April 5th, 2005

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a color photobooth in Portland?
Or possibly just an extremely cheap option for passport appropriate photos?
I need nine.

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For all you NW chubby chicks/fat girls/curvy ladies,

from the lovely people that brought you fat girl speaks we are having a fat girl frock swap!!!

bring your old duds, and trade em in for new!!

Sunday April 24th

at the N.E. Community Center.
(1630 NE 38th, portland, OR)

swap time: 12-5

i'll be making a fun flyer for this when i'm not totally exhausted :)
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Hey Guys

I'm the Comminitee Outreach Coordinator for about 40 people in their 20s and I'm looking for some outreach projects around the Portland area for us to get involved in. Ideas would be great as well as if you are a contact at any facilities, non-profits, etc. I'd love to hook up with you sometime and see if you have a chance for some people to volunteer. I'm really just looking for a bunch of opportunities so that people can get plugged into spots that they really feel they want to be involved in.
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Coffee-less on the East Side

Hey all -

I've just moved offices to a lofty building under the Hawthorne Bridge on the east side. Why is this a problem? Well, it's because I am unaware of any coffee shops (or better yet, breakfast joints) within easy wandering distance. Not being a fan of Burger King coffee (is there even such a thing? -shudder-) I'm relying on you DPers to help.

Anybody work over here? I'm on SE 3rd below the Hawthorne bridge. Where's the nearest coffee cart/shop?


5th & Alder Area

I am looking for somewhere downtown where I can sit for about two hours, use my laptop and not feel like I have to leave when I'm done drinking my tea. I have an interivew at about 5th & Columbia at 1pm and then an appointment at 5th & Alder at 4pm. I'd like to stick closer to the 5th & Alder area with this request, but don't know the area very well, and figured that you all would have some suggestions. I know there's a Tully's right on 5th & Alder, and I sat there last week, but I'd like to know what other options are out there in that general area.

So, do you know of anywhere on SW 5th between Columbia & Alder that I could hang for a bit without being noticed?
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Movie Tonight

Chance of rain cafe
1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

per norm, movie will be free,
movie starts around 6pm

Heat (1995)

this is a great movie (especially for those who have never seen it.)
its a bit long though, so just one flick tonight :)

school just started again, no finals to deal with.. come and relax for a while :)

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The Oregon House of Representatives will be voting on a bill to lower minimum wage for employees who receive tips.
Business owners --particularly Lisa Schroeder of Mother's Bistra/Mamma Mia Trattoria, Rod Brackenbury and Terry Hughes, owners of the Cadillac Cafe in Portland and Joe Benetti, owner of Bennetti’s restaurant in Coos Bay--are saying they'll pass the savings along to other staff, such as cooks, who don't make as much in tips. However, this bill does not legislate for those changes, so there is no way to be sure owners will not actually just keep the savings for themselves.

Whatever your position, you can:
Contact your State Senator and Representative and let them know you disagree with HB 2409</a>

Contact Lisa Schroder ( mothersbistro@aol.com ), Rod Brackenbury or Terry Hughes (call Cadillac Cafe), and Loren Skogland of Milo's City Cafe (who testified in favor of the bill) and let them know how you feel. . .and whether you will continue to support their businesses or not.
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Wal-Mart Discover Credit Card

Did anyone else get a real Wal-Mart Discover credit card in the mail and not even apply for one? While I do have a Discover credit card, I have never applied for a Wal-Mart Discover credit card. Just to make sure it wasn't replacing my existing Discover credit card, I looked at the cc#'s and they are different. The card came with a high limit and all I had to do is activate it.

I'm ticked at Wal-Mart Financial Services.

I never applied for this card and they sent me one with a high limit to boot. I don't want to activate it. Will them sending this card to me show up on my credit report and bring down my credit card score? It better not. The other thing is I can't seem to find the number to call them and tell them I am not interested. Only an activation number which I do not want to call.

/end rant
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{Tonight} 04/05/05 - Death In June @ Sabala's Mt.Tabor

Tonight! Tue Apr 5th 2005!


with guests:

Doors at 9:00pm - 21+
$15.00 Adv Tix @ Ozone UK (Tickets will be pulled at 3:00pm)
$20.00 Cover @ The Door

Sabala's Mt. Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne
Portland, Oregon

Write up on Death In June show by the Willamette Week:
Without the teacup tempest of its last Portland appearance-when brooding
fascist-slash-Barbie fanatic Boyd Rice was booted from the opening slot for
his political insensitivities-Death in June should be able to strum its
schadenfreude folk songs and classically inflated ambient chants to a fully
undistracted audience of admirers. As always, Douglas Pearce's voice, flat
and deep and weighted by a doomy weltanschauung, leads the procession to the
End Times. Waldteufel won't freak out lefties like Boyd Rice does, but
author-artist-percussionist-pagan Markus Wolff's tribalism is infected with
plenty of Eurocentric eccentricities for those who favor Saxo-Scandinavian
cultures gone by. (JG) [APOCALYPTIC FOLK]

Sabala's at Mount Tabor, 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 238-1646. 9:30 pm. $14
advance (Ozone UK, TicketsWest), $20 door. 21+.


. . .And We Say Go!

*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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Oh so...

Two or three things

#1 I'm moving this week! and... I need some help so if you have
muscles (or not) and would like to spend a few hours moving my shit
into a uhaul out of a uhaul and get free pizza and possibly beer on
Saturday April 9th in the early to mid afternoon let me know!

#2 4/9/05 is also my un-official I'm 30 "party". I'm planning for
people to meet somewhere (not 100% set down as of yet) and dance,
drink, sing and whatever else happens. I'll post more details when
it's settled so keep your eyes peeled.

#3 4/12/05 is My 30th Birthday (Officialy my Birthday) I'm thinking of having
whomever wants to go to The Doug Fir to dance dance dance and maybe
drink a bit. DJ Gregarious spins (haha how cheesy I said spins) on
Tuesday for FREE so get off your buts and dance with me!

call me or respond or whatever 503 548 8994

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Prince George

Cheap neat stuff!

Hey I just popped into this place on Morrison, between 11th and 12th streets. This dude's shop is going out of business and all his items are 50-70% off.

business card:
Istanbul Jewelry & Gifts
Turkish Hand-made Rugs, Gold, Silver, and Turkish imported gifts
1103 SW Morrison

He's got a lot of really great jewelry for cheap (like $9.99 cheap) as well as beautiful hand-made Turkish rugs and shoes made of hemp. He's also got decorative swords including flashy blades and cheap katanas.

The guy who owns it was very friendly... check it out.

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I need a decent mechanic:
1) good at what they do, won't overstep their skill set
2) will at least kiss me on the ear before making me grab my ankles
3) reasonable turn around time, the last guy had it for 2 weeks

so....who do you trust?

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I'm looking for a cell phone family plan. One that's not too expensive, has free long distance, and the phones themselves aren't expensive to buy or replace. Beyond those factors, I'm clueless about cell phones. Basically just inexpensive but not totally crappy.

Thanks for any advice!

PS. Sorry if this is repeative of a past recent post.
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I goofed when I visited Portland last week and didn't write down the names of these three Downtown buildings. Can anyone help me with the names?

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My head is feeling awfully bare. :(

I'm looking for a cheap, but good discman/personal cd player. I already have a good pair of headphones. Coby seems to be the cheapest, but I'm looking for something that will last me years. The last one I had was a Panasonic. I have a cap of $50. Also, where would you go to find said device?
Please impart your wisdom and thank you in advance!

EDIT: I'm not fully against the MP3 player, but not into the iPod.
Also, please keep in mind I have a budget!

EDIT EDIT(?): Getting off my Damn ass to play in a pool tournament. Please keep the comments/opinions coming even if I am a non-responder. :)
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Suppose you know someone that doesn't know what to do with their life. Do you have any website suggestions that might provide them with ideas for different kinds of careers or a website that provides a free test to see what jobs might interest them?
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Sunshine in a bottle

I want tan skin and I'm obviously not going to get it from sun bathing here...
Anyways, I don't want skin cancer so that rules that out, and indoor tanning.

So, is there such a thing as a good sunless tanner?

which ones should I avoid?



Where's a good place to get software that deals with splicing music so they can be blended and mixed together? I've yet to get the moolah for the actual equipment equipment, so I'm starting with software. Ideas, anyone? Thanks DPers. :)