April 7th, 2005


Any wind musicians in the house?

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Hey Portland folks. I haven't had much luck on eBay so I figured I'd ask here. For any people out there looking to buy a cheap trumpet in good condition, I'd like you to consider checking mine out. It's a great intermediate horn that'll last a long time, and I'm offering it at a huge discount.

Here's the Craigslist link: http://eugene.craigslist.org/msg/67310090.html

Also, here's a copy of the listing under a cut if you wish to comment here.

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I'm in Eugene right now at the U of O but I do make trips to Portland if you prefer purchasing it in person, or I can ship it. Let me know if interested, it would be a huge help to me if someone can take this off of my hands. :)

Why me?????

Why do I always have to attract the bizzare ones? Just once I want to be able and go to the store, and buy my junk in peace & harmony, and not have some short, old, nearly-bald gay guy hit on me. *ugh* I'm not gay. Do I actually look like I am?? Fortunately I was only buying milk, tea and applesauce.. and was able to cram them all into my backpack and bail the store praying that i was moving fast enough that he wouldn't catch up to me, so he could offer me "a ride" LOL! I don't think I was sufficiently rude enough. I was kinda hoping that with me then turning and flirting with the other chick cashier that he'd get a clue.. i think i failed in that instance. I'm sure it was the tea that made him think i was gay.

Stupid questions like:
Doing a little shopping tonight huh?
uh??? WTF do you think you idiot??? no i'm here to get hit on and grossed out by you...

Yep. I think I now completely and totally understand how chicks feel when they're hit on by slimey grease-ball guys. And for all the times I've acted like one and been a moron: I'm Sorry.

Time to crack open another Zima.. which will be my 9th.. only 3 more to go... The last time I had this stuff was when I massively OD'd on aspirin back in '99. Ah the good 'ol days!
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I want to see if this is real*maybe spam*

I read stories that this is real and can happen..
you can get free PSPs and such if you sign up for offers after signing up with them..
and I am tryin to find out if its true so I need 5 peoples help

just go to http://www.FreePSPs.com/?r=17102046

and sign up
when you get to the do an offer part..*the catch* just sign up for one..
or what i did.. the free 2 week trial of netflix *which can be canceled w.o charging you*
this seems still more of a scam

who knows maybe i will get lucky and find 5 people
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one of those days?!

you know it is going to be some kind of bad day when you awake and your entire left side is sore from... falling out of bed the night before. Hey, it's a pretty high bed. Hit my head on the nightstand, scraped my arm on the wall, strained my intercostals. Go ahead, yuk it up...my gf certainly did.
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a joke for thursday

Two little old ladies were attending a rather long church service.
One leaned over and whispered, "My butt is going to sleep."
"I know," replied her companion, "I heard it snore three times."

courtesy of my debulah
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default Lunesse

white board

Does any one have a white board they aren't using and want to sell? I need one for my glass studio to keep track of orders, etc. but would rather take a used one from someone who doesn't want it anymore than buy new, I don't need a new one and I'd rather help someone with their spring cleaning. =)
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(no subject)

So, in an attempt to get some exercise while I watch t.v., I got one of those Nordic Track x-country ski machines off Craigslist a few months ago. As I should have known, I am waaaay too uncoordinated to use it. Seriously. I've fallen off it a few times. I wonder if anyone has a manual treadmill they would like to trade for it? Walking seems to be all I can handle.

...first thursday debut...

hey portlanders...

the (new!!) blossoming lotus cafe is celebrating first thursday
tonight at 925 NW davis, inside the yoga in the pearl yoga studio.

live jazz starts at night; samples of vegan treats and our original kauai chai, as well as our full menu will be available throughout the evening.

come by :)

birthday blowout?

I turn 27 on Monday, which explains why everytime I enter Pacific Sunwear folks look at me like I've lost my mind. Or it might be because I never buy anything. Anyway, I'm looking for a festive weekend activity (with bowling as a fall-back activity if nothing else is happening). Anyone have any suggestions?
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PDX Motherless Daughters Meetup Group

Posting this very worthy notice for a friend:

No words can express the pain, love, loss, heartbreak, confusion and loneliness a woman (teenager, or little girl) experiences upon the loss of her mother. Our group has ladies from all walks of life, from all different age brackets who have lost their mothers when they were kids, teenagers, young women, and grown adults themselves.

We've had to be strong for others, but when you meet with this group you can be real. By sharing our stories, we connect, work through our grief, and our upside down worlds start to make sense again.

Not a day goes by we don't miss our mothers.

Our group meets up once a month and we'd love to have you join us.


Our next meet up is an "In honor of our Mothers" lunch on May 7th, 2005
Go to the website for more info and to RSVP.

We look forward to meeting you!

Group Organizer
Rock Star, Mo Reznor

Thankful Thursday, Portland-style!

1. watching the glorious Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood at dusk from atop a downtown parking garage.

2. Friendly karaoke joints.

3. Wine-tasting tours in the Yamhill County.

4. Daylight Savings Time--just in time for leisurely neighborhood strolls in the early evening.

5. Monthly coupon savings from the latest Southeast Examiner.
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This is what you do Friday

With apologies to the under-21 set, here's my recommendation for Friday:


When: Friday April 8 (that's tomorrow), starts at 8pm.
Where: Noir
Why: because it's the best electro hangout this side of the rockies, or so we hear. The room is perfect (small, intimate, lively), the music is extraordinary, the people are wonderful.

What: electro, glitchy house, and dance punk. a great time, every tim. DJ sets and live performances by:

Audioelectronic (live PA)
San Francisco power trio Audioelectronic mines deep into techno’s roots, invoking the classic sounds of the
Chicago & Detroit underground integrating robotized vocals, guitar,
and bass around the acid disco beats.

DeGiere (live PA)
San Fransico's Chris DeGiere crossbreedes unique flavors of glitched-up machine-rhythms
with mature, accessible, and sensual house-informed melodies.

DJ Justin Byrnes
a high-voltage DJ set from Seattle laptop battle veteran

Popping the cap off for SODA is early riser and Saucebox
resident DJ bluchris. Widely considered to be among the top mixers in

The Cancer Fags (performing live)
Innovative techno cabaret The Cancer Fags round out the bill

Mr. Romo & Corban Lester
In the SODA tradition, resident DJs Mr. Romo and Corban Lester
will debut their latest remixes and original music, ending a effervescent
6-hour bubble with one last triumphant burst of creative exposition.

(no subject)

Here's my problem. My mom is in a limbo size, she's too big to wear "normal" clothes but too small to wear plus size.
What are some chubby friendly places in town that sell fancy stuff? Specifically she needs an outfit (doesn't have to be a dress) that is nice enough to wear to my wedding. We tried Nordstroms but they didn't have a plus size department. Meier and Frank had some HORRIBLE outfits. Where else can we go? And of course we would like to keep it under $200 if at all possible.

Have kids? Want an affordable house?

I was walking about in the rain ( as you do) and I came across this sign at the corner of Alberta and 15th:

Coming Soon!

1632 N Sumner

New Construction by Portlnad Youth Builders

Community Land Trust Program

Income restrictions apply

First Time homebuyers:

$124, 500

Maximum income: 1 person=$33,250, 2 people:$38,050, 3=$42,800

So I went in and talked to Tyesha, who knew all about it. I don't qualify for the house ( nuts!) because they are really looking for families. But If you guys have kids, worked at a lower paying job and would liek to own your home with a community land trust program, call Tyesha at 503-287-3496x21 or email her at tyesham@sabincdc.org.
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(no subject)

Boxes? I need a lead on some boxes for moving as I'm packing up all my stuff over the next day or two. Anyone got any suggestions? The grocery stores are all compacting theirs (the ones I've talked to) so that isn't being any help. Maybe someone that has just moved and has a nice large stack of them? Thanks.

(no subject)

so, i just received a pair of these: http://www.daboomc.com/pics/miss-sixty1.jpg i love them, but i ordered the wrong size and the waist/butt is too big. can anyone recommend a good tailor? i live in NW, work in close-in SE and am downtown all the time, so these areas would be ideal, tho i am willing to go just about anywhere to have quality work done.

yes, i may be vain, but i love these jeans...so comfortable...i really want them to fit right. thanks in advance!

(no subject)

Ok, friends. this might seem like a question with an obvious answer but I its not to me.

SO, I am graduating this spring from PCC, freaking finally. I've made myself ok with the fact that I will be going to PSU, I think.

So, I haven't actually applied to PSU and I have not done the FAFSA stuff. Hush. i work 40 hrs + 13 credit hours. sleep is a commodity sometimes.

So, do I apply to PSU then do FAFSA or both at the same time or FAFSA then PSU. My taxable income last year was less than $10,000 (yeah $8 /hr job + unemployment) so I am pretty sure I'll be paid to go to school unlike right now where its all covered by loans (no thanks to my old job where I made almost $30K).

Now that you all know that I'm poor and about to graduate. what do I do first??


*edit at 10:52 pm:
I've lived here for 10 years. i always thought i'd "go away" to school. maybe in a year i'll xfer to UW in Seattle. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Portland. The people, the culture, the activities, even trimet but i've kinda always thought going to school was to get one out of one's comfort zone.

Ultimate Frisbee?

Anyone play ultimate frisbee? I used to play it a long time ago back in college... Something I'd really like to try again. I figured at least someone on here must play that could point me in the right direction...?
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'80s nostalgia! (No real Portland connection...sorry...)

They're shooting a movie version of MIAMI VICE right now in, yes, Miami! Wait for it...Colin Farrell as Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Tubbs. An Irish Crockett? Strange. Michael Mann is directing.

Yeah, I'm guilty. I used to watch the show occasionally. Good music, silly premise (word never got around the underworld that the two snotty guys in the fancy car were vice cops?). Mindless violent entertainment at its finest. And Edward James Olmos was great as the cranky and craggy Lt. Castillo.

That's all I know...not sure if it'll be a comedy ala the recent STARSKY AND HUTCH, or if they'll play it straight.

Actually, I did just find a very slender Portland connection: Jamie Foxx will also be appearing in the forthcoming film version of Portlander Anthony Swofford's memoir of the fist Gulf War, JARHEAD.

Who here has...

...been so moved by music and so overwhelmed with its beauty that you've literally cried? I've come close to crying, and I just found out today on happenstance that I will cry if I hear music so beautiful I can't express myself in any other way.

I was listening to a couple people in my class perform classical pieces live, and I was so enraptured with it I couldn't tear my eyes away. It was so beautiful I almost cried, but stopped myself on account of my wanting to avoid all that attention and people thinking I was crazy. *shrug* :)
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I want candy

Does anyone know where to find Peanut Chews candy in Portland?

I'm wondering if this is just an East Coast thing. It's cheap, chocolately peanutty candy..the type of candy that's super cheap and many people give out at Halloween but you weren't hoping for : )


Also thanks for the short hair cut advice! I ended up going to..
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(no subject)

Hot springs?

Is Bagby the only semi-close one? Friends and I are thinking about taking a trip tomorrow and that was brought up. So, any tips, info, heads ups for Bagby or any other semi local hotsprings?

(no subject)

Has anyone here volunteered at the Farmers Market on the park blocks? I need 20 hours of community service and i was just wondering if its a worth while, and what actually there is to do. i dont know anything about it and i probably need to learn a lot about it. just give me your thoughts..

also, does anyone have any other good volunteering ideas? hopefully in the downtown area, i know theres a lot of oppertunities, im just looking for a really benificial one.

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