April 6th, 2005

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Is anyone interested in a mini pci card for a Dell laptop? Brand new, they sent me the wrong one and long story short, I've still got it and don't need it. I believe it fits in the Inspiron 5100. This is what it says on the setup guide: DEll TrueMobile 1300/1400 Wireless Mini PCI Card and Intel Pro/Wireless LAN 3A Mini PCI Adapter.

Make me an offer. Cash, DVDs, mow my lawn, CDs, etc.
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Did I just sell you guys out?

So I came across an ad today: get free spa pampering in exchange for writing a review and posting it on your blog.

So I responded and was like "I have these two blogs and I can post it on the Portland community too!"

Now, she said in the ad that I could write an honest review and I plan to. But I thought about it for a minute and thought: dude, did I just sell out damnportlanders? I mean sure, the one honest review won't be a big deal. But what if ALL the active DPers did that? What if the community became just a bunch of commercials?

Then again, there ARE some 'commercials' on DP. People post about their events and stuff like that all the time.

It occurred to me that hey, maybe I should ask you guys what you think. Should I tell her "wait, no, I can't post that-- sorry"? Or is it no big, since it's not like I'm going to actually write a *commercial,* but rather an honest review with whatever good points and bad points the place may have?

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I want to paint my car matt army green. I want to paint it myself. Has anyone ever done that before or know where's a good (cheaper) place to get paint and info in PDX?
I've checked on line and there are of course many listings of suppliers to surf through, so any hints or tips would be really appreciated.


Found around 35/Belmont SE last Thursday.
She followed my friend to my house in Ladd's
Addition, and is currently staying with me
until I find the owner. She's white and grey,
long haired, got some persian in her I'm sure.
She has a black spot on the top of her head,
and a black streak on her tail. Eyes are light
yellowish green and almond shaped? She's EXTREMELY
friendly and looks well taken care of, not
your ordinary stray at all. I think she's about
two years old? She's kittenish looking but too
calm to be very young. I'd post pictures here
but they haven't come out yet. Does anyone have
leads on who the owner is? Thanks!


How in the heck?

I'm trying to use the search feature and it is full of the suckage. Can any of you find the post about beating photo radar tickets? In exchange, I'll tell you a story.

My sister, who works for an insurance company, was bored at work yesterday and decided to check out her awesome driving record. Turns out she has a photo radar ticket from THREE YEARS ago! hahahah! They've been sending the information to the wrong address. So now she wants to get it taken care of.

Thanks for any help and have a great day!
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where's your favorite pinball machine?

we've been glued to the sopranos.

but i suppose i should have known, living dangerously close to my father's place.


anyone cff in here anyway?
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OK I asked if anyone wanted to help me move and maybe it got lost in all the information.

I really need a few warm bodies on Saturday. I can't afford to hire movers and everyone I know is either working or out of town... Not knowing very many people in Portland really sucks.

I don't expect it to take more than a few hours and it's just loading boxes in and out of a Uhaul.
the more people helping the faster it will be!!

I would really appriciate the help and I am preparing to buy beer (or soda) pizza or whatever else you would like (within reason of course I am on a budget!)

Thank you!!!


503 548 8994
we can sexy!

Identity Theft Question

I received a letter today from PCC, which is odd since I haven't attended PCC in almost a year. I tore it open and read that a computer was stolen from a PCC campus. This computer housed student files, one of which was my file. A student file contains sensitive information like address, full name, social security number, school records etc. Since I know that there is someone wandering around with all my information, what can I do to protect myself against identity theft? Is there anything I can do?
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laptop advice

y'all seem to know a lot about computers, so i thought i'd ask a question. i am looking to purchase a laptop (PC) in the near future and am not totally sure where to start. i know i would like it to be a PC, have a good amount of memory, have at least 2 USB ports, have an internal wireless card, and ...

i want something that is high-quality and will last a long time, but i don't need all the brand-new super fancy things. also, i'm going to be paying for this with student loans, so a good deal is important and if they have a student discount even better. so, where do you think i should start? any stores/websites to recommend? specific laptops you like? whatever else you think would be beneficial for me to know. thanks in advance for any and all help/advice.

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is it just me...

or is every one PISSED that the pixies are charging 40 dollars for their shows in may at the roseland!!

I mean, the most I every paid for a concert was like 35-40 for tori amos and ani difranco.

I think this is ridiculous!
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hair hair

help. Where to go for a cute and choppy short hair cut preferably under 30-35 bucks that isn't Bishop's? [unless you have THE best experienceth ere and can recommend someone I just wasn't happy with my attempt at a haircut]

My trips back to NY have fortunately coincided with when my hair needs chopping, until now, and I'm in desperate need, seriously there's a mullet tuck growing back there (at least in my eyes).
Thank you!!

Perfect end to a perfect day!

I just picked up a copy of the graphic novel "Ghost World" from the library today that I had been waiting on for a couple of weeks. I got a few pages into it, and the last place I remember actually looking at it was while I was waiting for an order of naan at India Chaat House (about a block behind the library). So, somewhere between there, and when I got on the streetcar, I lost the damn thing. I dropped it, or somebody grabbed it, or something.

I was just getting into it! And now on top of it, I'll have to buy a new copy if I don't find it.

If anyone sees it, please let me know.
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New quiz, if it's time to level up!

Ceremony Completed!
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My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Link: The What is your true name? Test written by Princess_Bob on Ok Cupid
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Eyes Wide Open

Today, I went to see the Eyes Wide Open project which visibly shows the human toll of the Iraqi war. After I finished taking the pics I started to stroll myself and read several of the messages left by loved ones. I noticed most of the dead where in their 20's. So young to die, I thought. Each day I hear about US soldiers dying in Iraq. It has become so common I forget that these people are more than a statistic. They are real people with families left behind. 1544 US soldiers dead to date and countless number of Iraqi civilians. The estimates are vague, anywhere from 14,000 to 100,000. Every single pew in the church filled with pairs of boots organized by state. So many boots that they had to start putting them on the floor.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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To anyones knowledge, would there be a local store in the Portland area that might sell silk-screen printing supplies?...... to be specific, I'm currently looking for Jiffy Hinges/Clamps. Any help would be appreciated.

Needs Shins tickets for Thursday night?

So I have three one tickets and I'm not going to the show anymore. They were $18 each, plus all the various Ticketmaster "fuck you, we're a monopoly" charges. I'll let 'em go for face value (that is, $18 and no FU charges). The show is sold out, I believe.

If you want one, two, or all three, respond here and email me at boy_asunder@livejournal.com.
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best source for part-time job leads?

Looks like my regular meager office job over in Beaverton just won't cut it, so I now need a part-time 2nd job. Does anyone out there know of a good place to find out about night/weekendy part-time jobs? I'd be fine with your standard bar/bookstore/recordstore/office?/Fred Meyer-type gig, but it seems difficult to actually find someplace that's hiring.

Anybody know where I can scrape up some job leads?

EDIT: oh yeah, and I live in Northeast. anything downtown or this side of the river would work.
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Oregon Taxes. Blah.

I filed my taxes a while back, I had my mom help me (I'm but a child, eighteen!), and we came out to the figure of Oregon owing me $164.

Fast forward to last night, I noticed a deposit on my checking account, "OR REVENUE DEPT TAX REFUND". However, the deposit was only $13.

Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just me? Or is it a fun trick that Oregon decided to play on me?

I remain perplexed.
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