April 4th, 2005

Portland people

I don't "listen to bands" or "go to shows".

Is there something wrong with me?

Edit: It's not that I don't like music, or live music. I like the bippity bop of a kick drum at a live venue. I like instruments. I like singers. I actually wish Portland had more street corner and MAX station musicians the way Boston did.
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Handsome Boy Modeling School

To the fucking morons at the show. Stay in one fucking place for more than thirty fucking seconds.

To the shitty sound tech, dude, there is a reason why you do a sound check before the show starts. so yeah, you fucked the sound entirely. thanks.

To the asshole who shoved past my girl and me. Yeah I'm going to push you back, what the fuck do you expect? Telling me that I'm standing in the way when I've been standing in the same fucking place for the past hour? What the fuck? And no, I don't want to take it outside, I just want to watch the fucking show and have a good time, with out dumb fuckers trying to cop an attitude with me. So no, fuck you asshole!

To everyone else at the show, thanks for being polite and knowing how to act in a crowd.

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I've been looking for some new music to listen to, and I don't know what else is out there for me to scope out. And yes, I've looked, but I haven't been able to really get a good sit down and listen to, y'know? Maybe it's because I'm not looking in the right places, but would anyone know where would be a good place to find some tunes that are different and original? Or, if there are bands/singers you think rock, who are they? Thanks for takin the time to read this, damnportlanders. :)
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Dancin's San

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I make leather goods and bdsm materials. Custom Items with one-week turn-around most of the time. I've got limitted samples because most of my pictures are on my partner's laptop out of the region at this time, but there are some links below with samples of some items. Collapse )

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Hey Portlanders--

Can you tell me where the closest campgrounds are to downtown? Or the most convenient to get to downtownish areas?

Also - can you tell me where there are free unsecured wifi hotspots? No particular area, just name any that you know of!


Death In June In-Store

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Monday April 4th.

Death In June will be doing an In-Store at Ozone UK.

It will be a meet & greet followed by a short acoustic set.

it's from 6:00pm-8:00pm. It's Free & All Ages.

Ozone UK
2 NW 10th Ave.
(Right next to Powells Books in Downtown Portland)

The concert will be tuesday april 5th @ Sabala's Mt.Tabor
with Waldteufel & Dorien. It's $20 at the door.
Tickets will still be on sale tonight @ Ozone UK for the show.
They are $15.00 and Cash Only!

questions? Shoot them here: Debooking@yahoo.com


Does anyone know the address for the IRS building? I need to get my taxes done, but don't have the money to pay anyone. I remember that the IRS does them for free, but not the address of the building.
rrrrow ffft!

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So, Damnportlanders...

I am visiting your fair city this weekend (9-11th) to scope it out before I move at the end of the month. I have 3 appointments to see possible places to live, but other than that will be looking to have a good time and see as much as possible. I am staying near the convention center, but will have a rental car with unlimited miles. Suggestions for things to do or see this weekend?

Things I like, to narrow down suggestions: I love live shows, music in general, good food, nature, and art.

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My bike is broken.It's an old Schwinn.

I know nothing about fixing bikes, but I do know that the pedals/chain is going, but the wheel doesn't turn.

See? I can't even explain the problem right! Any good/cheap places that can fix my poor bicycle?

P.S. I live on SE 27th/Belmont, so close to that would be nice. THANX!
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Student Art Fest

Hi all: Just a general invite... I'm "showing" some of my photography at the Three Monkeys Art Festival at the University of Portland, St. Mary's Lounge, scheduled for Friday, April 8th from 7:00p.m. to 12:00 a.m. in St. Mary's Lounge. The event celebrates the creative spirit by showcasing student art in may forms, and by allowing for creative participation by all who attend. Student paintings, drawings, photography, students bands, poety readings, films and animation, sculptures, etc. etc.

More fun with postings:

So, I was looking for jobs ( as you do on a monday) and came across thi son Craigslist:


Now look at the description- AA or AS, and sales experience, or experience in aesthetics or cosmetology.

And now look at that princely sum.

I was criticised for nanny posting, but at least those people were willing to pay a living wage and help out with future tuition.
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bangbang (TragicRabbit)

free fun?

okay, my girlfriend and i are terribly bored and we need something to do. we don't want to spend a bunch of money, so i need ideas for fun things to do in portland/vancouver that cost little or no money. let's hear what you have!

*EDIT* she has a heart condition, so the hiking idea, while it sounds fun enough, is pretty much out of the question. and the theatre-pub idea, once again while fun, is a no-go seeing as we are 18 and 20.
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More fun with Posting, part deux

As a followup:

My letter to the job poster on craigslist:

I am writing in response to the ad on Craigslist.

I would like to inquire what specific responsibilities are involved with the job that requires the education and experience that is asked for in the postion. I would also like to inquire if this is a growth position or commision based position, since the pay structiure is rather low ( according to www.salary.com, the postion for which you are looking to fill, with the 4-5 years experience and a degree, currently shows $14-17.50/hr. Ihn comparision, the $9/hour seems suited to an entry level position, with just the degree and no experience in the field.

Thanks for your time,

Dana Phearson

I don't think that I will get a response, but wanted to show youse guys what I wrote.
Dancin's San

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Updated my user info today and moving finally out of my apartment today.  that means we'll be leaving  on our trip in like two weeks.  My initial pant-peeing excitement is over.  nwo it's just stress that im hoping will dwindle away semi-to-mostly-rapidly . 

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Tuesday morning, I am getting an abortion. My parents do not know about it, and my boy friend is the only person who does. We are both under eighteen, and live at home. The abortion will more then likely be over before the afternoon, meaning: I will not be able to go home, where my mother will be. We can't go to his house either, do the fact that the house will not be empty as well. My question is, I need a place to stay, and relax for a few hours afterwards, and we can't rent a hotel room, because of our age. Any suggestions? Please do not burn me, only comment if you are going to suggest something. Thanks, guys.

Need some Help!

2005 Outdoor School Auction Please join us for an evening of fun, food, and fabulous auction items benefiting the Multnomah Education Service District Outdoor School program. The Fourth Annual Friends of Outdoor School Auction, sponsored by Columbia Sportswear, will be held May 20, 2005 at the Mt Hood Ballroom, Sheraton Airport Hotel, 6:30 - 10:30 PM. Tickets are $45 per person. Make your reservations today, there is limited space for 200 guests. Please call 503-257-1515 to register via telephone. Table Sponsorship Table Sponsorships are available for the Fourth Annual Friends of Outdoor School Auction. Demonstrate your organizations support of Outdoor School. Reserve a table for valued employees, business colleagues, and community partners. Tables are $500 each. This sponsorship entitles ten sponsors the following: * 8 tickets to event, reserved table for dinner * Placement of organizational name, logo, and description in event materials * Friends of Outdoor School website (www.passonthememory.org) linkage 90 days before and 120 days after event
peace and rat kisses

Hand-spun "art" yarns and custom dog artwork!

Unique yarns at very reasonable prices. Wools, mohair, and chiengora (Dog!) currently available for sale, and more to come! My yarn website is: http://www.dreameyce.com/emmyspun
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Custom all breed dog artwork, mostly jewelry pieces but I can custom make many things special order. I specialise in Corgi artwork but have experience in many breeds. My main studio website is: http://www.dreameyce.com
Collapse )

Local (Salem) artist, with all origional designs.

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So I recently got my driver's permit, and I'm looking for safe places to practice driving. I've been driving around empty parking lots at night, but I don't think it's safe to drive at night yet, and I'd like to practice on real roads with stop signs and speed limits. I live in the Tanasbourne Hillsboro/Beaverton area, so I'm looking for something that's not too far away. And also any useful tips about learning to drive? I could use all the help I can get.
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western culinary institute

has anyone out there ever attened, or is currently attending, western culinary institute? i'm interested in getting more info on the culinary arts program; more specifically tuition rates, length of program, supply costs, etc. i know i could call an admissions counselor, but i thought i'd get some first hand perspectives from ya'll.

thanks in advance!


For the record, I'd like to say that Bishop's Barbers sux.

Three times now I've gotten off work early to get a haircut. I get there between 8:20 and 8:30, but they say "hey, we're closed." Even though the door says open till 9. Even though it doesn't take 40 min. to get a hair cut. Even though the room is empty - I'd understand if they were stacked 10 deep...

Tonight at 8:20 the door was locked and the girl was cutting someones hair as she was chatting with some guy. Don't know if he was her boyfriend or what. Wouldn't even look up at me as I was at the door.

Super lame-o.

I'm not an ass or anything, but dude - it's only polite to be open when you say you're going to be open (or at least acknowledge that someone exists). I always tip, and when people have squeezed me in before I always tip double! I've worked c/s and sales jobs before, it's a bitch, but it's part of the territory...

Anyone know of any other good places to get a hair cut?