
I had never roasted a chicken before and followed the recipe exactly and that bird was divine. I made a pan sauce as shown which was pretty bitter for my taste, but good. I think next time if I'm going to do the sauce I'll leave out the garlic cloves (garlic gets bitter when cooked for a long time) but man it was good. Cutting the back out of the chicken requires a SHARP knife (or good kitchen shears)  but it really makes the bird cook perfectly in 45 mins!

Thanks D!
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Real Eggs.

I spent the weekend at Mom's, and remembered WHY I never cook or eat eggs at home here in Portland - after eggs from actual bug-eating free-range chickens, the eggs you buy at Freddie's or even Trader Joe's taste like cardboard.

So, what I want is to know, where can I find farm eggs, the type that take an awl to crack open, preferably from a place where I can go out back and watch the chickens scratching in the dirt outside? Is there anyone at Farmer's Market that y'all know of? I'm willing to pay up to about $3 a dozen for the real thing. Places that talk about their "vegetarian free-range hens" need not apply, because they evidently have never WATCHED their chickens eat. XD

Make my hick-girl heart happy. <3
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reno ain't got nuthin on stumptown!

There's a huge, inflatable red ball (about 15' in diameter) stuck in the archway near the entrance to City Hall. A news crew was on hand to capture the Mayor's confused reaction as he showed up for work this morning at about 7:10 am when I passed by. A cameraman cryptically informed me that it was "moving art," so you might be able to find out a little more info with a media search, if you are so motivated. Me, I prefer the surreality of it.

EDIT: ok, curiosity got the best of me. Lookie here. And here.
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this must be the place

i am cleaning out my stash of bijoux so that i might make bigger better things... & buy a cookie... everything is handmade by me of semi-precious & vintage materials, all one of a kind and available for purchase via paypal (send to natasha_quam@msn.com) shipping is $5... thanks for taking a look

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somebody just passed this to me, so that we could chuckle over the typos, but since i know that many of you are on the job hunt, i'm sharing it.

Employment, Office
ADMINSISTRATIVE ASSISTANT McMenamins Headquarters McMenamins is hiring for a FT Administrative Assistant. This position is at our headquarters office in NW Portland. Qualifications include: min 2 yrs admin experience, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, familiarity with Microsoft office products including Outlook, superior telephone skills, must work well independently and be a motivated self starter, must be available to work M-F, 8:30-5:30. Wage is $10-15, commiserate with experience. Please mail resume to McMenamins, Attn: HR, 1624 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209. No phone calls or faxes please. Deadline to apply is Friday, April 15th, 2005. Equal Opportunity Employer
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I am looking for a cool place to go dancing with a couple of my friends. Two of us are under 18 so we need to find something fun that we can actually get into. I looked through city search but it didnt say which clubs were 21+ and which were not.

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I have been on a quest to purchase some Henna (Lawsonia inermis) oil for a few weeks and have not been able to locate any.

Do any of you, my fellow woo-woo Portlanders, know where I might find some?

pederson's grocery

anyone know where pederson's grocery is on yamhill street? doesn't show up in any directories.

on a related note, anyone know where to buy big ed's super saucer ice cream sandwiches (preferably in boxes of more than one)?

Portland M-W

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone knew of anything fun going on between Monday thru Wednesday. Those being my days off and Im getting really tired of playing pool and going to powells. Any suggestions?
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2 Questions


1. I'm looking for a local 99% girl band (I think there was a dude on keyboard) with "Pink" in the name who played at the Everest Street Garage on First Thursday a few months back. I absolutely adored them, but cant remember their name for the life of me. IT'S DRIVING ME BATSHIT!!!

2. I need little travel shampoo & conditioner bottles plus some little extra containers to tote around paper clips & crud for School. Where can I find them? I dont like re-using the store smaple bottles, they're too small for the amount of hair care products I need to lug around.

OoOo fun(?) game time!
5 extra rad points to whoever can name the chick in my icon...WITHOUT Googling. That's just cheating.


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Alright folks, my husband insists that there is a bar in Sellwood that has a mechanical bull, but he can't remember exactly where. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I feel a little Urban Cowboy coming on for the weekend. Thanks in advance.
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Does anyone know where to find organic roses around Portland? A variety of colors would be nice, but I would settle for the normal red and/or pink ones if those are all that are available. Suggestions for places to find other organic flowers are welcome, although I primarily want roses. Thanks in advance!
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