April 9th, 2005



I got the letter from the County about the library page test and, uh, I did pretty well.

What are the interviews like?
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This is my DREAM.

While other coffeshops are nice, I am looking for a kid freindly coffee shop that doesn't blow like hanging out at clackamas mall in the little fruit bowl with our toddlers on a rainy day. I would LOVE to incorporate a coffeeshop like coffeetime into something like discovery zone, except without the flourescent lights and tacky colours. I wouldn't even mind if it where also some sort of laundrymat as well. I LOVE multitasking. Maybe they play area could involve a couple of "swings" or slides, climbing apparatus, anything to chill the child out. Of course it would HAVE to be open LATE...because people have to work in this world at all times of day or night, and because kids sometimes arent sleepy and need to get their energy out. Everything would have to be indoors, save a few seats outside...because we all know how it it rains, and winds and etc. etc.

I don't think this is too much to ask!

If any one has the same opinion, please for the love of Portland, post! I wish that I had enough moolah to start such a business, maybe someone would want to include me in a business venture. I don't care who makes one of these HAVENS, but please do it. I am sure that all of the childess people at CT wold appreciate it as well. We heart CT, my husband and I met there, our children where practically born there(mmmmyeah thats a pretty picture)... but we go, have a coffee, kids have milk and snack, they scream/poop/whine and we usually end up leaving. (yes, that is us-sorry but parents are human too, therefore seeing other humans actaully cuts down on shrink costs)
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Good morning!
My boyfriend, ebmfreak has been on this list for bit, and I thought I should prolly join one of these days. Why? Because I am the other half that will be moving out to Portland with him next month. So....hi.

I've heard that much of the Portland population is made up of transplants like ourselves. For those of you that have moved with pets, any advice? We're making a 2000 mile move, and have two cats. One *loves* riding in the car, and the other....well, she doesn't travel well. I know we should stop often and let them out of the car, but that's about it.

Job Opportunity in Salem, OR - cross-posted


i wanted to let you guys know that there is likely a job opportunity coming in the immediate future for a receptionist at a Day Spa/Salon in Salem.

Job includes the following:
+2 line phone system
+greet guests
+schedule appts
+sell services
+work with stylists/therapists/estheticians to help keep things running smoothly
+sell products/cash drawer
+check out guests and receive payment for services
+help keep salon looking nice/clean

pay commensurate with experience. commission paid for retail sales. this position has much upward growth opportunity. career path to office administrator or business administrator with demonstrated skill, enthusiasm, and experience on the job.

Basic Qualifications
+previous receptionist skills and clerical experience - salon experience very desirable
+professional appearance and cheerful, helpful manner
+previous retail/sales experience desireable
+must be able to multi-task
+knowledge of salon products and services desireable
+excellect communication skills
+team player and can "play well with others"

please send brief note of interest, and attach resume (if possible) to me ASAP. if you don't have a resume together, please send note of interest and follow up with resume at earliest convenience.

just.monicat AT gmail DOT com
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

Question -

I sent a money order to my parents.  Long story short, they sent it back and now I have to get it cashed.  I made the money order out to my father (who is J. G. Sr.), and I am J. G. Jr.  Think I can take it to a store to get it cashed?

I was thinking that there is a way to edit who you make the MO out to...is there?  Like I cross out the Sr. part, initial it, and then sign my name...

Your thoughts?  How do I Do it?

(I could probably take it back to my bank and have them cancel it or something right?...but they're closed until Monday)

Thanks DP!
kurt che

Job Opp. Can you code webstuff?

Thanks to all those who replied to my jobhuntin' thing a coupla days ago. One friend sent me this, which I figure i'd pass on to you:

SurveyMonkey is hiring!

The position is for a full-time developer to work out
of our office in Portland, OR (in the heart of the
Pearl District). We are a growing and dynamic company,
and are looking for someone who enjoys working in an
unstructured environment. You will become responsible
for understanding our code base, and for maintaining
and troubleshooting all technical issues involving the
website. This is a demanding position, and you must be
willing to become a Jack (or Jill) of all trades
(programmer, DBA, and network admin).

Required Technical Details:


* Hand-coding experience
* Deep knowledge of cross-browser issues
* Experience using CSS, DHTML and Javascript in
real code


* Developed one or more major projects using ASP
* Ability to write secure and elegant code

SQL Server 2000

* Experience in setting up and administering a SQL
Server box
* Ability to write and optimize non-trivial stored
* Ability to optimize SQL code for high


* B.S or M.S. in CS
* Strong background in object-oriented programming
* Networking experience (not at the coffee shop)

Do you possess the following qualities?

* I thrive working in an unstructured environment.
* I am organized and efficient.
* I am obsessed over detail. (I correct misplaced
commas, and apostrophe’s.)
* I get physically ill when I encounter a bad user
* I have a sense of humor. (Monkey jokes do not

As a SurveyMonkey employee, you can expect:

* Generous compensation
* Comprehensive health insurance
* Membership to the local health club (1 block
from our office)
* A laid-back and tolerant atmosphere
* Many opportunities to learn and grow

Please forward your resume to apply@surveymonkey.com,
or mail it to our office at:

815 NW 13th Ave. Suite D
Portland , OR 97209

(no subject)

Hi!...my husband & I just moved to Portland 6 months ago from icky, old Phoenix. So far, we totally love it, but are a little introverted & not sure where to make friends. We love punk rock, campy shows, making & checking out art (I sell custom clothes @ http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/psychicblacksheep ) & being outside. I was also pretty involved with a feminist group in Phoenix & looking for another group of strong grrls here. Any suggestions?

Calling all comics geeks/lovers/readers/spankers/whathaveyou

I'm back as requested, with an online searchable database of a few thousand comics for sale/other?

Quite a wide variety... from new to old (healthy selection of pre 90's comics from the 70's on up), from mainstream to non. Everything from the main marvel/DC titles to dark horse, to vertigo, to known and not so known indies.

Just the basic info on what titles/numbers is up currently... This is a pro haggling deal, and my flexibility really depends on the title in question.

I'm cleaning up some minor details on the database now I'll be adding some more stuff over the next few days. Spread the url, help folks get what they want and me stop being such a packrat, thanks. =)


If it seems warranted/there is interest, I was even thinking of integrating other folks' comics on here, to help the community out a bit... Feel free to email me if that sounds fun.


Glitch from saturday night is fixed, page is up and searchable and whatnot.

summer jobs?

Hey all, I'm a college freshman at Gonzaga and I really need a summer job when I come back home to Portland in May. If any of you guys know any places around Portland that needs extra summer help from an energetic and friendly 18 year old, please let me know! thanks!
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Looking for young female kitty/kitten

My partner & I are adopting a neutered male year old kitty tomorrow and we'd like him to have a female companion (either a kitten or a YOUNG cat). She will have an INDOOR ONLY home, as we live on the 4th floor of a downtown PDX apartment. Will spay if she's not already, and we will absolutely NOT declaw. She will be in a very loving home of two young & responsible people who have no children. I'm partial to Siamese-tabby mixes, but it ultimately doesn't really matter. Please let me know if you think you may have a match for us. Leave a comment or email dharmabum@livejournal.com

We're already looking at human society & websites of shelters, craigslist, etc. Just posting this to cover all the bases.