April 8th, 2005

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So say someone was looking at a vehicle and offered a certain amount, say $3500, was told that was far too low, reoffered $4k, then was told $4487 was the lowest price, which is still a good deal, but you found the original ad (there were many looked at) and it's at $3800, if we haven't signed any paperwork for a sale, can we take the ad (which clearly shows the license plate number) with their advertised price and say "ok sell it to me for this price?"

Emotive Music

I was discussing with my co-workers recently:

* What music resonates with the saddest, most depressing feelings you've had?

* What piece of music best evokes pure, unadulterated joy in your heart?

* What piece of music gets you all hot and bothered (you know, beyr-chicka-beyr sex-like)?

* What piece of music best fits for a relaxed Sunday morning, lying in bed, cup of 'jo at the side, chillin' with a good book while watching the light grow?

* What piece of music would you best describe as "being-alone" music?

* What piece of music would you put to "night" music (either urban or rural setting) and why?

Quiz Friday.
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Me at the beach

Kind of an Odd Request

I need your help, guys.

I'm looking for a gay-friendly pediatrician in the area of St. Vincent's hospital. Or anywhere, really. I took my son to his first appointment with his new pediatrician and explaining his family situation and her reaction was really awful.

Any ideas from you parents out there?
Worky Work!

Oh the joys of graphics

So....What do you guys use for wallpaper? (On a Windows OS)

I've been using Digital Blasphemy for nearly 5 years now...but now I'm in the mood for changes. Problem is, I haven't been able to find quality wallpapers...they're mostly crap compared to Digital B. What do you guys use?


(Sprite Ice....Sprite Ice....oh yea....get it...get ittttttt)

Roast Chicken

So in Food Day tuesday there was this pangyric to roast chicken, along with the most unneeded bit about how people in France will pay $85 for a dish of genetically pure Bresse chicken*. Then there were suggestions on how to mave a tasty roast chicken.

Now, while I am sure the Bresse Chicken story is true, it seemed like a slap in the face for most of our citizens here who can barely afford $85 for a biweekly shopping trip for their family. Plus, the recipes given is gauranteed to give you the driest, most over cooked chicken you have ever had in your life.

So try the Dana version:

Collapse )

*What the article is talking about a particular strain of chicken that has only existed in France for about 150 years or so. Prior to the revolution, most French people did not have access to chicken- or to any domesticated meat, unless it was a Feast day.
Chickens by their nature, are incredibly diverse, and have been made so by selecion by nature and by humans. No one today would ever want to eat want was the original chicken that came from India.
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I heart James McMurtry!

Can anyone who has done it tell me what I would need to do to go backstage to meet a performer at the Aladdin? I've got tickets for James McMurtry on the 19th and since he makes me a total fangirly freak, I'd really like to get a picture with him or have him sign my albums or something. Since I'm not really assertive like that in real life, I have no idea how one might go about it. Is it even possible at the Aladdin? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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Any suggestions for places to get a comfortable yet somewhat cheap ladies bathing suit size 8-10? The suit will be used primarily for swimming laps in a chlorinated pool and possible hot tubbing.

oh dave

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I'm in search of a few cool pairs of Converse shoes, a few plain ones, a few crazy ones.. I'm not really into ordering them straight from the site at 50-60 bucks a pop.

Where do you guys usually get your Converse's from, for a fair price?

Motorcycle Race Season Begins this Sunday!

If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, Sunday is the first race day for OMRRA (Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association). This is an all-day event at PIR featuring tons of motorcycle race action, and even sidecar racing. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $10. If you have kids who like bikes, this is a great event. The pits are open to the public, so between races you're free to go get an up close look at the bikes and talk with the racers. There's also pocketbike racing happening for the kids (and kids at heart).

Here are some photos I took of today's practice sessions
steve perry is amused


Did anyone go to the red bull flugtag (SP?) this summer? With all the talk of the pope I keep finding myself thinking about the pope-mobile... poooooooooooooooooope and I laugh hehe. over and over again! hehe!

We still laugh about that... just chanting POPE at random... now that he is dead it is still funny... wrong... but funny.

All the pope was/is, is a cult leader.... and not many people seem to notice that. Sure the catholic church is HUGE but all religions are nothing but cults. Yet ONE leader dies and it is ALL over the news....

with that being said...


Faking the recipe?

I could swear there was a website about some guy that figures out what recipes restaurants use so people can make restaurant-type food at home...does anyone know what he's called or where the website is?